ON THE LIONESS TAIL: Episode 11-The End



“Knot it again before pulling the rope… that’s the only way it will be tight and stand firm. Follow my lead…”

She looked on and did everything that he was doing.

“Finally, I think I have gotten it father..

The little girl exclaimed excitedly.

“Perfect… that’s great! you are a fast learner Nira”

He said smiling. He smoothen her hair and kssed her cheek before they round up their work.

“Now that we’re done with the tiring and knotting of the vines can we resume our sword fight lessons now… father?

He nodded with a smile.
Nira ran off to get her small sword which was specially made for her. while her father picked up a wooden sword which he uses to teach her.

She hit the stick hard and as she tries again she missed it. She continued practicing with her father who kept shouting out command and encouraging her to do better.

“No Nira, hit me…harder…

“I’m tired father. Let me rest a little.

She lie down on the green field breathing hard, her father came to sit beside her.

“Nira…in battle there’s no resting. Your enemy is looking for a way to bring you down and if they sense any sign of weakness from you they will penetrate… and destroy you, so you don’t have to let down your guard.. you need to be alert at all time…do you understand?

“Yes father. Nira said while sitting up to face her father who was on his feet demonstrating with his wood sword

He continued.

“Look at me Nira and the space in between my feet. Don’t give more than three feet space when you want to attack, be focus and make sure you are well balanced on the ground. Concentrate on the target… especially your opponent’s weak point. Don’t be in a haste to attack first, watch your opponent keenly and calculate his weakness and every moves and from there you will know how to bring him down. if he attacks first, dribble all over him until he shows off all his tactics. You have to be brave like your mother and strong like your father. The strength in your gene is far stronger than you can imagine Nira. I will continue to guard you untill you become a real woman… don’t forget the lessons…

“I won’t father. Nira said.
She lie down again on the large field.
Her father came to sit with her.
they remained silent while looking at the sky.
He didn’t want to crowd her young mind with too much teaching but he wants to make sure she grows up with the knowledge of his teaching.
Nira later giggled before saying

“…Father, if mother gives birth to a baby girl I will teach her how to work in the vineyard, make delicious meal like mother, to be strong and never intimidated like you and how to fight and defeat the enemy. But If is a boy I will teach him how to…to..I don’t know what boys loves to do. Father, you are a boy right? what should I teach my baby brother….?

He started laughing at his five years old inquisitive daughter that behaves like an adult.
After her birth and a year later, him and his wife started trying to have another baby but to no avail.
It seems like his wife couldn’t conceive no matter what they do.
They decided to wait on the gods instead to favor them anytime they are ready.
It was after five years his wife finally conceived and heavily pregnant.

He started training Nira ever since she was three years and he will continue until she is fit and well trained.
Nira is a special child just like her mother.
She speaks things playfully and they come into existence. It appears the gods had blessed her with the blessings of her mother. Making her their special mouth piece.
He was certain that Nira will make a great leader like her mother.

He turned and looked at his daughter.
Nira continued to giggle.

“I’m not a boy… I’m a man Nira. You will teach him the same thing that you planned to teach your sister. To be strong, to be wise, brave, humble, forgiving, kind and to love truly. never to let down his guards both in Zukumo kingdom and beyond because enemies can be lurking around… there are enemies within who may appear as friends. The gods chosed us to guide the people in the right path..we will continue to do so Nira. You will soon have either a sister or brother…Guess what Nira…?

Nira looked up at her father with a large smile.

“I have many guesses. Mother will give birth tomorrow to my sister, and we will visit Fiji kingdom like the last time and Chief JoJo will give us many gifts which we will bring back to Zukumo kingdom just like last time…

He laughed out loudly again.

“No, your mother is not giving birth tomorrow. I don’t know what the gods plan to bless us with Nira, a baby girl or a boy. I don’t mind. But I do want a girl. I want another daughter like you and like your mother. That’s my utmost desire. And, yes we’ll visit Fiji again when the time is right and yes, you will get lots of gift and a great recognition too. You have grown two feet taller and wiser from the last time we visited which was almost a year ago…

Nira looked up and saw two people coming towards them.
She quickly stood.

“Father look…mother and grandma Opa…

Nira ran off to meet them.
She threw her tiny hands around her mother who’s big belle pushed her forward.
She later left her Mom and ran to her grandmother.

Her father came to stand beside her mother.
He bent over and kissed his wife before leading her to a sit.
They all sat down.

“I woke up and didn’t see you or Nira…I thought she was at mother’s place but I suddenly remembered today is your special training for her…

Kaya said while holding onto her stomach.

“We didn’t want to disturb your rest, how are you feeling now…?

“Better… This pregnancy journey seems to be alot easier than when I was carrying Nira. Her constant kicks alone makes me wonder if she wants to jump out of my stomach…

Opa laughed out and said.

“Nira is just like you… Kaya, asking questions, running off, saying things that surprisingly bcomes to past and mostly…Kaya you almost gave me heart attack while in the womb. Your birth was very difficult and challenging. I labored all night until the following day… After you were born, I was faced with another difficult reality of having another daughter. That part was too hard to bear…it seems like i disappointed everyone around me by having another girl. I was disappointed in myself too but I can’t question the gods or trade their blessings for another. As I watched you grow Kaya.. I realized that indeed you are a special seed. An outstanding girl and first of your kind. When news of you started running wild like fire I began thanking the gods for favoring me and making me a Queen mother which I thought may never be possible. Nira takes after you…but my most concern is her level of energy at just five years. Yuri… you are working her too hard… take it easy on my grand daughter…

Everyone smile. Opa bent over Nira and asked

“Is your father hard on you with his training…

“Not at all grandma. But I sometimes gets tired and need to rest. Father said the enemy will attack if I decided to take rest on the battle ground. He said I should be at alert…as cunning as the serpent. I want to be brave like mother and very strong like father…

They all laughed. Nira continued.

“…Grandma, father said I’m going to be the next chief of Zukumo kingdom. I need to be wise and lead well when the time is right. Mother is the present chief of our kingdom… grandma were you also a chief during your time? Do the people love you?

Opa smile and said.

“No, I was never a chief. Your grandfather was the chief and people loved him. Your mother is the first female Chief of this kingdom. Many other chiefs from different Kingdoms are begining to have female Chiefs because… your mother paved the way. A girl Child is more appreciated now than before because of your mother. The girl camp she started is been turned into school, for every child. The English men from faraway kingdom heard of your mother and came for a courtesy visit. Your mother took them round the kingdom and also the camp and they introduced a western education for every child to learn how to read and write. If we were well learned back then, the kind of treatment that was melted out on a girl wouldn’t have have been much. we wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble that only the fittest survive. And the kingdom is far more developed now than before…all thanks to your mother and father who with their wisdom didn’t turn down the offer. After your mother… you are the next Chief Nira..and I know you will be greater than your mother and every chief that ever rules. I’m so happy that the gods kept me alive to witness all of this….

Kaya squeezed her mother’s almost wrinkled hand gently and smile.
Opa returned the smile.

She suddenly felt a contraction and held her stomach

“Are you alright?

Yuri asked.

Kaya replied affirmative without speaking.
Another contraction hit her followed by another.
Water was seeing rushing down her leg
she held onto her husband as the pain becomes even more

Yuri carried her without wasting time and rush to the house.

The midwives came and attended to her until she was stable.

The following day Kaya gave birth to another daughter.

The whole kingdom jubilate. Yuri threw a big party and invited people both from Fiji and other Kingdoms.

Everyone came to celebrate the second daughter of the strongest warrior in eleven kingdoms and the first female chief of Zukumo kingdom whom they named Kira.

Yuri flashback to Nira telling him that her mother was going to give birth to a girl the following day and that was exactly what happened.
He was amazed with the way the little girl said it playfully and it happened.

This wasn’t the first or second time she will be saying things that will eventually happen.
At first, they used to think is a mare coincident that her words came to past but along the line they realized is more than just a coincident.
Nira has been blessed with the blessings of her mother.
The gods chosed her to be their mouth piece even at that tender age.

After they returned from visiting Fiji kingdom

Kaya with her husband sat in the field while watching eight years old Nira teaching her three years old sister, Kira how to fight with sword.

Yuri smiled deeply to himself before exhaling out.

Kaya turned and looked at him.

“Something is on your mind… which is making you feel elited. Spill it out…I want to equally laugh with you…

Yuri tapped her shoulder gently and started laughing even more with the smirking face Kaya gave him.

“I still can’t get enough of you even after all this years. Your beauty gets renewed everyday and your strength as a mother, as an amazing wife, a loving daughter, a great leader and the people’s friend never saps. I just looked around me and I’m in aww at how much the gods had blessed me with through one woman. Look at our daughters, growing in beauty, strength and in wisdom. This was the exact blessings I asked from the gods. I still thank the gods for you Kaya…how favored I feel deep within. I fall in love with you everyday Kaya. You mean everything to me and even more… thank you for giving me two strong beautiful daughters…

Kaya smiled.

“Yuri…I thank the gods more for blessing me through one man. For not letting me make the worst mistakes for a suitor. They handpicked you specially for me because I couldn’t have gone this far without your support and counsel in the major areas. I feel more blessed to be called your wife. I still remember getting angry at you… and for the very first time i cried over a man after seeing you with your slave girl, Leni. I know a master is free to do as he pleases with his slave but that saying could have been applicable if I wasn’t involved. I was broken. I didn’t realize how much I have come to love you until then… I remember telling my late grandma Bambira how sad I was at what you did. I couldn’t even make a choice or look at the new suitors because none was pleasing to me not until you came and it hit me all over that truly you are made for me and I just have to let go of all the grievance that I was holding and embrace the truth. Grandma Bambi also helped with her undiluted, unbiased advice. So, Yuri I have been wanting to ask you…if I hadn’t stopped you from beheading Leni…so you would have killed her just to prove a point..?

Yuri gasped out, he looked at his daughters.
Nira was laying on the ground while pretending to be defeated while Kira mount on top of her like a hero with her own little wooden sword which she raised high victoriously and they were both laughing.

“I knew you won’t let me do it. You hated blood shed and barbaric act Kaya. I know deep within that you will stop me. But even if you did not…I wouldn’t have. I will do any other thing to make you see that I’m sorry and truly loves you. Even if at the end you refused me, I will have to hope on the gods who brought us together in the wood to intervene. If I wanted to kill Leni, immediately I got hold of my sword, with a high uncalculated speed the sword will be on her neck and her head will roll. But I was on a slow motion that day, waiting for the time you will ask me to stop. I took my sword, raised it high slowly and still waiting for you to say something until you finally did. I wouldn’t have killed Leni not that I can’t but because I share largely in the sin. Leni only did whatever she did because I allowed it and encourage her with my actions. I sold her off after then until you later asked me to buy her all over and free her instead which I did without wasting time. she was very happy when I gave the freedom that most slaves wished for. I free some of the slaves and others were giving a place to build and have a family of their own around my place in Fiji. They took care of the house and do you notice that the house is well kept and clean anytime we visits Fiji? You are kind and very loving Kaya. I still have to apologise again… I know is in the past and it has become a mare tale, but hurting you like that with Leni was never my intention. I never even knew that you cried, you appear so harden and unshaken… didn’t know that aside having a tough side, you are still so soft…the soft side of every woman. I’m glad Bambi helped and thanked the gods that she lived to see you take over the rulership thread and the birth of Nira. I will do whatever I have to do all over just to always show you my gratitude of having you in my life… Kaya.

Kaya bent over and kssed his cheeks before relaxing on his shoulder.

Yuri held her closely to himself and they continued watching their girls practice.

After Chief Dre passed on, Kaya ruled alongside her husband Yuri for many years.
Nira grew in strength, beauty and wisdom.
She became the first female warrior that fought and won battles for her kingdom.
After she got married, she became the second female Chief of Zukumo kingdom.
While her sister Kira was the first female judge at Ogunzi kingdom where she got married to a chief.
Dhaki’s elder brother’s son, Who was a Chief as of then.

Dhaki was happy to have Kaya’s daughter close.
He has been looking for a way to make amends for the wrongs he did to Kaya and Yuri.
Even after Kaya forgives him, he still wish he can make it up.
He was married and has only one daughter, whom he loves and was raising up to be strong and brave like the first Queen of Zukumo kingdom. Chief Kaya.

Kaya grew old with her loving husband beside her.

Every first child of the ruling chiefs takes over the throne.
Nira’s had a son first before a daughter.
Her son will become the next chief after her.

The kingdom was at peace, ev!l went into hiding during the time Kaya was a chief and even after.
She was recognized from near and far and with her husband Yuri they did exploit.
Together They fought hard to achieve a loving and peaceful kingdom.

People feared, love and respected Kaya during her reign.
They were even more scared of Kaya’s first daughter Nira, because she was unbeatable and do not adhere to anything bad.

Nira was also training her son, who will be the next Chief after her to be strong like her father, Yuri and brave like her mother, Kaya. She was teaching him everything that her father thought her and the wisdom her mother, Chief Kaya bestowed on her.

The kingdom prospered, the land yield bountifully, the seasonal harvest was basket full of foods.
Everyone had enough to eat and those who had nothing were giving enough.

“A true leader is one who puts the people’s needs ahead of her own. Applied strength when is applicable, fight hard when is called for, love truly, Lead righta and judge fairly. One who takes no credit for the blessings she has but accord the gods their thanks. Mostly a leader is one who understands what it is like to have nothing and to have everything, to admit when she’s weak and confused, seek for counsel and help from the elders and give a listening ear to the people’s cry. A leader is not in the gender, it doesn’t matter if is a man or a woman, all that matters is that he or she most be a people’s person. And if you feel you are right for such task, then wait for the approval of the gods. That’s the most important part Nira… my daughter!
This are Kaya’s word to her daughter Nira.

“Everything I have achieved is with the help of the gods and your father who remains my backbone. My parents who taught me from a tender age all i needed to know. the era where a girl Child is recognized and respected has arrived. gone are the days a woman’s importance is underated and centred around the kitchen and childbearing. Thanks to mother who answered the gods call by picking up the mantle of leadership and becomes the people’s heroine. Father, the greatest warrior in eleven kingdoms who thought me that fighting for the land and protecting the people is not just a man’s duty, he said I can do it and he thought me everything I am. Making me the first female warrior who fought war and won. I’m the second female Chief after my mother… your grandma. I learnt from the best and I will teach you wisdom even now while your heart is still young. Mother told me to be a people’s person and never to give a biased judgement. To love truly and leade fairly. When I was ready for marriage, she told me love is a strong force that engulfed our every soul and can make us do cr@zy things but even while in love seek the gods approval if this man or this woman is the chosen one for you..if your heart is sincere and your request is right in order, you had this faith without weavering while waiting for results… The gods are kind they will give you either sign or find another way to communicate their answers to you. Be patient, don’t be quick to speak or fast to condemn. Make a good difference in the sand of time, not just as a leader but a person who lives on earth. Make sure you left a good mark in the heart of one or two persons before kssing the earth good bye. Pass this message forward and let your own children follow this exact path that we all trade…in doing so, the earth will be a better place for everyone.

This was Nira’s message to her son.

And it continued that way for many generations after Kaya, The first woman who paved the way for others to walk on.


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