By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



I stood up dragging my feets towards the door as I opened it to meet a big surprise.

“Who are you? I said looking at the guy in front of me.

He had a bag strapped to his back and he is wearing a shirt and a tie and a pair of black pants which he used belt to the holes.

I scanned him from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet. His black eyes glistened in his glasses as he spoke on phone,a smile played at the corner of his lips too.

His brown hair looks curly and silk. He is even receiving call on his phone.

PREGNANT AND REJECTED : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

“Yeah, I’ve see the house..we can handle ourselves,love you Mom”. He said and ended the call.

“Who are you and what are you doing here? I said standing in front of the door.

“Hi, I’m Jeffery but you can call me Jeff and this is my twin sister, Jennifer,you can call her Jenny”. He said. That was when I noticed a gum in his mouth.

A guy chewing gum rigorously!

So weird!

Twin sister? I peeped outside through a corner from our door.

He dragged a girl who has brown hair like his, by her backpack.

“Heyyy… watch it, dumba$s”. She said.

Everything she’s wearing is pink.Her skinny jeans has pink lines and her top is also pink. An alice band sat on her brown hair making her so pretty. Her backpack,her bottle,her sneakers , everything has a touch of pink.

She was with a phone too as she held the phone up high,I guess she was looking for network. Her phone is also pink.

Who are these weird children? I scoffed.

“Why is there no network here? She said entering my house without inviting her in.

He followed her too as I tagged behind.

“Sorry please,who are you guys? What are you doing in my house? I said stopping and folding my hand on my chest.

The boy stopped and looked back also.

“We’ll explain better,but we have a school bus to catch,so hurry up and get your stuffs we’re leaving”. He said speaking like a girl, he is even chewing the gum in a girlish way.

He kinda acts like a girl tho’.

“Why is it that there is no network here? Gosh! I’ve got some messages to reply. I need to reply my fans ASAP”. She stumped her feets on the floor.

“Jennifer? He said removing his glasses.

“Huh? She didn’t pay attention to him.

“Where are your manners? You’ll have me report you to Mom when she’s back”. He threatened.

“Go to the dinning, there should be network there”. I said walking to the dinning too.

“Really? Awwwn,that’s so nice of you”. She ran towards the dinning and bumped into Nanny Jade who was carrying cupcakes in a tray.

Thankfully,she guarded it closely and it didn’t fall.

“Jeffery, Jennifer? She called smiling.

She knows them?? Wait, what is going on? I feel like I’m the odd one out.

“I see you’ve met them”. Nanny said placing the tray carefully on the table.

“Nanny,good morning”. Jeff said hugging her.

“Wait, that hug was meant to be for only me”. I sulked within me.

“Hi,Nanny”. Jenny squealed kissing her cheeks. They both sat down on the chair in the dinning room gorging down the cupcakes Nanny made,they even drank some milk.

These kids have got no courtesy left in their backpacks.
Or maybe their Mom didn’t prepare a cup of courtesy for them.

“Nanny…what is going on? I whispered dragging her aside.

“My tall princess,I told you to check the paper your Mom left for you, didn’t I?

“Yeah,you did, what does that have to do with this?

“That’s because it contains a content,your Mom wanted to explain the reason why she sent those kids here.

Actually,I nursed those kids when they were still babies , I stopped when their Mom became a full house wife ,then I was hired by your parents to nurse you at 10 since they were not always around”. She explained.

“So? I raised my brows trying to understand her point.

“They’re your friends,it’s a time to begin a new life darling, your parents are not always here for you and you don’t have any friends,you can always visit them,they are our neighbors too and trust me they’re very nice”. She smiled playing with my long hair.

“You think I’ll get along with those two weirdos? I said peeping to see them eating like gluttons.


“C’mon, embrace them . I know this is your first time, you’ll love them , go ahead you’re late for school”. She said.



She walked in back to the dinning with Nanny Jade.

“Nanny, these cupcakes are so nice that I bit my tongue”.

“Awwwn, you haven’t changed a bit Jeff”. She ruffled his hair.

She seems kinda gentle maybe because it’s her first time meeting us.

We’ll give her some time , she’s gonna change. She’s gonna love us.

It’s not our first day in that school but hers. I hope she’ll love it.

I can’t wait to show her all around. I know Jennifer loves her phone more than anything else. She’s actually a writer so she has to keep people busy with her write ups.

“Girls,it’s high time we left”. I said standing up .

“I can’t believe we’re leaving when the network is not stable”. Jennifer cried stumping her feet on the floor while moving outside.

“Bye Nanny”. We all said.



Watching the kids I raised together is so fun. Excitement was written all over my face.

Valerie smiled at each word they said.

It was actually my idea.

I told Martha that Valerie needed attention, friends, love but Martha gave me a shocking reply.

She said her work is much more important than anything.

Including her own daughter.

Then I remembered that Jeffery and Jennifer lives next to us and it’s gonna be a good opportunity to put Valerie in their school. She could at least smile and make friends with them.

I told Martha and Eddie about it and it felt like a good idea to get rid of their child.

I wiped the little tear off the corner of my eye as I watched them leave.

“Bye Nanny”. They said heading towards the door.

“I hope they’re as cool as cool as you said”. Valerie whispered as she hugged me.

I bade them goodbye as I watched their shadows leave behind them.


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