Episode 24

Anita pov

We drove into the compound and the security man quickly walked towards us and opened the car for us.

I stepped out of the car and gasped at the sight before me. It was so beautiful and big, I looked up and saw the name Xander’s Enterprises.

Come on let go in. He hugged and held my hands before walking in, immediately we walked in, people gasped in shock as they stare at Alex maybe they were not expecting him.

I wonder who is that pretty lady beside him?
Is that his wife?
She looked so pretty and hot
I wish I could have a taste of her. Immediately that comment was heard, Alex turned towards the direction it came from. The young boy was still looking at my a$s and licking his lips without even knowing that Alex was standing so close to him.

Oh God this is not good

Do you wish for a de ath sentence? Alexander asked with a dangerous tone and then the boy realized that Alex was standing so close to him.

Sir, sir I…I. He tried to say but Alex cut him off.

You want to have a taste of my wife? He asked again yet dangerous and everyone gasped

So she is his wife
Awnn she looked so pretty.

So what I the master is having a taste of so you the boy want to also have a taste huh? He asked angrily and the boy shivered in fear

No sir I am so sorry I never knew she was your wife.

Alex huffed and started walking away from him but stopped and turned to look at him.

You are fired. He shouted and everyone gasped in shock including me I never expected Alex to do that.

Am sorry sir please forgive me. He cried out trying to meet Alex but he already walked away dragging me behind.

We got to a door, written on it C. E. O Mr Alex and then he took a key from his pocket and opened it and we stepped inside.

Wow! it is so beautiful. I cried out in excitement looking around and he chuckled before sitting down on a chair and dragged me to sit on his lap.

Alex why did you fired that boy? I asked and he looked at me annoyingly

Why won’t I fire him, do you even what he said. He lashed out angrily and I placed my hand oh his shoulder looking at him.

He wished Alex, that was the word he used. I said and he scoffed looking at me

Really? I don’t care how you see it Anita but he should never have said those words. He said and I sighed defeatedly

Okay fine I give up already. I said and he looked away from me, one could tell that he was still angry and I sighed and turned his face to look at me before placing my lips on his and kss him slowly.

Biane (sorry in korean) I said and he smiled looking at me

Well that kss was not enough. He said and kss me before I could even say something.

I wrapped my hand around his neck and deepened the kss making him bite my lips and I mo an slowly into his lips, we were still kssing when the door opened and then someone walked in but we didn’t care as we kssed each other hungrily.

Alex. A broken voice called and that voice look really familiar, I quickly broke the kss and turned around only to see Elizabeth looking at us with tears.

I quickly stood up from Alex lap and tried to move to her but her voice stopped me.

Don’t you dare come to me you sOut. She shouted with tears and I stopped walking towards her.

How could you do this to your own sister just tell me one reason, even I was mean to you do you really have to se..duce Alex. She said and I shook my head negatively at her words

And am glad she did. Alex said walking towards me and took back my lips into his again kssing me even when I tried to push him but he pin my hands to my back and deepened the kss.

Alex. Elizabeth called in a cracked voice and I pushed Alex turning to look at her she was glaring at me with hatered visibly seen in her eyes and my heart broke into pieces shattering every hope to make peace with her.

What have you done to my man you wh’re. She screamed trying to come closer to me but Alex blocked her way making her stop.

You are the wh’re here Elizabeth. Alex said angrily and she gulped in fear.

Alex it’s me Elizabeth. She beat her chest indicating it was her but Alex just scoffed.

Do I look like someone who is blind or can’t see properly? Alex asked and Elizabeth looked at me making me look down in fear.

What has this sIut given to you Alex it is me Lizzy. She said

The next time you will call my wife a sIut I will send you to your early grave. He yelled and Elizabeth flinched in fear.

What do you take me for, a fool? Of course I am a fool because all this while, I should have known that you never loved me but we’re after my money. He said and I and Elizabeth gasped in shock

Oh you taught I don’t know that you have been cheating on me all this while, well I didn’t not know until few days back. He smirked at Elizabeth who was just looking at Alex with shock seen all over her face.

She turned to me looked at me with tears in her making me feel guilty

You bch you told him right. She screamed and pulled my hair making me yelped in pain and all this while Alex was trying to pull her away from me but it seemed impossible.

Am going to ki ll you. She said still pulling my hair and Alex managed to pull her away from me giving her a hot sIap that made her hair scattered all over her face and I felt pain in my heart.

Alex. Elizabeth called surprisingly with tears in her eyes

Don’t you ever try to hurt Anita again else you will see the bad side of Alexander. He said and Elizabeth gasp crying

Alex what has gotten into you? She said and try to hold him but he pushed her and she fell on the floor and I quickly rushed towards her and raise her up but immediately she regain her balance she pushed me off almost making me fall but Alex was quick enough to hold me.

Why are you pretending to care about me Anita when you betrayed me, you told him my secret. She said crying and I shook my head crying while Alex just scoffed

She never told me but someone send a video of you having sx with someone else and you should be thankful to God for giving you such a wonderful person as a sister.

I loved you Elizabeth, I gave you everything I have and everything you needed, I love you more than life itself, you never lacked anything for once because I love you so much but what did you pay me with, you paid me with a loveless heart. He yelled and Elizabeth bursted into tears

I am sorry Alex forgive me and let start afreh again. She said and I could help but scoffed while Alex just bursted into laughter like she said something funny.

That is never happening Elizabeth because this girl here has captured heart and I don’t wanna take it back, she gave me joy like never before and to even think we are having a twins isn’t that wonderful not to talk of you who I have been sleeping with for one year now and you have refused to get pregnant maybe because you have abo rted so many children. He mocked and Elizabeth bent her head in shame and all I wanted to do was hug her.

You know what Elizabeth, just leave my property because seeing you here disgust me and want to make me puke. He said with a smirk obviously enjoying what he was doing to Elizabeth.
Alexander, we can settle this please don’t forget all we shared together. She pleaded kneeling down but Alex just scoffed and walked towards the telephone.

The only thing we shared is sx because you never loved me. He said and typed some digits and the person picked up immediately

There is a mad woman in my office and I want her out of my property now. He said and hang up while Elizabeth just kept pleading.

The door opened and two hefty men came and tried to take Elizabeth away but she kept struggling to get away from their grip.

I am going to ki ll you Anita I promise you that. She yelled as they took her away and tears fell down from my eyes as I watch her being dragged away

Suit yourself bch. Alex yelled and turned to look at me before wiping my tears away.

It hurt me so much to know that my sister hated me even at that, I still love her because I know her hatered for me is because of that son of a bch Kelvin lied to her. I said crying and he hugged me

Is okay, I understand how you feel but forget about her she doesn’t worth it anyway. He said with so much hatered in his voice

She is my sister Alex. I said and he scoffed

A sister who does not love you Anita, think about that for once. He said and I shook my head

There is nothing to think about because I know her more than you do. I said and he rolled his eyes

Is okay let forget about that bch.


I sat in Alex lap as he and the board members talked about something I didn’t even know about. He requested I sat on his thighs which I found inappropriate but the board members could not even say a word.

I sat on his thighs playing with his hair while his hand rest on my bu tt and kssing my neck at the same time making the board members look at each other.

Each of them stood up and gave Alex a book making me wonder what was it but of course I couldn’t know because I am not a business woman, he nodded his head with smile as he took a look at it before handling it back to them.

Okay this is impressive you all can go now but let this be a warning to you all if I ever hear about workers having sx in their offices all of you will be fired, do you understand? He asked

Yes sir. They nodded before walking out of the office leaving me just me and Alex who was busy smirking as they walked away.

Alex turned to look at me before kssing my ne¢k making me mo an.

Do you know how hard I was trying to concentrate while talking to them?

Dmn you were ki lling me slowly. He said in a husky voice and kssed my lips

He zipped down my dress and it fell frelly from my body leaving me half with just my p ant and b ra.


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