*Capital City…*

It was afternoon, Kira got out of her room but then…

“Aahh!” Kira screamed shortly.

She almost jumps out of fright when Gaile suddenly popped out of nowhere.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you” Gaile said.

” What are you doing here ?” Kira asked.

“Uhm… I… Auntie Gezel asked me to get her medicine for headache, but I don’t know where her room is.” Gaile explained.


“Perhaps, you could tell where her room is?” Gaile added.

Kira lifted her hand and pointed the door against Tim’s study room.

Gaile’s gaze followed Kira’s hand.

“Oh!” She blurted out.

Gaile took a step but then, she stopped as if she is having a second thought. She turns back to Kira.

“Kira, would you mind if…” Gaile paused for a few seconds.
“If I ask for help? I mean… I mean, auntie needs the medicine urgently, and… could you help me find it?” Gaile is being polite to her today.

“Alright.” Kira did not refuse.

“Thanks, Kira. And about what happened yesterday, I hope you understand that auntie is getting older already, and elders have a short temper.” Gaile said as they headed to the guest room.

“But I will never let her hurt anyone in this house again,” Kira said with authority.

“Try to search in her drawer and I will search in there,” Gaile said while pointing on the closet on the other side of the room.

Kira did not suspect anything, the only thing that is in her mind is to find the medicine. She searched for the medicine in Gezel’s drawer but she couldn’t find it. Gezel’s drawer only contains pieces of jewelry.
Kira search for it thoroughly, but there is nothing in Gezel’s drawer except the jewelry.

After a while, Gaile suddenly spoke.

“Here it is! I found it” She said while showing the medicine’s bottle.

Kira turned her head to Gaile, ” Good then.” she said as she straightened her body.

“Thank you for helping me, Kira,” Gaile said with a smile on her face.

Gaile is the only one who went to the garden, she approaches Madame Gezel who is sitting in front of the table while reading a magazine.

“Hey, auntie.” Gaile greeted her.
Madame Gezel looked up to Gaile.

“Hi, there! What took you so long in the restroom?” Madame Gezel asked.

“Oh! I…”

Gaile tried to think for an alibi, ” I just answered a phone call after coming out from the restroom.” Gaile said and then she takes a deep breath.



*C Province…*

Tim came out of the restaurant and rode to the car that he rented. He sat at the driver’s seat, he took his phone from his pocket and call Kira. He heard the ringing from the other line, he waited until Kira answered.

“Hello, sweetheart.” Tim greeted.

“Hello. Are you at the airport now?” Kira asked.

“Umm… I called to tell that, I couldn’t come home today.” Tim replied.

“Oh!” Kira blurted out with disappointment.

“I’m sorry, I still have something to do here, ” Tim explained.

“Okay, I understand,” Kira said.
“Just take good care of yourself, Tim,” she added.

“Of course I do, so you should too,” Tim replied.

“Hmmm…” Kira nodded her head.

“Bye, I have to hang up now.” Tim ended the call as soon as he finished talking, he was not able to hear Kira’s next word.

“I miss you—” Kira froze when she heard the beep sound from the other line.

She slowly put down her phone and looks at it.



*The next day afternoon…*

Kira got back home from work.
‘Tim isn’t home?’, yet. She sigh.
She missed her husband so much.

It’s been three days since she saw him, though she calls her every day, she still missed his presence. She went straight to the master’s bedroom.

She lifted her hand and was about to hold the doorknob, but before she could even touch it, the door suddenly opened and Linda came out from the inside with a laundry tray in her hand.

“Missus!” She blurted out as her face turned pale.

“Linda” Kira blurted out, she was startled too.

“Uhm, I… I just…” Linda stammered as she talks.
“I just put the clean clothes inside the closet.” She explained.

“Ennn…” Kira just nodded her head.

“I… I’ll get going, Missus.” Linda excused her self and walks away.

But Kira notices something strange about Linda, today.

“Linda?” Kira called.

Linda stopped in her track.
Kira walks closer to her, “Are you alright?” she asked.

“You looked pale, you’re sweating even there is cold, and you’re shaking too.”

“Ah, hehe…” Linda revealed a forced smile..

“I… I am just tired, Missus.” she reasoned.

“Oh! Take a rest then.” Kira said.

“Y-Yes, Missus,” Linda replied, she bowed her head and left hurriedly.

Kira’s gaze followed Linda.
She felt odd about her behavior.



Gaile did not go to Tim’s Villa for two days now. She has a meeting with the party organizer. Though she was busy, she did not forget to call Madame Gezel.

” Hello, Auntie” Gaile greeted Madame Gezel.

” Hello Gaile, why haven’t you come here?” Madame Gezel asked.

“Oh I’m sorry, Auntie, I was busy for the past few days.” Gaile apologized.

“I am preparing for my birthday banquet next week and I am expecting you to attend, Auntie,” Gaile said.

“Of course, I will” Madame Gezel replied.

“I’d like to see you wearing the ruby necklace that I gave you in the banquet, Auntie.”

“Oh, Yes! I will surely wear it at your banquet, dear.” Madame Gezel agreed.



*The next day…*

The servants and Helena frowned as they saw three men enter the house. They are wearing black sunglasses, with an attached case in their hands.

The servants were about to block the way, but madame Gezel who is standing in the staircase suddenly spoke.

“Let them in”

The servants and Helena looked up to Madame Gezel.

“This way please.” Madame Gezel said to the three men.

The men followed Madame Gezel. The three servants couldn’t do anything and just looked at each other.



At night, Kira is inside the bathroom and taking a bath… She did not bother to lock the door, she’s confident that she is alone.

Meanwhile, Tim’s car stopped in the garage.

“You can bring home the car, Coby,” Tim said to Coby before he opened the door and gets down of the car and headed inside the house. He went straight to the master’s bedroom. It was a bit dark when Tim opened the door.

The only thing that gives light the entire room is the lampshade on the bedside table. Tim looked around, there is no one inside the room.

He knitted his brows, “Where is she?” He mumbled.

Just then he heard a sound of running water in the bathroom. He turned his head to the bathroom door and He slowly took a step forward. The door was slightly opened, Tim froze for a moment. And then his eyes sparked.

Kira stands beneath the shower. The cold water flows down into her body. She raised her head with her eyes closed. She stroked her hair as she enjoyed the water flow from the shower.

“Would you mind if I join you?”

“Aaahh!” Kira screamed due to fright when someone spoke behind her.

Her first reaction is to pick up a bottle of liquid body soap and throw it to the person who spoke. She didn’t realize that the person was Tim.

“Ah!” Tim cried as he holds his forehead where the bottle landed.


Kira gasped when she realized it was Tim. She forgets her n?k?dness and she hurriedly approaches Tim.

“Hey, are you alright?!” She asked worriedly as she tried to look at Tim’s forehead.

“It hurts,” Tim said.

“Uh, I’m sorry…” Kira apologized.

Tim opened his eyes, but then he froze when he realized that Kira is not wearing anything. His heart suddenly beats faster. It feels uncontrolled and it feels like it’s going to jump out of his ?h?st.

Kira froze when she notice Tim’s stares to her. Her body turned stiff. Her heart thumped so hard, he doesn’t know what to do.

Just then, she remember that she’s not wearing anything. She instantly turned to get her bathrobe but Tim suddenly grab her arm. He revealed a faint smile, and he looked at Kira with admiration.

“I don’t accept an apology, sweetheart.” He said in a hoarse voice.
Kira’s body stiffened

Tim gulped as he stared at Kira’s lips. He felt like his throat had dried. Her pouted lips seems like inviting him to kss her.

“Uhm…” Kira just stared at Tim.

She felt awkward and doesn’t know what to say. She bit her lip but it was a wrong move, because it only triggered Tim’s flaming desire.

Tim suddenly lowered his head and kssed her. She was stunned for a moment. Her body turned stiff, her heart is thumping so hard.

Kira felt Tim’s lips against hers and she seems to forget everything as she close her eyes and felt the warmth of TIm’s lips on her lips.

“Tim” She blurted out.


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