By Tiana Isaac

Episode 31

Cassie smile looking around the place, everything here look romantic and expensive. It’s her first date with Kamil.
“You’ve been the one sending those flowers? She asked surprised when he told her that.


“That’s means you’ve known me for a long time then,”

” Not really! It was love at first sight,”

” So why didn’t you open up on time instead of sending those annoying flowers?


“Annoying flowers right? ” Kamil laughed. He stretch out his hands on the table and held Cassie’s own.

“I love you so much Cassie and believe me when I say that. Thank you for helping me in my campaign and everything going on and for making the people believe in me,” he smiled.

Cassie smile staring at him, she feels so lucky having this handsome young and successfull man all to herself, as her boyfriend.

“I love you now and always. I realized you’re not a bad person I once thought you are, getting to know you have make me realize a lot of things and we really need someone like you in our community. Together we will win this Kamil,” she smile.

They had dinner together and lots of fun, talking about a lot of stuff.

Kamil later drove Cassie home and even went in to greet her dad and uncle and to seek for their blessings.

Cassie walked in Smiling sheepishly after escorting Kamil.

“Is it because you’re in love you always smile ? Terri asked.

” Cut it off uncle I always smile,”

“Do you really think that Kamil loves you? Vicente asked.

“Sure dad, he loves me so much. Not for once have i ever imagine us in a relationship but it just happens,” she shrugged.

” You’re just blinded by Love Cassie, probably because this your first boyfriend, I don’t really think Kamil is the right one for you,” Terri said.

” It’s okay to feel that way uncle but I love Kamil so very much. You don’t have to worry because am in the right hands,” she enthused.

And what if you’re not? Her dad asked.

” Just wish me good luck dad. You never like my stay with Stacy and it all ended in disaster. Seems like you’re repeating the same thing in my relationship.

This my first relationship and I thought you’ll be happy your daughter have finally found love and not just with anyone but with Kamil Vedak,”

” Am happy for you Cassie! Am just worried because I love you so much and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. I will always support you in anything you do because I know you’re smart ,” he said.


Weeks turn into months. Cassie’s and Kamil love only grew more, always together. Kamil played his game well and was seen as the best candidate running for the position of the mayor.

Cassie supported him in everything and has convinced her friends and a lot of people about Kamil, well that’s what she thinks about him because he has been of great help to them, he has prove them wrong and they all believe he’s the right one for the people as their Mayor. Tomas who has sense Kamil is only dating Cassandra because of the election has warn her to stay off but she refused.

“You can’t tell me what to do Tomas,” she said.

“Kamil is not the right guy for you all this is part of the political game. Am talking to you this way because am your brother Cassie and I don’t want you to fall for their trap please listen to me.

Kendall has promised to support me run for the Mayor but he later switch sides and choose Kamil because they had money and they will go to any length to keep destroying people,” he pleaded with her.

” Kamil loves me so much and not only that, he’s transparent to me too. He told me about Kendall and he isn’t on his sides.

I know you once made a mistake by following Kendall but I assure you Kamil is totally different Kendall,” she said while Tomas let her be, obviously she’s blinded by Love.


@ Kamil’s Mansion..

Cassie was so nervous when she meet Kamil’s mother Mrs Sonia. He introduced her to his mother and they had dinner together.

“Thank you so much Cassandra for standing by my son despite everything that has been going on,” Sonia smiled.

” my son is lucky having you and I think I’ve got the best daughter in-law,” she chuckle.

” Sure Mom, Cassie is the best thing that ever happened to me” Kamil smiled, holding her hands and squeezing it gently.

“You both look good together, so where do you work? Sonia asked.

” Am a nurse and I work in one of the hospital here,” she replied

” She really wanted to work in manila at the Montes Medical Center but she wasn’t opportune but since that’s her dream I will make sure I help her get there,” Kamil said sweetly making her to blush.

” Sure, that’s good,” Sonia smile.
Cassie enjoyed her visit because Mrs Sonia seems to be a cool woman and she seems to like her already.

Few hours Later when Cassie left Sonia asked her son how his plans are still going on..
“Do you think she loves you? His mom asked.

“Sure Mom! she really do, am glad we are just close to getting what we want,” he smiled.

That’s it son. And how does she knows the Montes? She asked curiously.

“She don’t really know them according to what she told me but she wished to work there,”

” Everyone likes them. The Montes are all over enjoying their lives and we are just here managing our lives I hate them so much and at the right time I will crushed down everything they’ve ever worked for especially Josie and that bitch Julianna and those children they have.

Josie will so much regret seeing me back to their life and Julianna will have no choice but to blame him for everything, I will destroy their marriage and children,” she laughed evilly.

” Quit it mom! I don’t want to hear their name or bother myself with such people. With or without them we are still surviving,” Kamil said trying not to think about them but remembered what his mom told him few years back which got more angry with Josie and Miguel.

Few weeks Later..
Cassie checked the time and noticed it getting to 6pm already she felt so angry with herself.

Today is her birthday, she just turn 23 but Kamil hasn’t call or come and his line wasn’t going through since morning.
“Look Who’s frowning already,” Ann teased.

“Everyone in the neighborhood celebrated your birthday and I even got you cake, your dad and uncle did their best Cassie so why the long face? Ann asked.

” I appreciate all that and am happy you all celebrated me but it’s my boyfriend Ann, you can’t just expect me to be happy while he hasn’t call or show up,”

” You can’t always get his attention Cassie, he might be busy,” Ann enthused.

” Busy for his love or maybe he’s done using Cassie for his selfish reasons now that he have everyone liking him because of her,” Tomas said as he walked up to them.

” You talk too much Tomas. I’ve warn you already to stop seeing Kamil as the bad guy because he truly loves me,” she defended while Tomas just shook his head.

Immediately two tinted car drove in and stopped in front of their house. Cassie was surprised to see Kamil holding red bounqet of flowers while three men came out of the other car with a trumpet as they sang a birthday song to Cassie, that attract a lot of people and everyone rush to see what was happening.

“Happy birthday my love,” Kamil smile sweetly as he gave her those flowers.

“What a romantic surprise,” Ann yelled in excitement seeing how happy Cassie was.

” Thanks,” she smile.

Kamil turn around and smile seeing the people around gave him more courage to say what he wanted to say.

“Hello everyone I want to use this medium to thank Cassandra for everything, she’s the love of my life, my backbone, my number one fan and support system, she’s everything I seek in a woman and for this reason I ask. Will you marry me Cassie?

He went on one knee and removed a ring, there was a loud ovation and everyone was excited. Cassie least expected that from Kamil.

“Say yes Cassie,” Ann scream out in excitement.

“Are you sure about this Kamil? She whispers to him.

“Am one hundred percent sure, I want to spent the rest of my life with you,”

” Yes Kamil… Yes I love you so very much and I will marry you,” she smile while Kamil slide the ring on her finger.

” I just hope your daughter is not making the great mistake of her life,” Tomas said to Vincente who was watching them too.

“Cassie loves him so much and there’s nothing we can do about that, let’s just hope it end well,” Terri told him while he just nodded.

**. The engagement of Cassie and Kamil was the talk of the town and everyone seems so happy about it.
Kamil kssed her passionately and caress her skin making her, she enjoyed every bit of his touched as the got into a fierce ro.mance.

He place his hands around her waist and slowly push her to bed, he st.raddle over her body and her hand was tighten over his shoulder.
“Ka.. mil,” Cassie called in a whispers.

“Am not ready,” she said then quickly let go and stood up.

” Why? He asked angrily, just when he was at the verge of getting everything done.

” This isn’t right Kamil, am sorry,” Cassie quickly pulled back her dress and z!p it up.

” You don’t trust me? You’re my wife to be Cassie and we will soon get married anytime from now ..

“Am sorry,” she muttered.

” Sorry! Are you a vrgn? He asked while she kept mute.

” Just talk Cassie you’re getting me crazy ,” he yelled.

“Yes Kamil. I told you this already you’re the first boyfriend I’ve ever had in my life,” she said sadly blinking back the tears in her eyes.

” Then I will take it easy on you. I want you Cassie, you can’t just leave me now,” he stood up and quickly gr.abbed her as he pushed her back to the b.ed.

” Ka.. mil! Cassie was surprised to see that other side of him.

” I love you Cassie and am getting what I want,” he yelled as he forcefully unz!p her dress, caressing her.

“Please Kamil..,” Cassie cried as she struggle with him until she finally h!t him in-between his legs then stood up and ran.
Cassie oo??
Kamil’s mother; Mrs Sonia seems to know a lot about the Montes… Who is she? And why are they her enemies?

.. More secrets are yet to be revealed…


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