Episode 21

Anita pov

I woke up from sleep yawning because of the sun light coming through the window finding it way to my face.

I yawned loudly and tried to get out of bed, but discover a strong arm wrapped around my waist making it difficult for me to leave the bed.

I turned around and saw Alex sleeping peacefully with his head on my neck and I chuckled at how handsome he was.

I noticed we were nked and I blushed when I remember what happened yesterday.


Goodness Alex is something else, I can’t believe he had sx with me for complete six hours and I could not even sleep well because it was only few hours I had the chance to sleep.

I shook my head as I remembered what he said while we were having sx. “You should know this is the puni$hment for not allowing me gain access to your body when we were bathing.”

I smiled and got closer to him looking at his face with gladness.

Am I that handsome huh? He asked opening his eyes and I rolled my eyes and tried to stand up but he pulled me back.

No morning kss. He said pouting his lips and I scoffed and pecked his lips but before I could withdraw he already took over the kss pulling me closer to him and I know at that moment if I didn’t stop him it would lead to something else.

Alex that is okay for a morning kss. I said pushing him off lightly and he chuckled while I got up from the bed trying to steady my legs because I found it difficult to walk.

Having problem with walking huh? He asked with his handsome smirk on his face probably mocking me.

You caused all this, if you have not have fked me for hours, I won’t be walking like this. I spoke angrily but he just kept smirking

Aww look who is angry, okay I promise I will be gentle next time. He said laying on the bed starring at me

Am not sure there is going to be next time because I think you have done enough. I said even though I know I was just joking

Alex frown and then it turned into a smile.

That is not possible and you know it, you can’t deny me of my right and beside you enjoyed it yesterday with the way you were mo..aning one could know you enjoyed it.

Oh my God Alex harder, Alex go deeper, am cvmming already. He said micmiking my voice and I could not help but laugh

You are such a pe..rvert. I said still laughing and he sat on the bed smiling at me

And that pe rvert is crazily in love with you. He said and really, I could see it in his eyes as he was looking at me.

I smiled shly as he walked towards me with only his shot around him.

Let us go take our bath. He said coming more closer to me

No I…. I tried to say something but he beat me to it like he knew what I wanted to say

Come on Anita I won’t do anything to you, I promise. He quickly added but I don’t trust him

Well my answer is no, I don’t trust … Before I could even complete my statement he carried me in a bridal style heading to the bathroom.

He dropped me gently on the ground and filled the bathing tub with water before dropping me gently on it and he also entered inside the tub.

Oh I forget, how is my little princess doing? He asked and gently got down on the water kssing my belly.

It’s me your daddy the one who got mom pregnant. He said like the baby could hear him

Oh yeah I can’t wait for you to come out. He added and continue kssing my belly and all this while I was busy stroking his curly hair.

I have come to find true love in life in a unexpected way and I don’t regret it one bit.


We both walked downstairs holding hands but stopped when we saw Sandra and kim min-kyu kssing like mad.

Oh my gosh. I said in amazement smiling but Alex just stood there clenshing his fist angrily.

They broke the kss immediately they noticed our presence and stood up immediately looking at Alexander particularly.

Oh my goodness that was awesome. I said walking towards them but they didn’t even mind me as they kept looking at Alex nervously who stood at one spot looking at kim min-kyu angrily.

How dare you. He roared angrily and the next thing I saw was kim min-kyu being throw towards the wall bIood rolling down from his head and I gasped in ho rror.

He grabbwd kim min-kyu by the shirt pu¢hing him angrily and all this while I and Sandra were busy screaming for help and just then his friends ran into the sitting room and quickly pushed alex from the half dead kim min-kyu.

What the fk is wrong with you man. Um ki-joon said holding Alex who tried to get out of their grip.

Sandra moves closer to kim min-kyu and hug him crying and it seemed to get him more angry as he pushed them with all his might walking towards Sandra before pulling her away from kim min-kyu who was breathing heavily.

Let me go. Sandra yelled angrily pushing Alex.

How could you Alex, just tell me one reason why you don’t want me to date your best friend. I love him and he loves me too why won’t you just give us a chance. Sandra said crying but Alex was just looking at another direction which I know he did that to avoid seeing Sandra tears.

Alex look at me. Sandra pleaded but Alex didn’t move one bit

Alex if you really care about me just allow me date the man I love, am begging you. Sandra said holding his shirt

That is never going to happen, you are never going to date kim min-kyu. He roared like a angry lion scaring the sht out of me.

He turned to look at kim min-kyu who was still on the floor gasping for air and I felt pity for the poor boy. The only crime he committed was falling in love with Sandra which Alex didn’t want, making me wonder why.

I taught I warned you to stay the fk far away from my sister but it seems you don’t want to listen, so I am cutting all tiles with you, you are no longer my friend. He said and everyone gasped in shock

Come on man am sorry, please don’t end our friendship. Kim min-kyu said weakly almost at the edge of crying but Alex already walked off.

I sighed as I look at Sandra crying holding kim min-kyu shirt, I turned to look at Hong baek-hyun and um ki-joon who was just starring at them with watery eyes.

Why does Alex don’t want them to date? I asked and they sighed sadly

Kim min-kyu has a baby mama and he is also a flirt but he stopped already because he loves Sandra so much which Alex knew but he is just too stubborn to give them what they desire because he claims that kim min-kyu was going to hurt Sandra’s feeling. Hong baek-hyun explained and I sighed sadly

I walked out of the sitting room heading to our room and when I got there I heard sound of someone sobbing and I knew it was Alexander.

I pushed the door gently and saw Alex resting his back on the wardrobe crying.

I walked behind him and hug him from behind placing my head on his back and he stopped sobbing immediately.

I didn’t want to make that decision but he didn’t listen to my warning, he is my best friend and I don’t want to lose him. He said turning to look at me

Then let them date. I said and he scoffed

I know you are being protective of your sister but for aspect of her life you cannot protect her from what gives her happiness. That guy loves Sandra and I can see it in his eyes. I said starring at him and he became quiet for some seconds.

He has a baby mama. He said and I huffed

He has a baby mama and not a wife, Sandra chose her man for herself because this is a matter of what gives her happiness, so I am begging you give them a chance to prove their love. I said holding his cheek

Anita… He tried to say something but I cut him off

I will let you have sx with me anytime you want. I said and he smirk and stood up immediately heading towards the door

Okay then. He replied and walked out of the room while I followed behind.

We got to the sitting room and met Tracy treating his wound

Oh I forget to mention that Tracy is a nurse, she studies medicine.

I have made a decision. He said and everyone turned to look at him expecting him to say something.

You guys can date now, I don’t have any problem with that anymore. Alexander said and immediately Sandra hugged him crying, though it was a cry of joy.

Kim min-kyu just sat down smiling nervously like he was scared to look at Alexander.

Alex what about our friendship? He asked nervously and Alex rolled his eyes smiling

Well I was just joking about that. He said and everyone sighed in relief when kim min-kyu just hugged him.


I and Alex sat on the bed in our room watching TV when the door opened and Kyle brought in a plate of pizza dropping it slowly on the chair.

Oh I almost forgot about the pizza I ordered because I was so desired to eat it.

You can go now. Alex ordered and she smirked ev!lly before walking out of the room.

Alex brought the food to the bed and told me to eat which I did because I was really hungry.

I brought it up to my lips and ate from it while Alex just kept looking at me as I chew my lips.

He brought his head closer to my lips and licked it before moving his head away.

What was that for? I asked blushing and he smiled.
There was stain on your lips so I removed it. He said and I laughed but I suddenly stopped when I felt something chocking me and I cough violently.

Are you okay? Alex asked but before I could reply, I coughed out bIood felling on the bed weakly and Alex came towards me in fright shaking me but it seemed like I could not breath anymore and slowly I fell on the floor closing my eyes.


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