Written by Raji Abigael

Episode 21

Jon sat in the cell ward crying her eyes out, all she felt was pain, things never go right for her, from being kicked out of her home by her parents for being a girl, to falling in love with some one who doesn’t care about her, to losing her innocence in a tragic way, getting pregnant out of wedlock and giving birth to a child with no father.

Now she is being arrested for something she didn’t do .

“My life is cur$ed. Jon muttered recalling how her life had been.

“Hey you, get up you have a visitor, the police man guiding her cell said opening the lockings .

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Jon quickly got up, and came out of the cell, she was then handcuffed, before she was led to the visitors room.

Kathrine and Ariel sat patiently waiting for Jon to arrive and not quite long she walked in with a cop, who is going to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t try to act funny .

“You have just 30 minutes to communicate before she is taken back in. The cop said and went to stand in a conner watching them .

“Thank you , Kathrine said to the man then faced Jon and Ariel who were now hugging .

Jon was a little bit happy to see Ariel and Kathrine as they were the only friends she had left.

“How are you doing Jon, Ariel asked with concern clearly laced in her voice.

“Am feeling better now that you both are here , Jon replied.

“Am sorry this had to happen to you. Ariel stated.

“It’s destiny Ariel everything happens for a reason. I believe there is a reason why my life is cur$ed. Jon said in tears.

“No Jon, you life is not cur$ed, it’s more blessed than any other in this world. Ariel said trying to cheer her up.

“What is blessed in my life Ariel? I have been treated badly all my life, nothing good comes my way for lon. Isn’t that a cur$e.

“Of course not Jon, these things aren’t cur$es, instead they are blessings in disguise. First, your parents threw you out of the house, there you met the man of your dreams even though you couldn’t have him. And then after, he molested you. You were blessed with a lovely child and you found Mrs Damien which was another hope.

Now, that you are being accused of something you didn’t do, you have created a strong bond between you, me and Kathrine. We both believe you didn’t do it and we are going to make sure you leave this place soon and the real culprit will be arrested. Ariel said confidently.

“Thank you both so much for everything, you are right Ariel every problem I face I never noticed I had a blessing within it, thank you for making me realized it, I love you. Jon said pulling Ariel into a breathtaking hug.

“I love you more. We love you more. Ariel said and held unto Kathrine’s hand as they all hugged each other.

“So Jon do you have any idea, who hates you so much to frame you for this. Kathrine asked.

“Well, I never had an enemy I loved everybody equally and I also maintained my distance with them at the same time to avoid trouble, but just one was too difficult to tolerate, Jackie. Jon said.

“Jackie, I hate that cook so much she looks so much like a witch. Kathrine said squeezing her face.

“Jackie, the overpompous cook, her aura is do dangerous. I can’t stand her for even a second. She must have done something. She was also the first to speak about the issue and she also brought down Jon’s bag even before Mrs Damien returned. This means she has something to do with this matter. Ariel said coming to a quiet considerably conclusion.

“YES, SHE DOES HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT, they heard a different voice say, Jon and Kathrine turned to the direction of the voice to see …

“ROSA, what are you doing here? Jon asked surprised.

“I came to talk to you after I heard Kathrine and Ariel’s conversation about coming to see you. I knew it would be a good idea if they were present, cause they will be of great help. Rosa said.

“What do you mean? Please, try getting to the point. Kathrine urged her.

“I am Jackie’s best friend, and best friends share everything together.

I have known her for years, she hates competition and loves being the only best, she told me how much she hated Jon when she got promoted and she had been cooking up something to get Jon out of her space. I never believed her. I thought she was making empty threats, until this incident, everything was her plan. I confronted her and she told me everything but she threatened to destroy my relationship if I told anyone.

“I decided to keep my mouth shut thinking I would be able to handle it, but everything was a big fail, my heart is aching terrible knowing you are here suffering for another person’s crime. I am so sorry for keeping it to myself. I feel so guilty. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I don’t care about my relationship anymore, if my boyfriend loves me he will accept that I am a single mother. Rosa explained.

“You are a good person Rosa, and I understand your pain. Thank you for choosing the right part. Jon said and Kathrine and Ariel nodded in agreement.

“Thank you so much, but let’s forget about my problems and focus on how to get Jon out of here. We need evidence to prove that you are innocent, but I am clueless. Rosa said.

“I think I have an idea. Kathrine said grinning mischievously.






Terrance and Stacy finally arrived New York ,as early as possible ,there was no time to waste , technically their loved one was in trouble ,so they needed to rescue her before anything happens .

Terrance already bought a mansion in one of Mrs Damien’s estate. After all, he is a billionaire. The last three years, after losing Jon, he broke up with his girlfriend and became a workaholic. All he did was work, work and work.

He did this to prevent himself from thinking too much about her, but that was really hard. Before he left for Australia, he searched every nook and cranny of Texas but still he couldn’t find her. He gave up ending up being depressed ,all he wanted to do was apologize and confess his feelings. He didn’t care if she was going to accept him or not. It would be comforting to know she no longer hated him.

Stacy hated her brother for months after learning what he did, but she came around and forgave him knowing that he felt sorry for it. She had secretly gone to Texas on many occasions just to find Jon but everything turned out in vain. It was like she vanished into thin air.

But now God has forgiven them and showed them the way to find her. They could never be more thankful to him. Now they would make sure they find her applogize and become one big family again .


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