Episode 30

Alexander pov

I paced up and down in the hospital trying to calm down but I just couldn’t knowing fully well that my wife was lying down on the hospital bed fighting for her life and that of our babies.

My mother-in-law was crying silently while the others just sat down with a scared face.

I saw the doctor walking towards us and we quickly rushed towards him before he could even get to us.

How is my wife? I asked impatiently and he sighed placing his hand on my shoulder.

Mr Alex we have managed to bring the babies out of danger but I can’t guarantee you that she is going to be okay so please you will have to be patient with us. He said and the tears I have been trying to hold came down freely from my eyes.

Can we see her? I asked cleaning my tears and he kept quiet like he was thinking about something.

Yeah but it will have to be only one person because it won’t be good for everyone to be around her. He said adjusting his eye glasses and they all nodded in understanding.

Please come with me. He ordered and he walked away while I followed behind

I was so scared

We got to a ward and he gently pushed it making our way inside and there I saw my heartbeat lying on the bed with different type of tools connected to her body and more tears came rolling down from my eyes.

I walked towards her and sat close to her before taking her hands in mine

I looked at her beautiful face and I was feeling so scared. I don’t know what would become of me if anything happened to Anita.

I will leave you to be with her for sometime. The doctor said and walked out leaving just me and my wife

I looked into her eyes and those good memories of us being together came into my mind and I could not help but smile.

The only I wanted was her to wake up and let us get back to how things were before.

Anita I know you can hear me, it’s me Alexander your husband.

Please Anita fight this whatsoever it is called and come back to me because I am dying slowly not because I am sick but because you are sick, because you are lying down here not talking to me and you are hurting me deeply.

Wake up and let us go home, let us go and prepare for our kids. I said and bend on the bed crying but stopped and quickly raised my head up only to see Anita shaking violently and the heart machine was beeping.

I looked at and gasps in fear when I discovered her heart beat was 25.

Doctor. I screamed in fear holding her as she kept on shaking violently scaring the sht out of me.

I ran out of the ward and saw the doctor with some nurse talking and I quickly ran towards them.

Doctor please come with me now I don’t know what is wrong with my wife. I screamed and they all quickly followed me into the ward and there Anita was still shaking.

I looked at the heartbeat machine and her heartbeat was 20 and I cried out in fear.

Get me the defibrillator, she is giving up. The doctor yelled running towards Anita and a nurse quickly brought it and handed it over to the doctor.

“Clear.” He yelled before delivering a jolt of electricity to Anita’s chest who jerked up immediately it landed on her chest but she kept on shaking.

I ran my hands through my hair as I watched the scenes and it was really eating me up.

He tried it over and over again and suddenly Anita stoped shaking and the CPR machine stoped beeping and I felt my heart beating.

Doctor how is she? I asked fearfully and he turned to look at me with that look that says all is not well.

How is she doctor? I yelled and he kept mute for some seconds before speaking up.

Am sorry we lost her. He said and I felt my heart leaving me and then I bursted into laughter looking at him.

What do you mean? I screamed holding him by the collar and he placed his hand on my shoulder.

She is dead. He said and I gasped and ran towards Anita placing my ear on her chest but I could not hear any sounds.

What! Doctor please do something. I screamed crying holding her hands but he just shook his head looking at me sadly.

Anita please don’t do this to me, remember all the memories we had.

We promised to always love each other and here you are leaving me all alone in this world do you want me to die?

I held her hands tightly crying like never before and look into her eyes.

Anita please don’t leave me, don’t die because if me.

I love you so much than you can ever imagine so please don’t leave me I won’t be able to bear that. I said crying loudly

Mr Alex there is nothing than can bring her back because she is already dead so just take out. He said but I just shook my head

Anita is a strong woman and she is going to overcome this.

Please sweetheart come back to me. I screamed crying and slowly I felt her finger move and I gasped in surprise and turned to look at the doctor.

Doctor she just moved her finger. I said and he looked at me in surprise and suddenly we heard someone sneezes and everyone gasped in shock and amazement.

He quickly took the stethoscope from his neck and place it on Anita’s chest whose eyes was still closed and he gasped in amazement.

She is alive. He said and the nurses gasped looking at me and I bursted into tears actually it was a cry of joy.

My wife is alive.

The doctor and the nurses started doing some stuff on her body while I just sat on the bed looking at her.

Mr Alex she is fine now.

For you. He added and I laughed and stood up from the bed before hugging him.

Thank you. I said sincerely and he smiled and patted me on my shoulder

This has never happened in this hospital before and trust me this is going to be a history. He said and I laughed and he walked out of the ward while the nurses followed behind.

I smiled heartily as I looked at her pretty face that I can never get tired of looking at

She really made me scared. I taught as I looked into her pretty face

A drip was fixed on her nose and some other things I didn’t even know about.

I stroke her hair and smile remembering what happened few minutes ago and tears came down rolling from my eyes.

The door opened and my parents, Anita’s parents, my friends, Sandra and Tracy walked in with smile on their faces.

The nurses told us what happened a few minutes ago and I am shockes beyond explanation. Tracy said and the rest smile

The door opened and a nervous chae soo-bin Walk in.

Oh I almost forgot she was here

How is she doing? She asked standing few meters away from us and I could not help but chuckle.

She is fine now and thanks for your help. I said and he nodded while Tracy just rolled her eyes.

Don’t you think you guys need to go home and rest I will take care of her. I said and they all nodded

No I don’t want to leave my daughter. My mother inlaw said and I smiled and got up from the bed before walking to meet her.

Mother don’t worry okay, I am here for her and I promise she is okay already. I said and she smiled and kssed my forehead

Okay then I will go home just because you said so. She said and we all laughed happily


Anita pov

I groaned in pain and opened my eyes only to see white walls and I looked around and discovered it was in the hospital.

I remembered what happened and I quickly placed my hand on my tommy and sighed in relief when I felt my babies kick.

I tried to sit up but I discovered someone hand wrapped around me and I turned to the other side of the bed and saw Alex sleeping next to me and I smiled as I looked into his handsome face.

I suddenly remembered he had sx with Elizabeth and I frown and it turned into a smile.

I could not just get angry at him not knowing what even happen.

I laid back on the bed and looked at his face and I am so grateful to God for giving such a lovely man as a husband.

He slowly opened his eyes and immediately he saw me he gasped and tried to call my name but I placed my hand on his lips stopping him.

Shush, I just want to look at your handsome face. I said and he smiled and got closer to me placing a kss on my forehead.

Anita you almost got me de ad, please don’t ever do that again. He said and and I smiled

I promise you that it will never happen again. I said and he moved to my lips and kss me slowly and I reciprocated.

I miss you so much. He said and I smiled out tears and kss his nose.

Alex do you really had sx with my sister? I asked and be widened his eyes in surprise.

I ..

I…I.. He closed his eyes trying to find confident in saying it

Alex just answered the question. I said and he sighed

I am sorry Anita I swear I didn’t know it was her. I taught it was you not until the next morning when I discovered it was her…I.. He said rushingly and I chuckled

Alex I am not angry with you I am just asking. I said and he looked at me with surprise

Yes I am not I mean you warned me not to go and meet her but I was too stubborn to listen and when I got there, I didn’t see her which means it was a plan. I said holding his cheek and he smiled and hugged me.


I love you so much. He said

And I love you too. I said and we kssed.




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