Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia


Alberto would never have dreamt of ending up with a total clown! ?

He would have dreamt being tied down with a clown at twenty eight!?

Alberto wanted to live to the fullest and enjoy the admirations from girls.

Not being tied down with a clown!

She’s not just a clown….. Mirabella is a walking dangerous zone.

She could fly off a window!

She could run after a moving train!

She could eat a full bowl of ramen!

She could eat a dozen of hotdogs.

She could climb up a mountain as tall as ever and try flying!

She could shave off your hair at any provocation.

She could lock you up in a room without food for a whole month!

Anything crazy…. just name it ?

Yes. That’s how crazy she is.

She’s the only girl that would eat a full house and would still never get overweighted.?

But boy… Was she a beautiful creature!

Alberto is bent on putting his girl to order but how!!?

His mom would never let him go of this crazy girl cos she’s not just any girl!

Her billionaire father pays every month a large amount of money for whosever is ready to marry her.

And Alberto became a victim through his money lover of a mother! ?

Will Alberto be able to keep crazy Mirabella under control?

Or is he gonna just give up one day and run away?? ?

This is a hilarious and r0mantic story you don’t wanna miss.




Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia ??



“AGHHGHHHH!!” I screamed out of sleep when I felt the hot piecing of a metal object against my arm.

“Whoa!! I’m sorry!” Came a sharp voice.

I jumped out of bed, breathing heavily. “Who the h*ell are you to come into my room! Who are you! ” I yelled at the strange girl.

I stared at her again. Oh no! Mom why!?

She brought Mirabella home already?

“Hey. You are screaming! I only wanted to wake you up!” She shouted.

” With hot metal!! Do you think my arm is a piece of iron! ” I asked angrily.

What the hell is Mirabella McMinnville doing in my room!!

“Oops…. It looked strong you know!” She laughed and I glared at her.

What a beautiful trouble.

And by the way, what is she doing in my room again?

“How did you got here?”

“Don’t really know too. Ugh! Yesterday was trouble filled! But at last, someone brought me home! And I guess it’s your mother. Ugh…. You are so cute! ” She winced and ran towards me.

” Hun!! ” I gasped and bolted out of the room. I can straight into the kitchen and there was mom singing happily and cooking.

“Mom!” I cried and straight behind her.

“Hey shush!!” Mom laughed.

Mirabella ran into the kitchen too, looking so innocent.


“Mom… He’s running away from me!” Mirabella mused.

Mom turned to look at me and batted her eye lashes before she turned back to look at Mirabella, smiling. “Go sit on the dinning dear. Breakfast will soon be ready and thanks for waking him up! ” Mom said sweetly.

Mirabella smiled and turned then ran out of the kitchen.

I then breathed in, relieved she was out of sight.

“Mom! What are you doing!! I told you I don’t want that stupid offer Mr McMinnville made!!

Who really in his right senses would wanna be with Mirabella McMinnville!!
She’s…. Accident!! Just Lok at my arm!! ” I groaned but mom still had that happy look on her face.

That huge money has gotten into her brain already!

“Albie honey! That girl is a life changing opportunity! You could even quit that stupid studio job you doing! Relax at home and party all day! ” Mom said dreamily.

Agh! I’m doomed!

” Mom! I’m twenty eight!! I’m not fit for marriage with a clown! Don’t you get it? ” I yelled out.

” Hey! No one’s saying you should get married now! Just keep her with you so we can receive as much as we can? ”

Mom! Don’t you get the deal? I have to marry her!” I almost cried.

But mom was smiling happily again. ” Oh my world.. we are gonna be rich! Coming Mira honey! ” Mom sang and left the kitchen with a tray of food.

I was shocked that this is actually happening.

Mirabella is actually in my house. Not just in my house but as my girlfriend! ?

And I was right. My life turned into a total dis@ster.

Here is my story! ?…….


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