REBORN IN DARKNESS: Episode 11 – The End


Esther B. Daniels


“You seem so happy today. Mind to share your source of that happiness?” My friend asked cutting short the song I was humming to and making some little dances outside my house where I was slashing the tall grass.
“Hm. Well who wouldnt be happy of you have just completed college and has just been offered a job?” I smiled holding straight the slasher and staring at my friend Andrew.
Her held his waist nodding his head.
“Yeah I know that is good news fire sure and I somehow feel there is more to those small dances than the job and school thing, you have known about that for days now so I don’t see why the dances and love songs are coming in today” he shook his head murmuring
“Hmhmhm split it out my friend”
” I wanted to tell you after it was done but since you are so impatient I will tell you. ” I cleared my throat moving closer to him.
” am prosping to Felicia today” I smiled shaking my shoulders side to side.
” ummm I see, so you decide to go on with that strange girl huh?” He made a face.
” that girl is…”
” she is what, you j*erk!” I scolded him before he could finish his sentence.
” forget it man, I just want you to be happy and I cannot help feel something is up that girls sleeves. She is a a commitee church person but I feel you need to hold it before getting into such a big decision Dan” Andrew continued.
“Let me ask you one thing man, how many guys or people out there marry the people they trully love? Close to none man. But look at me, I have truely loved that girl since we were just kids. I love her with all my heart and I will not let some comment on her ruin it for me. Am marrying her immediately she says yes to me. I know she had changed and loves me too. I can see it in her eyes. That tense and deep thing she had in her eyes calling out to me. ” I smiled as I spoke. My friend smiled at me too.
“Well, my bad man. Go on and be happy that is what matters right?” I shrugged and grabbed the slasher from him helping me cut the glass down.

I looked at him in silence. He was right something about my Fey seemed off. I recalled a certain day she came to my house looking really worried.
” what is it babe?” I asked her seeing how was and unease she was.
” Dee, I, I ….” she struggled to speak.
” you what my babe, say it now. What has got you so sad like this. You look pale” I had pulled her in a hug and she held me tighter like she was afriad I would leave her.
“Talk to me Fey, what is going on?” I asked again after a couple of minutes embracing her.
” will you stay by me no matter what? ” she asked instead looking up my eyes her eyes desperate it was like she had seen a ghost.
” yeah you knows I love you Fey. ” I held her chin up.
” I know, I just want to knoww if you will love me still if you hear I did something terrible, it that I have committed some great sin against myself and my God. ” she sobbed burping as she talked.
” babe come on, what could you have possibbly done that God can not forgive? He will forgive you no matter what cause He loves you. Now stop crying and tell me what happened out there. ” I told her but she looked down shaking her head.
” am so scared Dee, the only thing that has kept me going over the time in college is your love. There is no where else I feel safer and myself than being with you. I want you to know that whatever happens from today onwards the I love you and all I might and up doing is not to hurt you deliberately. I really wish i could tell you the darkness that constantly tortured me day and night but I cannot do it. I try but I fail all the time. Am sacred I might die or become something else… ” she looked at me wiping her tears.
” Felicia what is going on, you are scaring me.” I asked again but as she was about to say something to me. My mother walked in to my room.
” sorry to disturb you guys I didn’t know you were here?” She said looking at Fey close in my arms.
” sorry mother.. we” Fey stammered Burt my mother raised her hand to stop her.
” itss alright my child. I just wanted to talk to Daniels. By the way how are you? You look pale?” My mother asked her.
” yeah I feel a little bit sick mom, but I will be alright ” Fey smiled.
” well, let me see you when you are done Daniel” she looked at me and walked away.
” I have to go now” Fey stood up before she could finish saying what she was about to tell me.
” go aand check on your mother, we will talk about this later on. ” she smiled kssing me slightly.
” come on Fey, you heard her she said when we are done so please let’s talk about this” I pulled her hand towards myself.
She sighed deeply and clossed in the gap between us. Without warning she kssed me slightly then intesified the kss making me hold on to her.
” I love you that is what matters my Dee. Everything else will sort itself out. Don’t worry it’s not going to affect you or the love I have for you” She smiled
” I mean this thing that has tortured me ” she let out a laugh and walked away leaving me longing for more of her ksses.

I made up my mind later on, there was no doubt about the way I felt about her. I loved her and the negative comments of my friends were not going to stand in my way.

“Hey!” Andrew got my hand to snap me out of my thoughts.
” hm” I looked at him.
” hey continue slashing I have to go now”
” oh yeah sorry I was lost in thoughts.” I grabbed the slasher.
” will see you late Dan and all the best with your proposal” Andrew raised his hand at me giving me a high five and I hit it back.
” thanks my man. Catch up later” I nodded.

I had finished taking a bath afterwards and decided to dress smartly. I wanted to look great as I presented my proposal to the girl I loved. Satisfied I was okay. I walked out of my parents’ house. I only had a few days living with them now that I was going to start working.

Fey stood by the road side waiting for me by the time I got to her house. I had decided to get a taxi to take us out in the date.
“Hey beutiful!” I missed her cheek and pulled her in a hug.
“Hey handsone! ” She smiled
“Am I so late?” I asked walking her to the car my hand in her shoulder. She looked so hot in a blue cotton dress with the sleeves going half way her hands. It had some nice v design in the front exposing a bit of her cle@vage. She added a pair of gladiator heels. Her hair let loose I could not hold my admiration.
“You look wow!” I told her before we could get inside.
“Thank you, I hope it will not get cold ” she smiled and shrugged I let a laugh not knowing why she was feeling that way when I was hoping it could get colder than it was already.
“Don’t worry my babe” I responded after we both were seated comfortably in the back seat the taxi driver starting the car engine.
“Am sure today is a good day. I love your dress. You rarely leave part of your body these days and I will confess I will have a hard time keeping up myself for marriage after watching this beautiful body for some time” I laughed staring at her skin between her chest.
I saw her blushing and she looked at me.
“You never stop huh? ” she asked
“Stop what?” I smiled knowingly.
“That!” She shook her head bluntly.
“No I can’t you know am crazy about you and am so glad am out of school. Now I can do whatever I want”
“Whatever?” She raised her eye brows.
“Yeah,” I smiled at her.
“Even having multiple girlfriends hmm? ” she teased.
I could not get to answer, the driver pulled up at our destination. I had decided to take her to a place in the outskirt called Genesis 32. She marvelled at the neatness of the surroundings.
“This is a beautiful place” she looked at me.
“You liked it?” I smiled holding her waist as we moved to the pool side.
“Yeah it’s beautiful, I feel relaxed already”
“Am glad you feel that way babe cause this day is special.”
She could not respond to that, she walked a few strips ahead, closing her eyes as she faces the water. I could see she liked it there. I sat down in a small wooden chair watching her remover her shoes and sitting by the edge placing her feet in the water.
“Come on!” she looked back at me smiling.
“This feels great.”
“Really? But not cold anymore?” I asked removing my shoes and walking to join her.
“I cannot get enough of this water” she let out a laugh.

We had a good time the whole day. I could not help feel she was the right one for me. She looked happy. She talked and joked more and I told myself if I can make her that way, I surely was the one for her too.
I waited for the moment when she least expected it. She sat down after running around chasing the ball we were playing with.
I bend before her panting, as I tried to catch my breath.
“Fey” I called her making her stop laughing and looking at me
“Yes” she responded casually.
” I need you to kss me” I smiled.
She had not seen that coming so she smiled even wider.
“You are crazy” she stood holding my shoulders. Slowly she lifted herself reaching for my lips and I held on to her back.
I smiled seeing her step back and spitting out.
“What’s this?” She asked looking down at her hands as the silver ring I had pushed into her mouth shone in her palm.
I went down my knees as she looked at me in wonder, her beautiful white eyes popped up her mouth open.
“Felicia my love, will you marry me?” I said the words one by one meaning every bit of it.
“What? Oh my God! Babe this is so beautiful. I am um ummm” she stamered tears forming in her eyes.
“Will you marry me and live with me for the rest of our lives? ” I reapeated the question and for a moment I thought she was going to say no. Her tears run down her face with a calm smile on her lips.
“Dee,” she started swallowing hard I kept kneeling praying in my heart she doesn’t reject me. But when she wiped the tear away and looked at my face.
“Yes I will ” her words come to my ears making me jump in excitment.
“Thank you Felicia” I breathedd out deeply feeling relieved and genuinely happy.

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