ON THE LIONESS TAIL: Episode 11-The End


Episode 16.


“He’s dead… he’s not breathing. He’s dead…

She broke down in tears as she held onto him, shaking him vehemently.

“Let me check him one more time mother…

Kaya said as she try to move her mother aside.

“There’s no point Kaya. Is no use.. your father has joined his ancestors. Our enemies have finally succeeded. He’s dead… oh, let the gods give me strength, I don’t know how I will cope with his death. I…I don’t…kn….

Opa cried out in anguish.
She stood and ran out crying. Zain who went to call the medicine man to come and help her daughter, Lili who was also dying from the poison she ate which was meant for Ivan.
She saw Opa crying and going over to Bambira’s house.

Zain became scared, ever since her daughter ate the poisoned food meant for Ivan and fell critically ill, vomiting blood and drying up as each day comes, ever since then her fear increased.

She began to experience what Opa might have been going through watching Dre dye everyday.
She watched every part of her daughter dying off gradually and felt broken.

It was as if the gods decided to deal with her by making her lay on the bed she made.
Her eyes was clearing off and she saw the evil she has done backfiring.

She has rushed to call the medicine man and they came and gave Lili something to drink but she did not improved.
She has gone there uncountable times, begging them come to her aid and not allow her only child to die but they refused.
They said she will die eventually because there’s nothing they can do again.

Despite how broken Opa has been ever since the Chief became critically ill, she still find time to come over and see Lili.

She prayed to the gods to be merciful and not let Lili die.

Such gesture from her broke Zain’s heart.

And since three days now her conscience has been judging her
She wish she can undo her wrongs.

Just yesterday, after her daughter illness worsened up she decided to go and inform Mario that she was done and doesn’t want to have anything to do with hurting any soul again ever again.

Just as she was about to step into Mario’s visitor’s chamber she over heard him telling his son that a young woman was already arranged for him to marry since chief Dre is about to die.
Mario called her an unfortunate woman, whose use was only to help them actualize their plan.

She listened as they both laughed at her, it angered her greatly, she felt ashamed for even agreeing with Mario in the first place to carry out such evil deed on her innocent husband.
She angrily walked away with tears in eyes and promise to do all she can so that Romo will not become chief.

She doesn’t even know how to stop Mario.
Her daughter was dying everyday while Mario and his gangs kept increasing.

She has planned to expose Mario and make sure his plan for his son to become a chief will never come to pass not until now.
Seeing Opa crying and running towards Bambira scares her.

Her heart raced up as she drop everything in her hand and ran towards chief Dre chamber where he lay.

Mario who has been looking out for the awaited news saw Opa crying and knew the deed was done.
He ran down and straight to Dre.
He saw his long gone daughter kneeling with her head bent beside him.
Her eyes were close and she didn’t bother looking up even as he touched Dre’s body to confirm its coldness.

The entire room was terrifying. It seems like a strong being that one can’t see with an ordinary eyes was watching.
Mario couldn’t stay as he quickly said to Kaya.

“Your father was a nice chief, he lived a meaningful life. I will inform the other Lords of his death so that his body will be prepared for burial. I…he..let…

Mario stammered as he ran off from the room,
He almost run into Zain who was also rushing inside.
He whispered what only her can hear.

“You did a great job. He’s dead and ones he’s buried, the land will be entirely ours. Congratulations my lady…

He smiled as he hurriedly walk pass her to inform his supporters of Dre’s death.

Zain saw Kaya who disappeared for weeks kneeling beside him with her head bent.
Her eyes was shot as she continued muttering something that only her can hear.
Was she praying to the gods to bring her father back to live.

Zain started moving closer to Dre’s bedside.
Dre lay facing up, he wasn’t moving. He was indeed dead.
Regrettable tears filled Zain’s eyes as she moved closer.
she will confess her faults and ask his spirit to forgive her.

But suddenly Kaya spoke halting her.

“Stop right there Lady Zain…

Zain wondered how Kaya knew that she was the one.
Zain watched as Kaya stood from where she was, turned to face her.

“… where do you think you are going? You want to truly confirm if he’s dead. Listen…. the gods are not blind. They see the secret things we do and say that we thought no one sees or hears. Lord Mario was only allowed close to my father so that he’s foolishness will be exposed. Lady Zain, You have not only marked yourself as an evil woman you have become an alien…an outcast to this household. You are sorry because your leg has been caught in the trap that you set for another. Your conscience will judge you for the rest of your miserable life…That will be enough punishment. Please leave… right now.

Kaya commanded.
Zain ran off without looking back.
She was so terrified as Kaya spoke, she suddenly felt goosebumps all over her while Kaya was still speaking and it was as if darkness was crowding her up and wanted to choke her to death.

As she ran off, it dawned on her that Kaya isn’t an ordinary child.

Immediately she left Kaya turned to her father.
She continued pleading to the gods not to accept her father’s spirit yet but to send him right back.
Kaya kept pressing his thumb until it became warm
She waited and touched it again and it was still warm.
She brought out the tekah leaf, squeeze it before opening her father’s mouth.
Kaya waited until a drop of the juice fell into his mouth before she removed it.

She waited for sometime until her father sneezed out three times before sitting up.

He was well again as he stood on his feet, stretching his legs and hands as if he was never sick.
Dre felt so energized. He looked at Kaya and said.
“Kaya…how… what did you do? How possible that I was sick and was traveling down the most terrified dark road alone and all of a suddenly light hit my eyes bringing me back to my present state. What did you do….?

Kaya swallowed hard as she watch her father’s excitement.
Emotion clouded her eyes and choked her throat.
she was not the easy teary type but seeing her father again was something she can’t trade for anything.
She gave way for the tears to flow.
Dre came and drew her to himself as more tears falls off her eyes.

“I thought i won’t be able to see you again father. I pleaded to the gods to spare your life and give you another chance to Life before applying the tekah leaf…

Chief Dre interrupted.

“Tekah what…ho…how did you get the leaf,? Who gave it to you…? I haven’t heard or seen anyone succeeding in journeying down and returning alive with tekah. How did you do it my daughter…

Kaya explained to him how the gods helped her by sending a warrior to her aid.
and with the help of the warrior, she got the leaf.
She showed her father the injuries she sustained which was the mark of the lioness on her body.

“,Oh Kaya…I know you were special but never knew that the gods has blessed you with so much and also placed heavy load on your shoulder which I know they will help you to carry. You are not only strong and wise you are fearless and brave. I see a great leader in you Kaya. Maybe I was blinded in the past to realize how much the gods has really blessed me with. Before you were born, I saw you in my dreams wearing a crown…I had series of dreams like that. I thought you were the awaited heir, the next chief of Zukumo kingdom but I was totally disappointed when your mother told me that you are girl. I was angry at the gods and at myself. I thought they hated me by not giving me a son…I never knew they have loved me beyond words by giving you to me. Having you Kaya is a blessing that I can’t trade for anything. The gods are changing everything entirely, you are truly called into chieftaincy Kaya. It fits you and I can’t questions the gods but rejoice over their kindness….

Kaya asked his father to remain in his chamber which will give Mario and his fellowers time to rejoice.
She told him that only Opa, her mother and grandmother will be aware that he’s alive until the time to reveal himself fully comes.

Kaya told her father about her other assignments before leaving.

Kaya left to Inform her mother about her father.
Everyone was crying, it seems the entire kingdom has been thrown into mourning state as the news of her father’s death spreed like wide fire.

Kaya went to her mother who was crying on the bedside if her sick grandmother.

Kaya asked all the maid to leave, even Ivan her sisters left.

Immediately they left, Kaya shut the door and began squeezing the tekah leaf that she used for her father.

Yuri has informed her that one leaf produces three drops which expires after seven days.

Kaya opened her grandmother’s mouth while Opa watched in wonders.
After the drop got into her mouth, she was well.
Opa was shocked, Bambira couldn’t believe that she was strong again.

Bambira was praying for a quicker death immediately the news of her only son reached her ears.
Bambi felt more alive than ever.

Kaya quickly explained to them briefly

She also asked them to keep it all a secret. Everything concerning her father being alive should never be heard off.

Opa who was astounded by the news, ran off to confirm for herself.

Kaya climbed her horse and speed down to the girls camp.
She thanked the gods that none had passed away.
seven of the girls were critically down, exactly the amount of drop that she will get from the remaining tekah.

After each child got the drop they became well again.

Didi who wasn’t aware of Kaya’s return was over at Mario’s house rejoicing with others over the death of Dre.

Kaya needed more tekah for some other sick people in the village which includes Salabi and Zain’s daughter.
She can’t watch Lili die because of the wickedness of the mother.
Maya thanked Rigi and lady phiona for their care and faithfulness in taking care of the camp in her absence.
Rigi thanked the gods for listening to her prayers and bringing Kaya back at the right time.
Kaya went to Mario’s house and fetch Didi out.
She warned her not to go anywhere close to the girls camp ever again.

Didi was scared at first until she saw Mario and others coming out to listen to what Kaya was saying.
Didi saw opportunity to talk back at Kaya and used it.
she was taking aback when Kaya strikes her across the face and she fell with a heavy thud to the ground.

Mario on seeing that said.

“Kaya Why are you so angry at my visitor… lady Didi? Remember She is not the caused of your father’s death. Why didn’t your mother teach you that you don’t insult elders but respect them. Blame your frustrations on the gods. Your father is dead and there’s nothing you or anyone can do to bring him back to live. By tomorrow, his body will be prepared for burial and a new chief of Zukumo, chief Romo will emerge…

The people with him laughed and cheered him on.

… why are you still unmarried. I thought you disappeared off to become a man’s wife and continued producing hen… from where your mother stopped. Looking at you… you looked all wounded and will drop dead anytime soon just like your father..

Kaya ignored them, she was not in the mood to battle words with them instead she decided to visit Salabi and encourage her to stay strong because help was on the way for her.
Kaya found out that nine more people were critically sick within the village.
Which means she needed more tekah.

Kaya was very tired, but before she retired for the night she asked the gods to make way for the rest of the people to also receive their healing.

Kaya resumed work the following day.
She started setting things right and taking charge of her camp.

Zain wanted to visit Opa, so that they can mourn together but she was surprised to see that Opa looks different and appears happy
She wasn’t even putting on a mourning attire unlike her.
Zain was not only mourning for her husband but also for her only daughter who will drop dead any moment.

Her world has come crashing heavily.
The guilt continued eating deeply into her that she was almost going cr@zy.

Kaya was dressed the following day as she went from her girls camp to visiting the sick villagers.

She was later informed that somebody was looking for her.
Kaya rode off and saw that it was Yuri.
He looks different, more handsome and cheerful.

She was very happy to see him.
An excited Yuri almost draw her into a hug but he quickly controlled his raging emotions.
Kaya told him about the remaining sick people because the tekah she had couldn’t go round.

Yuri gave her the tekah he remained from Maya’s husband which still has two drop in it and haven’t expired yet.
Kaya planned to use it for Salabi and Lili.

she sat with Yuri close to her girls camp as they planned on what to do next to save the rest of the sick people.

Yuri couldn’t hold back his feeling anymore for Kaya.
But Kaya was more worried of how to save the sick which made Yuri felt the time wasn’t right for him to let her know of what he truly felt for her.

Mario came with the burial men so that Dre’s dead body will be embalmed and prepared for burial.

Opa was with Dre inside who felt it was time to shock his enemies.

Mario, his followers and the people who came for the embalment were waiting outside the room where Dre’s body was kept when Dre decided to appear in person.

Immediately he came out and they set their eyes on him everyone ran like they have seen a ghost.
Some were pushed down and climbed upon.
Mario fell down twice and stood again as he continued running for his dear life.
They were shouting ghost as they ran.

Zain was terrified with the whole noise and ran out only to join others in the ghost run immediately she saw Dre standing on his two legs.

Dre and Opa couldn’t hold back their laughter while watching the entire funny race.

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