By Authoress Succy

Chapter 101

They kss each other passionately, each enjoying eachother

Martin slowly removes her shirt, tossing it aside, and ksses her back with more intensity.

Her Iegs are wrapped around his waist, and he enjoys it.


Evelyn mo..ans softly as Martin gently presses her bbs through her b.ra.

He breaks the kss and starts kssing her neck, moving down to her bbs.

The young woman m.oans softly as she feels his breath on her chest.

Martin smiles and removes her b.ra, dropping it to the ground.

“Hmmm,” Evelyn m.oans as he ksses her bbs, his lips locked with her tips.

“Oh my gosh,” Evelyn m.oans as Martin svckles on her bbs like a baby nursing.

His hand slowly move to the front of her hole rubbing it softly and evelyn heartbeat increased.

That was the part she is scared of.

Her heartbeat increased and Martin noticed it.

He unlock from the kss and look into her eyes while Evelyn just bent down shyly.

“I understand perfectly well If you are not ready. We don’t have to do it now.” Martin said and Evelyn sighed.

“Let’s do it. We will have to do it sooner or later right?” Evelyn said biting her lips se.. ductively, even though her heart was beating widely and Martin chuckled.

“You are turning me on the more,” He whispered and kssed her lips again.

He unlocked from the kss and move down making Evelyn gulp down.

He kss her smooth and fleshy hole softly, taking each kss slowly like they mean something to him.

“Oh my,” Evelyn m.oan grabbing hold of his hair.

He pulled off her p..ant.

When he eventually attacked her hole, Evelyn couldn’t help but m.. oan.

Later, she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Martin please stop…,” She pleaded tears flowing down from her eyes and almost immediately he pulled his fingers out of her and she sighwd in relief.

“Am sorry babe,” He kssed her tears away.

He slowly stood up from the bed and pulled of his shirt, his hand move to down to his waist and Evelyn quickly close her eyes.

Her heart was beating widely already. Martin chuckled softly as she closed her eyes.

After pulling off his cloth, he widened her Iegs more and get in between her them.

She was so scared.

“Open your eyes babe,” Martin whispered softly into her ear but she shake her head negatively, closing her eyes more tightly and martin chuckled.

He trail down ksses from her stomach to her bbs making her sh!vers.

Her eyes were still close tightly.

She was so scared.


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