Episode 29

Alexander pov

I groaned in pain and held my forehead as I stood up from the bed.

I looked at the other side of the bed and discovered Anita was sleeping and I could help but smile.

I took a close look at her and discovered she has a tattoo on her left chest making me scoffed.

Anita doesn’t have any tattoo but this tattoo look very familiar.


I tapped her on the leg and she humn a reply turning to face me and gasped in shock as I looked at Elizabeth

Fk what have I done.

I kicked her on the leg and she quickly stood up from the bed.

What are you doing here? I screamed angrily and she smiled

Come on Alex we had sx yesterday so that is the reason why I am still here. She said with a grin of statisfaction on her face.

How dare you Elizabeth. I yelled and sIap her sending her to the floor immediately

What the fk is wrong with you Alex, we had sx together and I know you still love me so why are you prentending not to. She said and I scoffed

I hate you so much Elizabeth and you should be ashamed of yourself for sleeping with your sister’s husband and I swear to God if this ruin my marriage I will fustrate you. I threatened and she shivered with fear.

Guards. I yelled and they rushed in immediately

I want this sIut out of my house and I don’t want to ever see her here again. I said and they immediately draged her out

Alex this is not fair, I love you. She screamed and I hissed loudly

Oh my gosh, this is so crazy. I thought about the sx and I felt pain in my heart

How could I have been so careless. I muttered and tears roll down my eyes as I taught about the sx I have with that her

Where is Anita? I taught worriedly and picked up my phone to call her but I saw missed calls from chae soo-bin and I quickly dial her number and she picked up immediately.

Hello where have you been? She asked and I remained silent not knowing what to say.

Wait… Is it true that you really had sx with Elizabeth. She gasped

How did you know? I asked but she didn’t say anything

This is really bad and how come you had sx with her, were you that stupid. She yelled angrily and I sighed and ran my hands through my hair.

Look I don’t have much time all I want to tell is to bring police to the location I am about to text you because Anita is in danger as we speak. She said and I felt my heart leaving me

What did you just say? I asked anger burning through my skin

Look calm down okay Gu-Jan di is behind all this bring the police now before is too late. She said and ended the call before I could even say anything

My phone peep and I looked at and discovered she just sent me the location

” 3 oliver street, an uncompleted building written with the letter G at the top.”

I quickly picked up my shirt and trouser before wearing it and ran out of the room

I didn’t even bother taking my bath because that will take time so I just took my car key from the table and drove out of the house recklessly but I was dmn bother about that.

I rushed into the police station and some of the police women smiled as they saw me but I just ignored them.

My wife’s life is in danger and they are here smiling.

Mr Alex. One of them called in amazement smiling but I was not here to show my popularity.

Where is your boss I want to speak with him. I yelled breathing heavily and he looked at me with surprise

Please come with me. He said and walked past him since he was not walking fast.

We got to the office and I stepped in and saw a man sitting on a chair making call but immediately he saw me he dropped the call.

Mr Andrew. I called in surprise and he smiled and we both hugged each other but I quickly pull away since this was not the time to hug.

Mr Andrew was my teacher back then in school and am really surprise to know he is now working as a police officer.

Alex my once brilliant student. He complimented but I was in no mood for that

Sir I didn’t come for that. I said harshly and he sat down and pointed a chair for me to sit down making me scoffed in annoyance

Don’t he get it I have bigger problem than sitting down.

Alex calm down please whatever the problem is we are going to solve it. He said but this motivational speech was not what I needed I want my wife out of that godamn place.

Mr Andrew, my wife is in danger, someone kidnapped her and I want you to rescue her. I yelles trying hard not to cry and immediately he picked up his telephone and tap some numbers before placing it on his ear.

I need you in my office now. He said and ended the call before looking at me

Do you know where she is? He asked and I nodded and gave him the address and he looked at it before giving me back.

The door opened and the police officer walked in bowing down.

Get your boys ready we are going in a mission. Mr Andrew said and he bowed and ran out.

Please nothing should happen to Anita else I am going to die. I said sobbing and he sighed

Alex don’t worry we will try our best and bring her safely beside aren’t you coming with us?

I am coming. I replied and he nodded and stood up


Anita pov

Gu-Jan di bursted into an uncontrollable laughter as she saw me crying.

Awnn I told you he doesn’t love you but you claim he does. She mocked

Alex loves me and I will keep saying it to you. You are just a jealous bch that won’t let us have a happy marriage with our unborn babies. I said and spat on her face making her smirk as she clean her face.

And you think you and that stupid babies are going to make it out alive. She laughed again and I became scared

Right here and right now you are to flush that babies out yourself. She smirked

A boy walked in holding a plate with something like a drink and gave it to Gu-Jan di who smirk ev!lly and collected it.

This is a poisonous drink that is going to end the lives of your babies. She said and immediately three men came and held me despite I was being tied.

This drink will ki ll the babies after 30 minutes. She said and came closer to me while I struggled to get out of their grip but it seemed possible and I could not help but cry loudly.

She walked closer to me and opened my mouth even though I struggled and she forced the drink down my throat and made sure I drank all of it before bringing it closer to me again but someone drag her up making the plate fell from her hand.

I looked up and saw chae soo-bin pointing a gun at Gu-Jan di who was shivering in fear and a guy was beside her pointing a gu n at the other men holding me.

Some other men were pointing gun at them but they were less bothered about it.

If you don’t let her go trust me I am going to b low off her head. She threatened but the men didn’t let me go neither did they lower their g uns.

Oh you taught am joking. She said in a de adly tone and press the gu n more on her head.

No no please don’t shoot, drop the g un and realease her it is an order from me. Gu-Jan di yelled fearfully and I could not help but chuckled weakly

I was feeling so weak already and I was trying to keep my eyes open.

The men slowly drop their g uns and they loosed the rope tied around me and I sighed in relief because I was already feeling pain.

Everyone lie down else I am going to ki ll her. Chae soo-bin shouted and they immediately lied on the ground while the boy picked all the whole g uns.

Why are you doing this chae soo-bin and Jason, I taught I could trust you guys. Gu-Jan di said trying to break free from her grip but she tightens her grip.

You are so wicked than I can ever imagine, you even have the guts to ki ll her and her babies because of a man that doesn’t even love you. Chae soo-bin said

He likes me but this fool was a stumbling block to that love and so I was fighting for it. She said

Well you are going to explain that to the police when they come here. Chae soo-bin said and they all stare at her with fear.

What! You called the police? She asked and chae soo-bin nodded smiling and almost immediately the door open and Alex and some police men came in and chae soo-bin push Gu-Jan di to the floor while the police men handcuffs their hands.

Alex ran to me and held me gently but I was too weak and suddenly I felt bIood rushed out of my private part.

Oh my God Alex she is bIeeding badly, the drugs is working. Chae soo-bin screamed in ho rror and Alex quickly carried me and ran out of the house and slowly I felt weak and close my eyes.


Alexander pov

I sat in the ambulance close to Anita in tears and to be sincere I felt so scared right now.

Anita please be strong for me and our babies, don’t leave us please. I said crying as I held her hands

Why can’t they let us just have peace.

The ambulance drove into the hospital and three nurses came and took Anita out of the ambulance and rolled the trolly into the hospital.

I sat on the chair crying out my eyes when I heard my name being called and I didn’t bother to look at them because I know it was my friends and family members.

Alex. Chae soo-bin called and wrap my her hands around my shoulder and I cried bitterly

You? Tracy called and immediately chae soo-bin stood up and look at Tracy who was starring at her with hatered.

Hi. Chae soo-bin said nervously but Tracy just ignored her.

You were having such challenge in your marriage and you didn’t bother to tell us. My dad screamec but I didn’t reply as I kept on crying.

Is okay Alex everything will be fine. Sandra said but I kept quiet

Anita have suffered alot all because she married me and this is making it the second time she is lying down on the hospital bed.

If only she has listen to me all this wouldn’t have happened.

She is so stubborn

I raised my head up when I heard the sound of people running and then I saw the nurses running around and then I saw ths doctor ran out of the ward and I quickly ran towards him.

How is my wife and my babies? I asked and he sighed.

I don’t know how to tell you this but only a miracle can save her because the poison seemed bad and we might lose both your wife and the babies. He said and ran out leaving me to cry out my eyes.


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