Our female protagonist – Ivy, a nineteen year-old-lady, who is the youngest and second daughter of one of the wealthiest business tycoon in the country. She has a nanny whom she considers to be her mom since her mom died when she was young. And her father recently married one of his mistresses making his older illegitimate daughter legitimate.

To the world, they potray the picture of a happy family but behind closed doors Ivy knows how much her stepmother and stepsister hate her alot.

Oh! Before I forget. Ivy has had a mental disorder since she was seventeen. It’s called kleptomania. It is the inability of someone to control the urge of stealing.

Funniest thing, Kleptomaniac steal things that has little or no value or things they can easily afford.

SHE STOLE HIS HEART : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

Our male protagonist – Brian a twenty-four-year-old man, who is one of the youngest and wealthiest CEO in the country. He has two hobbies. One is money and the other women. Though he potrays the picture of a cold CEO to people, he is actually a Playboy. He doesn’t even have to do the chasing cause ladies seem to always flock around him. Never had a steady girlfriend before. Always seen on magazines with different ladies…

What happens when these two are forced to get married to each other?
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“Thief! Thief! Catch that thief!,” the peaceful morning atmosphere was disrupted as a person clad in black addidas up and down ran out of a supermarket. A man wearing the supermarket’s uniform chased after the person. A crowd begin to gather watching the scene.

Some of the excited people even followed the man in chasing the thief whose identity was completely unknown due to the cardigan he’s wearing. Everyone anxious to catch the thief. The thief then ran towards the expressway with the crowd closely behind him. As they were getting closer to him, he ran towards a shiny car, got in and escaped.

Everyone stopped now panting. The supermarket guy looked upset that they lost the guy. The crowd were about dispersing when someone suddenly asked,“Mister Paul, what did he steal from your supermarket?” People stopped again to listen to him. Imagine their shock when he said,“Two packets of chips.”

What! Everyone couldn’t believe they just left their jobs, wasted their time and efforts to chase someone who stole just two packets of chips that barely cost $10. Moreover the thief they were just chasing now got into an expensive looking car. Why would someone who own a car like that want to steal just two packets of chips when he can easily afford it.

They averted their anger to the supermarket guy and began to cur$e him as they believed that the guy pranked them.


Meanwhile in the car, the thief who had just gotten in, sat back panting heavily. The other occupants in the car handed over a bottle of water. After drinking, the thief removed the cardigan letting long and soft looking black hair fall. Apparently, the thief is a lady.

Her beautiful and wonderfully carved face was just out of the world. She’s indeed a stunning beauty.

“Young miss Ivy, what have you done this time around? Master will be so angry if he finds out that we let you leave the mansion,” the lady who had handed over the bottle of water earlier said. She’s obviously a maid.

Ivy turned around and shot the maid an angry glare making her shut up. She then ordered the driver to drive faster…


Meanwhile not faraway from the incident of thief chase, another luxurious car was parked near the expressway. The man in the car wind up his car glass a little revealing part of his stunning face.

He looked at the incident curiously before asking his driver,“Mark, what do you think is going on there.” The driver shook his head at his boss question. The boss has never seen this type of scene before.

“Mr Brian, that’s probably a theft going on. It happens alot in this area.” the driver replied and Brian squeezed his face in disgust.

“Why did Kim bring me to this fking place? I regret asking you to stop the car for her,” Brian complained. Just as he was about to continue complaining, a lady dressed like a $lut entered the car.

“Kim where the fk did you go. You know you have just three hours with me,” Brian said. The lady smiled seductively and leaned towards Brian saying, “ Can’t you extend your time. I’m not like those former bitches you have had before. I’m the best in bed and I’ll please you like they’ve ever done.”

Brian rolled his eyes. That’s what they all say. They want to extend the time so they can exhort more money from him. That’s the reason why he set a rule of spending no more than three hours with these bches. Women are nothing but gold-diggers. They use what they have to get what they want.

He urged the driver to drive faster as Kim started touching his dk making him aroused.


As Ivy walked into the mansion, she heaved a sigh of relief as she didn’t encounter her dad or her stepmother cause she was not really in the mood for another argument right now.

She went straight to her Nanny’s room and immediately hugged the middle aged woman. The woman seem to understand her as she began to pat her silently. “Ivy, what did you take this time around?”

“Two packets of chips. Mom, I swear I didn’t want to do it. But as soon as the urge came , I found myself taking them and running away,” Ivy replied.

The woman smiled and said,“That’s why you have to go to the therapist regularly. Your kleptomania is getting worse. It’s not good for your father’s reputation.”

Just as Ivy was about to reply, they heard a loud shout from downstairs followed by a scream. “Ivy!!!” The nanny looked at Ivy and noticed the mischievous smile on her face. She sighed and said inwardly,’ This girl will never change.’

“Ivy, that’s your sister shouting. What did you do to her this time,” she asked. Ivy smiled and said,“I only added lemon juice to her cream. It won’t kill her.”
“What! You know that’s dangerous to her face. Why would you do that?,” the nanny.

“I hate seeing her face,” Ivy replied curtly and ran to the window before turning to the nanny,“Mom help me cover up.” With she escaped from the room with the help of the tree next to her room. As soon as she left, a lady walked into her room angrily. Her face was a horrible sight to behold. As she frowned, it made her face look more horrible.

“Mrs Helen, where’s that little sister of mine? I’m so going to kill her for doing this to my face. Do you know how embarrassed I was on my date today?”,she asked looking around the room.

“John kept on trying to tell me something is appearing on my face but I thought he was getting charmed by my looks.

I even tried kssing him but he literally screamed and ran out of the restaurant. Who would want to kss someone that has disgusting red spots appearing on her face. I’m sure that sister of mine is behind this,” she continues.

The nanny burst into laughter at her story. “I know you will only try to cover up for her. I’ll just go and tell mum.” She said and left grumpily. The nanny stopped laughing now looking in the lady’s direction with a little bit of fear on her face.


I laughed as I played a video on my phone. I’m so happy to see my sister trending on the web. My sister has gone viral all thanks to me.

I sighed as the video finished playing and thought about how my life turned to hell when my father brought Mariana and her mother into our lives. I was doing just fine with my dad and my nanny until they came. They bullied and maltreated me in all kind of form. Dad couldn’t even do anything.

I didn’t fight back at first until Mariana successfully stopped our father from sending me to college. I’m supposed to be in college studying now but due to Mariana’s scheme that won’t be happening.

I vow to make her pay for what she has done starting from now on.


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