” Ahana…. Until what time are you planning to stare?”

” Huh!! What… Everyone left. You didn’t even ask me.”

I heard calling him me. I was very much lost in my own deep thoughts.

We fought again and he left once again. Saying that he’ll get back to me. But why doesn’t he understand I can’t tell him about it.

It’s Jaai’s personal thing, and why do people like to interfere with other’s lives.

I know we lack trust in our relationship, but if and only if……


I went to my cabin with a heavy head. All the events were playing in my mind.

Ram Uncle’s words still echoed. He was right in his place.

I can’t question him.
I just hope Ansh didn’t hear anything from our conversation.
” Mam….”

” Hmm… Jen.”
” I have scheduled the meeting with the finance authorities this evening.”
” Oh! Jen.

Can you please postpone it? I am not feeling well today. I have a bad headache.”

” Hmm.. Okay. I’ll speak to them. Do you want a coffee? ”

” That would be a blessing. Thank you.”

I sat in my chair with my head rested on the table.

” Uncle, actually I wanted Zara’s cell number. I can’t get to her through her old one. She changed it, right? ”
” Of course she did. I knew you wouldn’t call me if you didn’t have some work related to Zara. I know he asked you.”

” No…. Please don’t get me wrong. He didn’t ask me to do this. But it’s high time we realize the need for it. I know both are suffering equally. Zara has cut all her contacts with us. Only you can help now. ”

” Ahana…. Do you know how much we miss her? Are you aware of how much Gita misses her? ”

” What?? She isn’t with you. ”
” Ha!! You don’t know how much I hate that Jaai. Because of him, we lost our only child. I hate him more than I love my daughter. ”

God!!! This was maddening. Where was Zara? Why?? Did she do all this? Is falling in love so painful? It’s good that I haven’t fallen for someone so bad.

Uncle?? Are you serious? Where is she? ”
” It’s been 3 years, we haven’t seen her. She only texts her saying that she is doing well. That too from untraceable numbers. Even I can’t find her through my contacts.”

” Oh! Man… I thought I could get her number from you. You aren’t aware of how miserable Jaai is. He is broken apart. He is searching for her like a mad person.

But yesterday he lost her last lead too, and now he is shattered. ”
” Good for him after what he did to my Zara. ”

” Please Uncle, you are aware that Zara too must be equally miserable.

It’s just that she is trying to move on, but I am sure she is hiding herself away. You have to help me out. ”
” Ahana… I ain’t joking. I don’t know where she is. You know how stubborn she is. Please inform me if you find her. ”

Uncle’s voice sounded genuine. He won’t lie to such an extent. Maybe he isn’t aware too.

” Ok.. Thanks for everything. Please give my love to Aunt Gita.

“Ma’am… Your coffee,” Jen’s voice brought me back from the conversation.

“Thanks Jen… Can you ask Ansh to cover up for me in today’s team booster meeting? I am thinking of going home.”

“But, sir left 15 minutes ago.”
I was surprised. Where did he go?

“He didn’t say anything. But there weren’t any meetings scheduled in his calendar. What to do now? Should I call him or postpone the meet.”

“No… Please give me an aspirin. I’ll attend it.”


After a hectic discussion in the boosters meet, I was exhausted. I wonder where did he go.

I called home but Sara said he didn’t come there either. I had already cancelled the meeting with the finance authority, so I decided to rest.

Around 9 PM, I reached home. Ansh still wasn’t there. After changing and having a light supper, I called Ansh. He was aware that no one was at home and still he left me all alone in this gigantic house. Abandoned again…

Is it his habit or is it my mistake that I haven’t still gotten used to it?

When I called him, he wasn’t in a reachable area. I thought of calling Mir, but then I rejected that idea. Why trouble him unnecessarily?

It’s 12:30 AM and Ansh hasn’t returned yet. I am getting a bit more worried now.

I was so tired that my eyes were shutting down on their own. I was in the living room waiting for Ansh. I laid down on the sofa.

I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

“Ma’am… Do you need something?”
I heard someone calling me. I woke up with a start.

“Ansh… Ansh…”
“Huh!!! Ma’am… Sir isn’t home.”
I woke up now. I realized I slept on the sofa last night.

Sara was standing close to me. She gave me a glass of water. I mouthed her a thank you.

“Ansh isn’t home yet?”
“No… I think he left early.”
“He didn’t come home last night Sara. That’s why I slept here waiting for him. Sara, tell me, how long have you been working here? Was Ansh always like this?”

“I have been working here since I was a teenager. My mom worked here but she had cancer and couldn’t fight it.” I could see faint tears in her eyes.

“Oh! I am sorry,” I said.
Sara must be 5 – 6 years older than me.

But I still call her by her name. I told her to call me by my name, but she insists on addressing me as “ma’am.”

“It’s okay… Raichand’s paid all the hospital expenses, but she couldn’t survive. Since then, I work here. My husband works in a company. He says that I shouldn’t work here anymore since he is doing well for us, but this is like a family to me.”
“Oh! You are married? I didn’t know that.”

“It’s been 2 years now. Ansh sir was always an introvert. He never speaks much. But he is very responsible. He always remembers all Grandad’s appointments and ensures that he is back at home before everyone sleeps.”

“Then… Why is he doing all this now?”
“I don’t know. Maybe he is upset about something.”

Sara was correct. Ansh was upset about something, and it relates to me. I have to tell him about it before things get worse.

“Hmmm… Can you prepare me a coffee?” She nodded and resumed her work.

I brushed and had a warm water bath. It made me feel good and fresh.

I called Jen and informed her that I wouldn’t be going to the office. I needed some rest.

She said that even Ansh didn’t come to the office and texted her the same.

I was wondering if he didn’t go to the office, then where did he go? He should be home by now. So, finally, suppressing my self-respect, I called him. After two rings, he disconnected it.


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