Episode Forty-one

“Sister in-law, you should get a gift for brother. His birthday is coming up next week,” he said. Ivy looked at him puzzled,“What do you mean next week? I thought you said next month.”

“Next month is also next week. And his birthday is on Friday. Fourth of next month,” he said and Ivy nodded. Then they walked to the men section to get a gift for Brian.


Unknown pov
As soon as they got home, everyone took a break. Brian noticed how exhausted Ivy looks so he quickly went to the kitchen to get her something to eat before she falls asleep.

Out of the numerous things he put on the tray, she only ate the bird nest snack. And as soon as she ate it, she fell asleep, like that other day she didn’t stir at all.

Brian began to feel a little bit suspicious of the snack. Why does she always sleep so deeply after taking the snack?

‘Maybe I should try one for myself’, he stood up and went to the tray to try the snack. Just then Brad who was playing a serious video game hit him and he tripped. The tray fell down making a loud noise and all the snacks scattered on the floor.

Brian glared at Brad and Brad bowed sheepishly. “You are such a klutz,” Zara said and Brad glared at her. She bent and packed the scattered snack before taking it to the kitchen.

Meanwhile Brian carried Ivy up to their room completely forgetting what he wanted to do.

As Zara got to the kitchen, she stared at the bird nest snack. ‘It actually looks yummy maybe I should try some,’ she thought as she trashed the contents of the tray and brought out the snack bucket from the kitchen cabinet.

She tasted one and took many more since she thought it’s actually tasty. When she was satisfied she walked back to the sitting room. She hadn’t even stayed for few minutes before she starts feeling sleepy.

‘That’s surprising. I wasn’t feeling sleepy before but now I feel so sleepy,’ she thought. She tried standing up from the sofa but the urge to sleep was too strong. Immediately she closed her eyes, she slept off.

Brad looked up and tapped her gently. “Zara wake up… Zara… Zara… You have to go to your room.” But she didn’t even move or stir. Brad was somehow surprised and annoyed.

‘She could have just gone to her room to sleep. Why here? Now I have to carry her there. My back will ache cause of her weight,’ Brad said carrying her up to her room.


**Few days to Brian’s birthday

“Hubby come over here. What do you think of this?,” I asked and he walked over.

He checked the picture on my phone and pecked me lightly,“We don’t need to celebrate my birthday like this. I don’t want to stress you and little kitty. Let’s just have a small birthday party.”

I shook my head,“No, it’s the first birthday I’m celebrating with you and you will be twenty five so I have to make it elaborate.”

“But you’ve seem tired lately and always sleepy. Now that reminds me. Why do you always sleep after eating the bird nest snack? Don’t you feel it’s suspicious,” he asked.

I looked at him,“ I don’t know and I don’t feel anything is suspicious. Mom gave me the snack and I trust her with my whole life. She even said the snack is good for pregnant woman,” I pecked his cheek.

“Stop panicking. You’ll be twenty five so you behave your age,” I said teasingly. He smiled and pecked my nose,“Then you must call me uncle hubby starting from now.”

“Why would I do that?”
“Simple logic, you are nineteen and I’ll be twenty five. I’m older than you so call me uncle hubby from now on,” he said cheekily.

I dramatically gasped,“So hubby, you impregnated a minor. You should be ashamed of yourself for doing such a thing. Uncle hubby.”

“Mhmm… What minor? You may be nineteen but your body feels way older than that… Kitty let’s do a quickie gently. I promise I wouldn’t do it fast,” he answered.

I laughed,“Doctor’s order.”
“Even the doctor won’t follow her order if she has a loving husband like me,” he answered and I laughed… So tricky.

He looked at me seeing that I said nothing. He then lay his head on my laps and pecked my stomach softly as I caress his hair. He touched my stomach lightly and looked at it with an astonished look.

“It feels hard, doesn’t it?,” I asked and he nodded. “Our baby is growing there. He’s growing everyday.”

“Yes, she’s growing everyday. Little kitty grow healthily for Papa,” he answered and I laughed cause he changed the he in my words to she. Let’s see when the baby finally comes out and who would win.

I bent down and peck his forehead. As I was about to raise my head he stole a kss. I giggled as he smirked.

“Kitty, one quickie… Please,” he raised his hands towards my chest and I glared at him.

“Get up. I have alot to do. Don’t let me get started about the decorations, preparation of invites and many more. So stop wasting our time and get up,” I answered and he pouted getting up.

I pulled his face towards mine and kssed him.“Manage the ksses for now, okay?

His eyes shone bright as he said,“You’ve just promised me, don’t go back on your words. I won’t let you rest tonight… But I’ll do it gently.” I blushed as he said the last part with a husky tone.

I pushed him away slightly as I left the room still browsing the party decor on my phone.

“Kitty let Zara assist you,” I heard him say as I left the room. I smiled at how loved I feel.


Susan ??
I checked the calendar and marked a date on it. I smiled,“Brian’s twenty fifth birthday is gonna be a great day for everyone. I’ll finally make that bitch pay for what she’s done and get her out of our lives forever.”

I laughed slowly and picked up my phone to call Tj.
?Tj I hope You’ve gotten everything ready? Your boys mustn’t fk up that day. I need that bch out of our lives forever.
? Don’t worry Susy. I’ll be handling the job personally myself. So trust me everything will turn out well. They won’t even notice until she’s finally gone.
?Then I’m going to be confident cause you are coming here yourself. I’ve been feeling very horny these days. Can’t find a man to satisfy me- I said and he chuckled.
? I’ve missed your pot too. I’ll treat you so well that you won’t be able to walk properly for days- he answered and I suddenly felt wet.

? Can’t wait for you to be here. And please try to find out more about her medical reports. I need to know why it’s blank? And what she’s hiding.
? Anything for you sxy- He cut the call.

Very soon Tj will be here to make me cum and maybe…just maybe… Brian will be the one doing this to me.


I checked the box in my hand and stared at the gold plated invite. ‘MRS FAYE IVY’ that’s the only word that caught my eyes. My daughter’s name should be the one printed there not that bch.

I checked my phone and saw a message from him asking if the bch is already dead. I gulped in fear as I checked the date. The deadline he gave me is drawing near.

Why isn’t that bch dead yet? She has to die or my poor daughter will suffer in the hands of that psycho. Why did I ever fall in love with him in the first place?

That drug should be working by now. I picked up the bottle of poison I put in her bird nest snack that day. I re-read the info and gasped when I saw what was written on the bottle.

Oh my God! I didn’t give her the poison. I grabbed the wrong bottle that day. No wonder I haven’t heard any sad news. I looked around and checked until I saw a similar bottle with POISON boldly written on it.

It’s blue. I checked the bottle I was holding before and this one is white. The poison is blue and whatever I put in Ivy’s snack that day is white. I can’t find the label of the bottle. What the he¢k did I give her that day?


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