SHE’S C®AZY BUT SHE’S MINE: Episode 11-The End


Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘 😘



I went into my room, boiling with anger.

But I dare not show it. That would make the cr@zy brat happy.

All these while… She cooks? Why the h*ell…?

God… I was angry.

And hungry. I was tempted to go into the kitchen but I knew that would mean begging her.

Cursing terribly,I walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

When I got back inside the bedroom, accident was already on the bed, gaping at me.

“You may not look at me.” She said loudly.

I laughed angrily. “And who is look at you,wifey? Are you that beautiful?” I taunted.

“Of course I am,you man whore” Accident raved.

My heart skipped a beat. Did she already found out I went to Blair’s place.
Who cares? Blair only gave me what she couldn’t offer.

I looked at Accident, wondering what making love to her would be like. I shook the thought out of my head. That’s never gonna happen!

“Stop calling names else I’m gonna report you to my mom!” I blurted out.

Accident put on a meek look and rubbed her fists on her eyes like a baby. “Mummy’s boy!You are such a cry baby! Go on and tell her. You can’t do better than that!”

” You know what,I can’t wait to pay up whatever mom collected from your parents so j can divorce you already!” I yelled at her before dropping into bed. I turned my back against her and closed my eyes.

“Suit yourself! Suit yourself, Alberto!” I heard her snap behind me and turned away too.


I smiled as I turned away from the door. All the while they argued,I was standing outside the door, listening.

If only Albie would calm down and tolerate Mirabella for a day…he would be able to correct her manners.

How do I come in and help these couple?

Can I really make them love each other? Well well well…. let’s see!

I Know exactly what to do!

I laughed silently as I looked into the living room and saw Mirabella dancing with headphones on her ears.

She danced so cr@zily with her hands flying in the sky.

She climbed the chairs and jumped on them like a toddler.

What the h*ell is wrong with her? Does she even know she’s married?

Quietly,I tiptoed toward her and tickled her from behind.

Mirabella screamed and fell off. I laughed so hard my heart hurts.

She looked up with annoyance and yanked off the headphones. “What the h*ell was that! You scared me!” She cried.

” Oh sorry!” I said and laughed more.

To my h0rror, Mirabella picked up the remote control on the table and flung it toward me.

I gasped and dodged it immediately.

Then she fell off laughing. She actually think it’s funny! What if she smashed the innocent control on my head!

Really cr@zy indeed!

“Now we are even!”She said after laughing.

I shook my head. “That was dangerous. You could have damaged that” I said, picking up the remote control.

Mirabella shrugged. “But I didn’t.”

“Yeah… Because I dodged it, Mirabella. Things aren’t done that way, okay? You have to be a perfect gentle woman. When you do things rashly…. You are gonna be referred to as Clumsy. ” I said smiling.

Mirabella looked at me and nodded. ” You think I’m being rash?” She asked.

“Not really, Mirabella. You are a good woman… I hope Albie realises that before it’s late.

So…. It’s still early in the morning? You wanna go workout with me? ” I said smiling.

Mirabella smiled back happily. “Wow! I had love to! It’s been long I did that!” She said happily.

” Come on! Let’s go get ready! Though you really don’t need a work out. You look fit already!” I said and laughed as we ran off.


I stretched and yawn as I got out of bed. Accident was already out of bed… Where the h*ell is she?

I hope she isn’t with Liam right now?

I heard laughter down the window. I rushed over and parted the curtains.

I looked down and almost had an heart attack.

There was Liam holding my wife’s perfect shaped h!ps as they jogged together.

I looked harder again and couldn’t believe I’m looking at accident.

She looked like a s*xy school girl in her gym outfit!

I felt like dying… Seeing Liam’s hands on her h!ps…. Instead of mine…. I felt like dying!! 😭


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