I was extremely upset with the spying thing that Ansh did.

I know that he is being protective, but why doesn’t he want to express it directly instead of sending detectives to bother me more?

Jaai and I had secretly planned a surprise for Piya and Mir. I hope they love it. I know Ansh is busy nowadays after our fight, so I’ll have to manage on my own.


It’s been a whole month since then. Piya’s invitation for the baby shower made me more excited. She is almost 7 months pregnant.

We have been married for nearly 6 and a half months. That’s more than half a year, but it’s not going well.

But for now, I’ve put my problems aside. Jaai has always been an angel, by my side. I wouldn’t have made it without him. I know he also has his own problems, but he never mentions them.

I went to Piya’s house a day prior to make all the arrangements. Their parents were also coming that day. They all were very kind.

I felt fortunate to have all of them. I was always distant from my own family. Ansh was really lucky to have them. I had asked Fray to deliver my dress to their house.

She did a beautiful job again. It wasn’t too heavy, just simple and beautiful. I wish Ansh comes. I don’t know why I’m thinking about him these days.

I should be upset with him, but he doesn’t upset me at all. I know this is just how he is.

I was so occupied in the morning that I didn’t realize when everyone had arrived. Ma called me.

“Ahana, you look stunning. Where is Ansh?”

“Hmm… Honestly, I don’t know. But he’ll come soon,” I said, smiling.

I had a gut feeling that he would show up today. I went to get the sweets. When I returned, I was so full, and my dress made my situation worse. I almost fell, but Jaai grabbed me.

Just then, from the corner of my eye, I saw two brown orbs staring at me without blinking.

It was Ansh… I was so delighted. He came. I saw him, and our eyes met. Typical Ansh. Even in such a function, he comes in formal attire.

In his Tuxedo, he looked charming. The color was just perfect. He was the only one in formal clothes. I had wished to see him in a Kurta, but not today, maybe.

The last time I saw him in ethnic wear was at our wedding. His hair was a bit messy, but it made him look even cooler. He always does. God… What am I thinking? Piya called me.

Gosh!! Ansh had brought so many gifts. I was surprised. I hope he likes mine. I noticed him staring at me most of the time, but secretly I enjoyed it.

“Say cheese…” Ansh whispered in my ear when the photographer came to take some pictures.

His hand around my bare waist felt warm. I felt a strange sensation throughout my body. I gave him a stern look.

I had to remind him that I was still upset with him. Jaai was still beside me. I grabbed his hand. I could clearly see the anger on Ansh’s face.

“Ahana… Did you forget you are my wife…?? Remember the ring. Hey!” He said, quite loudly. He called the photographer.

“Mind if you click some candid pictures of us?” Ansh asked him. I was truly surprised. I never expected this from him.

The photographer agreed, as everyone else had left, leaving only a few of us.

Ansh pulled me into the garden area.
“Ahana… Thanks for everything you did today. You really saved our family traditions.” I was taken by surprise.

“Ansh… Am I not part of it?”
“Hey!! Look here and say cheese.” The photographer called.

Just Ansh quickly pecked me on my cheeks, and I looked at him. I think I even heard a click.

This surely must be taken. But before we could proceed, Ansh’s cell was ringing.

“What?” He asked angrily. I think he didn’t like getting disturbed. So did I.
“Hmmmm… I am coming.” He hung up.

He grabbed my hand, pulling me with him.
“What?” I asked.

“I am dropping you home, and then I have some urgent work to look into.”

“It looks like you are the only one who works. I have to help Piya wind things up. So you go, I’ll go home.”

I groaned, pulling my hand back.
“It’s already 6 now. Who will drop you? You didn’t even bring your car.”

“J… will drop me home.” His expression changed all of a sudden.

“No… I’ll send the driver to pick you up. Did you get it? You are not coming with him.”

He was making me angry again now.
“Ansh… You can’t order me around. We have something to discuss, so I’ll come with him. See you at home.” I said.

“Why don’t you clearly tell me that you have some date planned with him instead of giving me some stupid excuses. You already plan everything with him, isn’t it?”

“Ansh… What do you…” But before I could complete, he felt, leaving me alone in the garden. He abandoned me again. I forgot to mention the photographer left already.

What planning was he talking about? This is the problem with Ansh. He never lets me complete myself and walks away in between the conversation. What urgent work came in now?

It’s like, only I am the one who needs to explain everything to him. He is really thinking something about my relationship with Jaai. I don’t know what to do.

“Hana… What are you doing here alone? Where’s Ansh?” Jaai came in. I quickly wiped off the tears.

“He had some urgent work, so he left. C’mon, let’s wind up and leave. I am already tired.”

“Yeah! I’ll drop you home, and we can catch a coffee.”
I nodded, and we went inside.


After we were done, Jaai and I went to Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee. I needed that. After Ansh left in such an abrupt manner, I needed something to keep my mind cool. He is really unpredictable.

“Hana… You seem lost. Is something wrong?”
“Huh! No… Everything is fine. I am okay…”

“One doesn’t repeat itself if something is wrong. Are things okay with Ansh? You know you can share with me.”

“A Hmmmmmm… I know. But for now, I just want some peace. It’s all messed up.” We were in the car outside my house.

“Hana… Actually, I am going to London again.” I quickly glanced at him, giving that look, ‘What.. Again….’
He pretty understood it well.

“Yeah! Again. Due to Ma, I had to return early. So… I’ll be leaving by the early morning flight.”

“J… You can’t do this. All the time you are abandoning me. This is not fair. But now tell me the truth.

What are you doing in London?” He wore a defeated expression, and now he had to open up.

“I know it’s something related to Zara? And if yes… Then I want to know everything. Do you understand?”

He sighed. It was the first time in months that I had seen him so vulnerable and powerless.

“Yes… It’s all connected to her, only her. Years ago, my work held more importance, but now she’s my sole focus. I went to New York as well, but it was a dead end. No trace of her or her family.”

“Oh! So that was the true reason behind the repeated trips to New York. I’m so proud of you, J… It’s been three years, and that memory still haunts us.”

“Three long years of desperate waiting. I lost her, but not forever. It tears me apart.” I could see tears streaming down his face.


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