Written by Raji Abigael

Episode 31


Ariel woke up with a pounding headache. She tried remembering how she fell asleep, or how she got to where she was. She could tell she wasn’t in her room, her bed were softer than this particular one.

Her mind seemed blank as she couldn’t remember a single thing. Then she realized she was nked, which was surprising, she never sleeps without night gown. Questioning herself wouldn’t help matters. She tried getting up from the bed but instantly fell back wincing in pain.

Her legs were hurting and very sour, she didn’t understand why that was so.

*Did I injure my leg*, she thought confused.

She decided to try and get up again to see if she would feel pain again, she got up and winced falling back on the bed. It was at this time she noticed the scent emitting from the sheet smelled awfully familiar, like the one she loves, she instantly froze.

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Everything that happened ringed a bell in her head. She can now remember everything. Jerald had called her away from her friends ,then they came to his room and he handed her a drink, before he confessed his feelings and she started acting weird .

She quickly placed her hands in between her tights and felt dried lines on it. She brought it out and smelled it, tears began to pour out uncontrollably, she wasn’t a vrgin anymore and the worst part is she gave it willingly to someone who she is supposed to call brother.

Jerald woke up to the sound of someone sniffing, he rubbed his sleepy eyes and turned to see Ariel crying.

*She must have found out* he thought.

“Ariel are you okay, Jerald asked as he held her shoulder but she kicked his hand off.

“How dare you, how dare you Jerald, you tricked me. How could you do this to your own sister. Ariel screamed at him angrily, but Jerald wore a smile, because no one would hear her voice, his room was sound proof.

“What are you talking about? Jerald asked pretending to know nothing.

“Stop pretending like you don’t have an idea of what we just did. I wasn’t my self cause I would never do such a thing. You did something to me, what did you do to me, Ariel sobbed loudly.

“I did nothing to you, so stop blabbing already, stop talking like you didn’t enjoy it. Jerald said. This got Ariel more infruiated.

“You liar, you did something to me. I thought you said you loved me Jerald, why did you do this to me? Yes I know I shouldn’t have told you that I love you in a different way because you are my brother and I have high expectations for you, but you betrayed me why Jerald, why? Ariel asked.

“Oh so you love me that’s silly, and to think I would ever love a blind dummy like you, never, we are not even siblings cause I can never be a sibling to you. Mom hasn’t even adopted you yet because I destroyed each and every adoption papers, so you are still a nobody in this family. And you want to know why I am doing all this? It’s because I hate the fact that you are in my mother’s life and mine too.

“Things used to be good without you, my mother showered attention on me and only me, no one else but you destroyed that, and now I give you 24 hours to get the he.ll out of my life and that of my mother’s or else everyone is going to see how $luty you are. Jerald said in a victorious voice.

“What do you mean? Ariel asked confused and scared at the same time.

“Oh miss dummy doesn’t understand, now I made a video of you and I having sx and how $luty you acted in that video because of the sx activating drug I put in you drink last night. Jerald said making tears fall freely out of Ariel’s eyes.

“Please Jerald don’t do this to me, I love your mother so much, I love this family. Please don’t destroy it. I promise not to take attention away from you again. Ariel pleaded but Jerald already made up his mind.

“Things have already been destroyed by you. I am not destroying anything I am fixing it. The best way to help is to flee away before 24 hours or else everyone and when I say everyone I mean everyone person with a phone is going to see this video, even my mom. Just imagine how sad she would be to see her so called daughter begging for sx. Jerald said bringing out his camera and showing it to Ariel. Although she couldn’t see it but she could hear all that was happening and she felt ashamed of herself.

Her disrupting m®ans filled the room from the camera. More tears poured out as she cried uncontrollably, she kept cur$ing herself inwardly for jeopardizing her own life. Now, people would see her as a $lut or maybe a wh0re or an ungrateful being. And how about her sweet mother, what’s gonna happen to her? She would be very disappointed and maybe take her back to the streets, how would everyone react, Jon, Stacy, Terrence, and her best friend who warned her, Kathrine.

“Don’t forget Ariel you have just 24 hours to leave my life and that of my mother’s, Jerald repeated then got off the bed heading to his bathroom.

Ariel quickly got up searched around for her clothes but she couldn’t find it , she became scared she didn’t want anyone to find out, not now, not ever, she continued to search around until Jerald returned back to the room. Seeing her searching for something, he came to conclusion.

* maybe she is searching for her clothes*,he thought.

He helped her search for something else to wear, there he found his t shirt, he handed it to her before directing her to her room after she put on the cloth.

Ariel returned back to her room and locked herself up, she was sad, heart broken, and full of regret,she stayed in her room all day. Mrs Damien visited her but she was too ashamed to even answer her.

This got Mrs Damien worried, she wondered what could be wrong with Ariel. First, she vanished from the party, then she came this morning to check on her and also unwrap her gifts since she got missing at the party, and she wasn’t in her room. Now that she had finally found her, she’s isolating herself. Mrs Damien decided to call Kathrine and see if she would be able to get something out of her.

Kathrine arrived not quite long, she met Mrs Damien who was all dressed and ready for work. The house was already well arranged and taken care of, like a party wasn’t thrown last night. Mrs Damien informed her of Ariel’s weird behavior and she promised to help Mrs Damien get answers.

“Hey Ariel, are you in there, it’s me Kathrine, I wanna talk to you. Kathrine said.

Ariel was surprised to hear Kathrine’s voice, she instantly felt a little bit calm like she was now being rescued. She dashed towards the door and opened it. She pulled Kathrine into a hug shedding tears again this made Kathrine confused.

Ariel pulled out in the hug, she whispered into Kathrine’s ears, telling her to lock the door, this made Kathrine scared.

“Ariel what’s wrong you are acting really strange, what’s the problem. Kathrine asked worried for her friend.

“Kathrine I am sorry for the way I acted towards you yesterday, it was wrong and I should have listened to you. I am such a fool please forgive me. Ariel said clasping her hands together as she bowed her head in horrible shame.

“What’s wrong Ariel I am still not getting anything what’s happening. Ariel you have to talk to me now please, Katherine said.

Ariel took a deep breath as she thought of where to start from.

“Yesterday, you said Jerald doesn’t love me, and I rebuked you immediately. I knew you were angry with me but I was just so sure of myself that I couldn’t even reason well. I am sorry for not listening to you, it was very wrong and now I am in deep regret. Ariel said .

“Ariel I am trying to make sense here but I can’t please tell me what’s wrong. Kathrine said then her phone beeped signifying a message had pooped into it.

“What’s that, Ariel asked in a rough voice, her eyes had swollen up from too much crying.

“It’s a message from Jon saying, their flight got delayed again so she hasn’t left yet. Kathrine explained.

“Flight, what flight, where is she going to? I don’t understand what’s going on here. Ariel stated.

“I forgot to tell you, Jon and her family are leaving for Australia. Terrance had some important work to do so they left this morning, but their flight has been getting delayed for the past three hours, so she is still at the airport. She really wanted to wish you good bye but time was running out so she told me to give you the voice note she recorded saying goodbye. Do you want to see her.

“No, I will just listen to the voice note it’s better am not in the right state to wish her good bye in person.

“Ariel, what’s wrong, did something happen.

“Yes Kathrine something happened, something terrible happened to me , and I feel ashamed of myself because I caused it.

Tell me what it is Ariel. Kathrine said anxiously.

“I had sx with Jerald last night, Ariel replied.

“WHAT !!! Kathrine yelled.


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