ON THE LIONESS TAIL: Episode 11-The End


Episode 15.


“The fourth girl started vomiting blood this morning. If we don’t do something now more people, especially children… girl child precisely will die off one after the other.

Didi ignored her and took another bite from her pork meat.

“Lady Didi, you are the eldest here and that’s why I kept bringing this to you. I don’t want to take decision without your consent. Princess Kaya…the chief’s daughter handed this camp to your care. She only said I should assist with Lady phiona. The children in this camp ate some poisonous food… I don’t know how they got it. The food items that Lady Opa, the chief’s wife sent to us was what we cooked and even ate out of it… nothin happened to me after I finished cooking and ate mine right away. I don’t know how the food was later poisoned and the rest of the kids that partook in it are either sick, vomiting blood or almost giving up. We are doing all we can to save them. It baffles me that you of all people feel so relaxed with all that is happening… How can you even have appetite for food in this present circumstance…?

Didi who was still focusing on her pork put the last piece in her mouth and began to chew.
She drank deeply from a grape wine that was in front of her before facing Rigi.

“Why exactly are you telling me, what do you want me to do? I shouldn’t enjoy myself again because some stupid female children are dying? Kaya is no more in this kingdom, She probably got married secretly or falls pregnant and her family whisked her away to avoid shame. She’s been gone for weeks. Chief’s Dre’s family, all that he owns are going to be destroyed… totally wiped out so that a new era…a new chief… chief Romo can take up his rightful place. I’m making way for that to happen. I warned that useless Kaya that Romo will rule this kingdom but instead she flogged me, oh Rigi… that good for nothin girl almost broke my bones into pieces. She didn’t stop there… she forced me into taking charge of this useless camp… leaving me with no choice. Chief Dre is at the verge of dying. Romo is already taking up what is rightfully his. All Lord Mario’s enemies will be destroyed so you better make a good choice now before you are tagged a traitor.

She was about to take another drink when Rigi slapped the cup out of her hand.

“You are so ev!l. If you hate Kaya or her family members why not face them…why destroy the lives of this innocent children that we are meant to protect. I guess Lord Mario asked you to do this and you agreed. Oh…may the gods have mercy. I know chief Dre’s sickness is not ordinary, lady Bambira’s sickness, Salabi and few other villagers who have always been nice to Kaya and her family is not ordinary. This children are not the only one falling ill… many villagers are not left out. I was thinking the gods are angry and wants to deal with some of us I don’t know is the enemy within. you will not get away with this lady Didi…the gods won’t spare you and your cohorts.

“Shut up your mouth Rigi. if the gods are so powerful why don’t they heal the sick villagers which includes the children here? I will forgive you for slapping a cup of drink from my hand but let this be the first time and the last that you will ever try such. You better watch your back because you are not safe. Once Romo becomes chief, I will do whatever I pleases with you…

Rigi angrily walked away.
She was going to try everything within her power to prevent further mishaps in the camp. She won’t fold her hands and watch Didi destroy what Kaya built.

She had hope that Kaya will return someday and her prayers is that it will be soon because she doesn’t know how long she will be able to stop Didi from destroying the girl’s camp and all the children in it.

Opa squeezed water out of the cloth again before placing it on her husband’s forehead as he lay on the bed.

The medicine man just left after attending to him but the condition isn’t improving much.
He was coughing out blood and his temperature was high.
Opa’s worries grew every passing day.

Zain cared less and haven’t even come to see him.
The only time she did was to accuse her for having something to do with his illness.
Salabi has warned her to be careful with Zain, Salabi did not say much only to warn her to always keep every food item away from Zain’s reach.
She was saying something about her horrible husband but suddenly stopped and said.
“He’s still my husband but I wish our paths never met.

Salabi has suddenly become sick after her visit.

Bambira too was ill and Ivan is over there attending to her with the maids.
More people are begining to fall ill in the village and who knows who is next in line.

Ever since Salabi ‘s warned opa, she was always mindful and kept all food in a safe lock that she alone has the keys to.

Zain had been looking for a way to get to her pot of food.

Mario urged her to try and wiped off all his enemy so that no one will oppose him.
Mario promise not only make her the new chief’s wife but also promised that Romo will accept her daughter as his and they will be well cared for.

Zain saw that Ivan was growing into a great beauty and far more beautiful than her daughter Lili.
Ivan was just as beautiful as Kaya who disappeared for weeks with no other information rather than her sister Maya requested her presence.
Is a good thing that she is no longer coming back because she was a big threat to Mario and his supporters.

Mario will destroy everything that chief Dre owes, everything that Kaya and her family had will be wiped out.

Zain has sent Lili to insult Ivan the other day and her daughter did exactly that but Ivan ignored her not until she pushed her to the ground did ivan retaliate by slapping Lili which made Zain to attack her.
Zain beat her up and was expecting Opa to come and ask her but opa never came and Ivan did not stop greeting her even after the whole incident

Zain was bitter anytime she sees Ivan.
Since opa no longer keeps food in the kitchen, Zain decided to act friendly with Ivan and give her something to eat.

After making the food, she added the potion of the remaining poison and covered the plate in her private room.

She decided to go and call Ivan to come and help her with something after which she will give her the food to eat and die.

While she was gone, Lili came inside her mother’s room and saw the plate of food covered.
She quickly took a sit and decided to eat out of it before her mother will return.


“Let’s camp here tonight, we will continue tomorrow. You are loosing too much blood Kaya…

Kaya turned angrily and said.

“You are also loosing blood Yuri… Your wound is far deeper than mine, Why do you think I deserve the rest…oh, because I’m a woman? You men think less of a woman who can’t do much in life. Did I complained to you that I needed rest? My house is burning down and you want me to go partying? My father is down and as of last night something more struck me in the dream. I saw half of the villagers wiped off…I told you about it Yuri and all you want me to do is to rest…how can I rest in this kind of situation….how exactly??

“Kaya, please don’t missunderstand me, I only mean well. We have been able to get some of the tekah leaves after sustaining deep injuries. But if you dye off on the way because of the wound you sustained how will your father and the rest get the antidote for their sickness. I’m fine and will heal up once I’m out of here, is you that I’m worried about Kaya. If you aren’t ready to rest let me examine your wound again, atleast rewrapped it again with another material. please, let me help you Kaya…if you don’t mind…

Kaya was breathing heard, she was indeed weak but do not want to admit it.

They have gotten to the cave and it was more than they expected but with the favor of the gods they were able to get the tekah leaf after having to fight with the lioness which leaves them both with deep injuries.
It was a huge fight before they could escape with only five leave that they got.
She was grateful to Yuri who fought like a true warrior.

Yuri was able to tie up her wound with a material and same with his.
He suggested they use one of the leaf they got but Kaya turned it down because it was only five pieces. If they use one it will remain just four and they can’t go back.

That lioness will just kill them both if they try to go back.

They journeyed all day until the evening came but Kaya wasn’t ready to rest.

She finally agreed with Yuri and they camped in a place.
Yuri looked for a running river and they washed off
he also attended to her injuries and his own too.

He left to look for some bush fruits for them to eat but Kaya does not have appetite for food

His kindness softens Kaya’s heart and made her ask.

“Why are you helping me… Yuri?

Yuri opened his mouth to talk but suddenly went quiet.
Kaya asked again and he said.

“Our paths met for a purpose Kaya. The gods are with you and they know you will be needing help to fulfil your purpose and they find me worthy for such a task. The whole thing is begining to make sense now Kaya. And aside that…I…I. hmmm! Nothin more than what I have already said…

Kaya nooded. She thanked him again for risking his life for a total stranger like her.

Early the following morning they rode off.

Kaya said she will go to her sister first then hurried back to Zukumo kingdom for her people.

Yuri asked her not to worry going to her sister, he will take the leaf to her instead.
Since Maya’s village is close to Fiji kingdom where he comes from it will be easy for him to locate it.

Yuri thought within himself that Kaya might not be able to handle the whole thing at once.

Kaya was grateful as she hurried away.
But not after inviting Yuri to Zukumo anytime he feels like visiting and asking him not to allow her sister attend to her husband with the takah or she may end up making another provoking mistake that may anger the gods.

Kaya trusted him to deliver the leaf to her sister’s husband.

Yuri speed off after Kaya left , and with the direction that Kaya gave him he was able to locate the compound.
He requested to see Maya and when she came, Yuri introduced himself and told her who sent him down with the cure for her husband’s illness.

Maya took him Inside and showed him where her husband lay motionless.

Yuri squeezed the leaf and gently opened the man’s mouth before a drop of the juice fell into his mouth.

“Please, squeeze the leaf again or give it to me to help you. One drop is too small…it won’t be able to cure all this whole sickness that he is suffering. Give him another drop Lord Yuri…

Yuri breathed deeply as he remembered Kaya’s warning.
He said to her.

“I’m only following the instructions and the myth surrounding this antidote. He only needs a drop my Lady. A drop for one person and no matter what the sickness is it will clear off. If I give him more than a drop it will be disasterious. Be patient my lady, tekah leaf works like magi…

Maya interrupted.

” There’s nothing that small drop will do for him. Can’t you see how sick he looks. Leave the myth or whatever and help my husband since that is what you traveled all the way down to do. Since Kaya sent you do the right thing then do it right. My husband needs more than just one leaf of the tekah but since you came with only one then squeeze more juice into his mouth…. I’m already tired of…

She was talking when the decaying wound on her husband’s body began to heal up.

Maya watched in amazement.
She screamed excitedly as her husband rose from the bed and for the first time in months he called her name.

Maya was still jubilating and didn’t even notice when an exhausted Yuri left.

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