SHE’S C®AZY BUT SHE’S MINE: Episode 11-The End


Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia ??



That night was magical.

I never knew Mirabella was just the best when it comes to ma.king l0ve.

She showed me how good she was in bed.

Once I was down with her, she got on top of me me and rode me like a real horse.

It was an awesome night and it changed my life.

It took way all the memories I had with Blair.

I was instantly filled with images of Mirabella.

The next morning, I already woken up and made cereals for breakfast before she woke up.

“Dinner is ready, love.” I said softly and smiled when I remembered the previous night.

Mirabella smiled and pulled the tray close. “That’s sweet of you. Thank you honey “, Mirabella said and I smiled.

“You almost killed me last night, babe. Never knew you are this bad.” I said and we laughed.

” So now .. there is no reason for you to cheat on me now ” Mirabella said and I knelt in front of her.

I took hold of her hand and kssed them. “Mirabella… You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I will never hurt you again. Ever. ” I said and kssed her beautiful l!ps.

” And what of Liam? Is he back already?” Mirabella asked and I went silent.


I stopped to look at Albie when suddenly he went silent. “Hey… You’re not talking.”

“I’m sorry he left without letting you know. Liam already left. ” Albie said and my spoon dropped from my hand.

I shook my head. “No. He should have said goodbye.

I didn’t had the chance to say thank you for all he’s done… For making me see the better part of life. ” I said and sobbed.

” He left a letter, Mirabella. You are gonna read it when we get downstairs. ” Albie said and I smiled.

” Can we visit him at his place someday?” I asked.
“Of course yes. We can. ” Albie said and hugged me.

I hugged him back.
Just then his cellphone began ringing.

We but stopped and looked down at there screen. It was Blair.

“It’s her again.” I said angrily.

“Watch me ” Albie replied equally angry. He cut the call and blacklisted her number.

I smiled. Now I can finally get to trust him. “Thanks for that.” I said happily.

“No. You thank you for making me a better man and I will love you till the end of time. ” Albie said and I hugged him happily.

He disengaged from me and knelt down in front of me.

Surprisingly, he pulled out a little box with a ring in it.

“Marry me again… Mirabella. Let’s make this marriage a real one. Will you marry me? ” Albie asked, looking into my eyes with so much love.

I screamed out my yes and jumped on him. Together we rolled all over the ground and laughed loudly.

It was great day for me!


I gasped angrily when I called his line again and it became authomatically unreachable.

I laughed and glared angrily at my phone.

What is Alberto trying to do? Is he trying to play games with me?

He thinks he can use me the way he likes and dump me like some piece of trash?

Me? Blair?

Well bad news Albie. You’ve just stepped on the wrong person!

It’s me you met and love first! We were gonna get married but on the long run, you were forced to marry that cr@zy btch!

Now you think you can fall in love with her and dump me?

Never! It’s not happening!

You are mine and I never give up.
I’m certainly not gonna give up on my man and allow some bitch take over.

I will do all it takes to get you back. Just sit back and watch me.


Last challenge for the new found couple!?

Are they gonna overcome the wtch??

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