Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 1

Location; Mexico City
Time; 8am


I sat on my canopy bed as I tied the lace of my baseball boot.

“Hurry up!” I heard my father yell out to me as I got up on my feet.

“Coming!” I yelled back brushing my fingers through my long brown wavy hair, exhaled, grabbed my bag pack and hurried out..

“Sorry Dad” I apologized climbing into the blue four wheel drive jeep.


“Fifth sorry of the week, Princess, fifth sorry I” Dad sneered and ignited the engine.

I sighed looking out through the window as the Jeep rolled out of the premises.

Its another day, Friday. At long last.
This week has been so busy for me and I don’t know if it is due to my upcoming promotional exams or what.

By the way, am Diana Arlo by name, aged 17, have quite a height, moderate melons and as for my backside……. let’s say I wasn’t so lucky there.

I mean, it ain’t so big and round like that of my mum cause she’s got one great k!ller shape.

I got my brown eyes from her too…
That’s all there is to know about me

“We are here Diana” Dad announced as I glanced out through the window.

“Thanks Dad. Bye”. I appreciated giving him a light kss on the cheek and got off the Jeep.

I exhaled tucking loose hair behind my ear and walked away from the car park.

Graham Preparatory School…..My wonderful school having so many sweet memories.
It’s totally belle free, bully free…so peaceful.
All one has to do is to study hard and graduate.

Summer holiday is in two weeks and I will be moving over to grade 11.
I… can’t… wait!.

“Diana!”. I turned sharply to behold the sight of my bff’s racing to me.
Ralph and Mike.

Oh yeah…
Don’t be surprised, I roll more with the male sex than the female.

I chuckled happily as we had a group hug grinning like id!ots.

“How are you bunny..”. Ralph asked slightly roughing my hair.

“Quit it Ralph. You will make me look odd”. I whinned with a pout.

“Now isn’t she one cutie?”. Mike cooed and I rolled my eyeballs.

That’s it…life in Graham Prep School, a sweet place to be.



Diana POV

“Turn off your clock D!” I heard Mum scream out to me.

I groaned sleepily reaching out for the clock and tossed it to the floor.
The awful sound stopped immediately and I smiled drifting off to sleep again.

I don’t know how long I slept but I woke up to the blaring sound of a carnival horn into my ear.

“Dmn!” I cur$ed falling off my bed.
My head began to ache due to the fact that I bumped it on the floor.

Oh great!…
Now am wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy inside my blanket.

I unrolled myself and weakly got off the floor yawning to see my mom standing akimbo with an arched brow.

“Good morning mum”. I greeted tiredly.

“Tell me something D, would anyone ever be able to separate you from your love of sleeping?”. Mum asked in a sarcastic tone and I rolled my eyeballs.

“Don’t think so”. I mumbled and she sighed.

“You have slept enough. Freshen up and come down for dinner”. Mum stated and my jaw dropped.

She turned and made an exit as I reached out for my phone to see that the time was past 7pm already.
Fking 7pm!

I scoffed not wanting to believe it and hurried to the window pulling the curtains apart only to behold nightfall.


“Good evening Dad”. I greeted sitting at the table.

“Diana…”. Father sighed serving himself some rice.

“You tend to sleep so much that you forget to do certain things a teenager like you ought to do.”

“What are you going to instill as a value into your younger sister?..”. Dad scolded as I could already sense the rising anger in his voice.

I glanced at eight years old Silvia who ate her meal without bothering about whatever is going on around her.

“You need to calm down Hun… please. She is just a kid. Our baby…”. Mum cooed holding Dad’s left hand from her side of the table.

“She has to grow up darling so I have made a decision”. Dad said and I dragged my gaze to him.

“Diana….”. He peered deeply into my eyes.
“You will begin grade 11 in a boarding school”. Father announced and my eyes dilated in sheee h®rror.

For a moment, I felt everything around me come to a sudden halt and Father’s work replayed in my mind.

“Honey..?”. Mum called surprised.

“It’s for the best darling. She has to go, only then would she be able to learn better and take up the necessary responsibility a teenager like her ought to carry”. Father replied and I scoffed as anger ran as fast as light all through me.

“You really want to send me away?”. I asked still shocked and unable to believe what Dad had decided.

I got off my seat shaking my head as tears welled up in my eyes and I turned rushing to the stairs and up to my room placing Mum’s calls on deafen ears…


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