By Melody.

Chapter 71

The police began to cuff xan and the rest of the other wheels when mrs qin walked into their midst.

She stopped in her tracks and faced Mrs lewis.

” She’s the one you need to arrest not them” She pointed at her.

Mrs lewis glared at her as smoke ran through her nostril.

” What do you mean?!” She shouted as everyone stopped to face her.

” Yes. She’s the one who arranged the murder act against her first son, on behalf of her other son.” Mrs qin said.

” What!. Don’t listen to her!. She’s lying on me!.” Mrs lewis yelled in defence.

” Mom. You are such a wtch!” Vixen sneered, scowling a face at her.

Mrs lewis eyed him and crumpled her lips sadly.

” You guys are trying to fool the police all because you hate me.” She said and began to sob loudly.

” Oh. You think i don’t have proof to backup myself?” Mrs qin asked and came forward to meet the police.


” Please, give me the chance to reveal who this real wtch is.” She said and brought up her phone.

Mrs lewis got caught off guard as soon as she saw it.

” All this times you have been staying at Xan’s mansion, i knew there was going to be a need to get all your id!ot voice note.” She said.

” I hope everyone listen to this and believe who’s saying the truth” she said and played it.

Everyone listened to it carefully, from the part she talked evil and ill at Xan’s wife to the point she vowed to steal his property and kll him

At the end of the voice note, mrs qin shut down her phone and smiled.

” You see. That was very convincing” Mrs qin said feeling very achieved.

” That voice note is fake!” Mrs lewis spat.

” Anymore word from you will be charged against you in the court of law.” One of the female police said to mrs lewis.

” Sorry. Haha..She doesn’t want to be the only one to go to jail.” Mrs qin laughed.

” Fools.” Mrs lewis muttered silently.

Xan and vixen cuffs were removed from their wrist by the police.

” Sorry about the harassment. We know how to deal with the real criminal here.” The police said and pulled one more cuffs on mrs lewis hands.

” Come with me. You know the punishment for trying to murder ?” The police asked as they pushed her out roughly.

” I don’t.” She said stubbornly.

” Have you ever worked your ass out in a grass before with whips on your back and then get cold rice all day long?” The police asked and she began to sob loudly

” Vixen!. Xan!. Please come to my aid, please!” She cried out as they pushed her out of the mansion.

She finally left and the mansion was cool and calm that you could hear a pin drop. Xan and vixen turned to stare at eachother.

” I’m sorry buddy.” Xan said, rubbing vixen’s shoulder pitifully.

” Sorry. Why?” Vixen asked.

” I actually blamed you for what you didn’t do. I’m sorry for not finding out the truth earlier.” He said

” Na. Nevermind. The good thing is we both didn’t get to go to jail.” He said and they both laughed.

” i had come here with the mindset to kll anyone i set my hands on but I’m glad the police will handle it for me.” Xan said.

” No. Mrs qin should be thanked for acting fast towards the situation.” Vixen said abd they both turned to look at her.

” Thanks Mrs lewis.” They greeted with a smile.

” Awn. No need for that, son. I just wanted to get a peace of mind and see to the end of this matter. I hope you guys will begin to live in peace, huh?” She asked.

The guys looked at eachother and hugged passionately while they patted their backs.

” He’s my best friend.” Xan said.

” My Oppa.” Vixen said and hugged him tight before letting go of him.

” I think you need a hug too…Eomeoni.” Vixen said and hugged her stomach playfully.

” Where did you learn korea from?” mrs qin asked laughing hard.

” Cheongug eseo (From heaven).” He said and laughed alone as the others stared at him in confusion.

Mrs qin began to walk around the livingroom.

” This is quite a big mansion.” Mrs qin said looking around.

” Yeah. This was our childhood home. Have not been here in so many years. How were you able to get here. You don’t know our home, do you?” Xan asked.

” Well, one of the old chaffeur drove us here while the police car was behind us.” She said and they nodded in realisation.

” Wait. Did you love Amy alone in the house?” Xan asked, bulging out his eyes.

Mrs qin gasped.

” I kinda did.”

” Oh my….Geez.!” He screamed and ran out of the house vicinity.

” Where’s katrina?” mrs qin turned to ask vix.

” Ahh!. The party!. Hotel room!. Katie!!” He yelled and ran out as well.

Mrs qin shaked her heads laughing.

” These boys..”



Everyone was at the church premises. The groom was at the altar with the priest.

All the guest were standing, all murmuring in confusion and disapproval.

The bride had not come in and the ceremony had started minutes ago.

The groom kept giving a fake smile at the large guest and the priest was inwardly sweating.

Xan was about to leave his seat when he met katrina coming in full speed along with Amy who was holding up her ball wedding dress.

She arrived at the altar, panting heavily while holding her chest.

The murmuring in the church became heavier as they all started to complain.

Katrina took the bottle of water on the priest table stand and drank out of it.

She sighed in satisfaction and picked up the microphone to talk.

” Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, beautiful families. I had to rush to the boutique to change my dangerous heels into a flat slippers.” She said and they were all dumbstruck.

” I’m not lying, just take a look ” she said and struggled to fold up her wedding dress, bringing up her feet.

They all gasped because it was a flat flipflops she was wearing.

Vixen palmed his head, sighing.

” Please priest, began the vows.” He said and the priest cleared his throat, opening up his books.

Vixen and Kate moved forward as they stared at eachother’s dreamy eyes.


The day had come for them. The way their love lives was about to totally change.

He would start seeing her as his wife and not a girlfriend or fiancée anymore.

It put a wonderful smile on their cheeks as they completed the vows.

Kate took up a tissue as she sniffed into it as her head drifted back to the past.

She remembered how she met vixen for the first time on the roadside, how he drove past her and tried to wet her shirt with mud.

She remembered how he gave her a job and they were big enemies until some truth raveled and they fell in love.

This was it. The output of falling in love. They did their rings tossing and the crowds clapped.

At The end of the vows, they both awesomely hugged tight to eachother as they kssed eachother.

Xan and Amy’s clap were louder than the rest of them. They could feel through their bones how excited they must have been.

” Mr vixen and mrs katrina, i pronounce you man and wife.” The priest announced and everyone rejoiced.

Katrina hastily stepped down the axile and crystals bursted in the air, throwing on both them and the the rest of the guest.



They were outside a special resturant, eating close to a beautiful pool.

” This is a nice spot for dinner.” Xan said as he chewed on his food hungrily.

” Yeah. It’s calm and it’s really romance filled. Everything here are first class.” Amy laughed and poked her fork on Xan’s meat.

Xan stared up at her face and Amy laugh increased.

” Hey. when we are done, Let’s go swim.” Katrina suggested and everyone nodded in agreement.

” So. I think you Guys must have decided on where to go for your honeymoon. ” Amy said.

Vixen turned to whisper something into katrina’s ear. katrina grumbled in rejection and whispered into his ears as well.

Vixen shaked his head in disapproval and katrina hit him, nodding her head. They began to argue silently.

” What’s happening xan?” Amy asked turning to face him.

” I’m clueless as well.” Xan said. Vixen coughed and faced them.

” Well, Guys. I bought a ticket to take both of us to Hawuai and my wife is saying we should take you guys along in the trip.” He said.

Xan shaked his head in disapproval.

” No. No. No.” He waved his hands.

” Yes, yes, yes!” Amy rejoiced but xan nudged her shoulder.

” It’s suppose to be your night. Not our night.” Xan said.

” Well i don’t actually mind if you guys come along, you could buy a ticket and meet us two or three days after.” vixen said.

” We would be ab hindrance to your enjoyment.” Xan said.

” Not at all. I think it would be much fun.” He replied.

” And, The reason why we are doing this is because your honeymoon last time got disrupted with so many hardship and problems and we wanted to make it up to you guys.” Kate said.

Amy pouted her lips as she buried her nose in her serviette.

” Awn. The Baby is crying.” Kate said pouting her lips. Xan and vixen pet her while rubbing her backs.

” You don’t understand. I thought I’d never need to cry tears of joy but I’m doing it already.” Amy said and sniffed her nose.

Kate moved closer and held her hand.

” Amy. This is time for you to be happy and enjoy your marriage life. You passed through hell, Amy. We’ve all passed through so many difficulty. Nothing should stop our joy and set us apart now again. Right guys?”

” Yeah, right.” The guys said.

” It’s okay. There are still more joyful moments ahead of us. Smile” She said and Amy gave a beautiful smile on her cheeks.

She brought up her wine and raised it high.

” Cheers to the new couples. Vixe-na!” She said.

” Cheers” Everyone clacked their cups together and sipped out of it.

The guys drank up their wine and stood up, taking off their cIothes before jumping into the pool.

Amy and katrina stood up and took off their dress, leaving only their inner wear.

They sat at the edge of the pool as the playfully swung their legs and watch their hot husbands.


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