SHE’S C®AZY BUT SHE’S MINE: Episode 11-The End


Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia ? ?


? LIAM ?

I staggered back and fell against a table. The contents on it splashed all over the floor.

“Stop it!” Mirabella screamed at Albie. “You are the son of btch here! You cheat!” She yelled.

” No you won’t talk to me like that!” Alberto roared back.

The music stopped abruptly as people gathered to know what is going on.

I rubbed at my jaw and stood up. I looked at Albie and laughed.

Fighting back would be the last thing on my mind cos this is what I wanted.

“And what’s going on here!” Someone said, stepping out of the crowd.

” Dad!” Mirabella said, going toward her father.

Mr Jack looked at Albie. “Are you alright? What’s the commotion about? Has Mirabella caused another trouble? “He asked.

“No sir! ” Albie and I chorused.

“Then let the party continue!!” Mr Jack exclaimed and laughed.

The air was filled with music again as people began dancing. Albie stalked off.

I rubbed at my jaw again and smiled. I went after him.


I got outside and kicked the air angrily.

I looked around the large compound as people flaunted everywhere.

Why am I so mad? How could Mirabella kss my friend?

But I kssed someone else too…I thought miserably.


Someone called from behind. I turned and to my surprise,Liam rushed towards me and punched me hard in the face.

I staggered back and fell. I felt the taste of my blood in my mouth. I glanced up at Liam and spitted it out angrily.

“That’s payback you fool.” Liam said, offering his hand to pull me up.

I took it and stood up. Sighing I looked at him. “I’m sorry.” I finally said.

“Don’t you get it, Alberto? I think you guys just need to know each other better.

Mirabella purposely kssed me when she saw you coming out with that lady. What did you do to her?

She was crying earlier before she suddenly kssed me!”

I was shocked. Mirabella? Crying? Oh my God…she must have seen me kssing Blair.

She wanted to make me feel the same way she felt and it worked. Is it possible Mirabella loves me?

No…..that can’t be possible.

“Albie…. you’ve got to do something…give it a try. Give Mirabella a chance of being a wife to you!” Liam whispered.

I ruffled my hair angrily and breathed in. That girl is just too cr@zy… How on Earth do I start seeing her as my wife!


I sat down and breathed angrily. How dare him hit Liam and called him son of a btch!

He’s the one who should have gotten hit !

“Hey Bella!” I looked up and saw two girls walking up to me.

They had a playful smirk on their faces. I managed a smile on seeing them. “Hi Jenna…it’s good to sell you!” I said as they joined me.

Jenna sipped her brandy before talking. “Same here girl. Oh my God… I heard you got married. It was funny to me at first because I knew you wouldn’t even know how to behave like a wife. ” Jenna said and laughed with the other girl.

I looked down and heaved a sigh. “Enough already. Let’s talk about something else and enjoy the party…. ” I was saying this when I caught a glimpse of that btch called Blair at the dance floor.

My fists tightened and my anger surfaced. I stood up angrily.

“Hey…. Chill…. I was just trying to make a conversation! ” Jenna laughed.

But I was barely listening to her. I marched forward towards Blair.

“You btch!” I yelled over the loud music and grabbed her stupid hair.

She screamed as people scampered away from us.

“Let me go!!” She yelled.

Not even in her dreams! I’m not about let her go without teaching her some lessons so she’s gonna stay away from my husband!

I pulled her roughly on the hair towards the big cake and jammed her face into the frosting. People screamed as the cake building fell on Blair.

And swallowed her completely.

“Stay away from my husband!” I yelled down at her before stalking off only to meet dad glaring at me like a lion.

I looked away and folded my arms.

The party was a total mess!!

Well I’m not done yet…..I’m just getting started!


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