Kira speechlessly stared at Tim. Maybe she is just drunk and just hearing things?

“Y-You’re just saying these things to make me feel better, aren’t you?” Kira asked.

Tim stared at Kira, “Do you want me to prove it to you?” Tim asked.

“Yes” Kira replied straight forward.

“What should I do to convince you, then?” Tim asked.

“Kss me,” Kira said, she doesn’t think Tim would do what she said.

Upon hearing Kira’s reply, Tim instantly makes his move. He held Kira’s little face, he lowered his head and kssed her lips. Kira was stunned for a moment, but she slowly closed her eyes as she felt the warmth of Tim’s lips on her lips.

Tim feel Kira’s soft lips, he suddenly had an urge to bite it. He can feel his temperature suddenly arise and he felt like he’s burning inside. He pu..shed Kira against the wall and pressed her body against his, as he started to un..dress her.

Kira felt Tim’s hand started to un…dress her, but she did not object. She let Tim do whatever he wants to do to her. She’s a little tipsy but she is well aware of what is going on between her and Tim but she doesn’t plan to stop him from what he’s doing. She shivered as she felt the cold when Tim removed her d.ress and dropped it on the floor.

Tim stopped kssing Kira and he stared at her body, with admiration.

” You look perfect!” He whispered in a hoarse voice.

Kira just looks at Tim. He un..dressed and kssed her again..



Tim laid beside Kira, she stared at her with a smile on his face. He couldn’t believe it. He finally made it and he was the first one to do it with her.

Tim lifted his hand and ċȧrėss Kira’s hair, but he froze when he saw a faint scar on the left side of her forehead, it is so faint that he could barėly see it.

“Where did you get this scar?” Tim asked curiously to Kira.

Her eyes are closed but she is not sleeping yet, she heard Tim’s question, ” It was a car accident fifteen years ago.” Kira replied with her eyes closed.

“A car accident that changed my life.” Kira slowly opened her eyes and looked at Tim with her lonely eyes.

“I had broken ribs, that accident took my parent’s lives, I was young and helpless then, it was so tragic that I don’t want to remember anything about it,” Kira added.

Tim felt like someone clutched his heart when he heard Kira. He wanted to make her feel better, so, he pulled her into his arms to make her feel that she is not alone at all, “I’m sorry.” He said sincerely.

“I wish I was there to help you, then.” He said.

Kira closed her eyes again, and leaned her head to Tim’s ċhėst, ” Tim…” She called.

“Hmmm?” Tim responded.

” Can I ask you something?” Kira asked.

“Go on,” Tim replied.

” Why would your father wants you to marry me? I mean, how did he know me?” Kira asked curiously.

“I am sure that I didn’t meet him before,” Kira added.

Tim froze for a moment.

“Well,” Tim spoke.

” You might have not remembered him, but…” Tim paused for a moment.

“He was your father’s boss before your father died,” He continued.

Kira knitted her brows.


“Ennn…” Tim nodded.

“Your dad was my father’s favorite employee,” Tim added.
“Oh!” Kira blurted out.

“Your father was an automotive technician at the company. My dad defines him as a hard-working man. He even promoted him to be the senior automotive technician but, unfortunately, that accident fifteen years ago happened. They were close friends and my dad was so affected by your father’s death, that is why he wanted me to marry you and have kids with you.”


“But he still gives you choices, it’s either to give me half of your inheritance or to marry me,” Kira said in a groggy voice.

“I chose to marry you, not because I don’t want to share my inheritance with you, but because I love you.”

Kira smiled, she is satisfied with Tim’s answer, now that he explained everything to her, she can now sleep well.

He tilted his head to Kira and looked down on her, and he can’t help but smile when he saw her asleep, but his smile slowly faded.

‘ I’m sorry if I couldn’t tell you the truth, Kira.”
‘ I’m afraid, you might leave me if you find out the truth.’

Some of his stories are true but there is something that he couldn’t reveal to Kira..



“Just drop me in front of that convenience store, Mr. Driver,” Lea said to the driver as she pointed her convenience store.

The driver followed Lea’s order and stopped the taxi in front of the store.

Lea looked at the taxi’s meter to check for the bill, but Coby suddenly spoke, “Let me pay the fare.” He said.

Lea turned her head to Coby.

“It is my repayment for your kindness in letting me ride the taxi with you,” Coby said without looking at Lea.

Lea raised her brows.

“If you say so,” She replied sternly before she opened the car door and got down of the taxi.

Coby turned his head and watched Lea’s retreating silhouette.

“Where will I drop you, sir?” The driver asked Coby.

“I’ll just get down here,” Coby replied, he took his wallet and paid for the fare before he got down of the taxi.

The taxi left as soon as Coby got down, but Coby stayed outside the convenience store and secretly watch Lea inside.

There is something with this girl that made him interested.



*The next morning,*

“Oh!” She closed her eyes as she touches her head, she tried to observe her self.

‘Why my body is also aching?’ she asked her self.

Kira opened her eyes again and she knitted her brows when she realized that she is in the master’s bedroom.

“How did I get home?” She mumbled.

Kira raised her body but she suddenly felt dizzy.

“Oh! Why do I have to punish my self?” She mumbled.

She forced herself to get up from the bed, but she froze when she realized that she is wearing a nightgown.

Kira knitted her brows again, ” Who changed my dress?” She asked herself.

Kira tried to remember what happened last night.

Her memory started when she told Tim to let her down, to the confrontation and she also remembered when Tim said that he loved her? She’s sure he said that.
Kira can’t help but reveal a smile.

‘Yes! He loves me, he married me because he loves me!’ Kira said to herself, she felt like someone tickled her heart.
But then, her smile slowly faded as she remembered.


“Do you want me to prove it to you?”


Kira gasped and covered her mouth when she remembered what happened next!

She hurriedly bent down and pulled the blanket that covered the bed, and there. As soon as the blanket was removed, it instantly reveals the bIoodstain on the bedsheet.

“Oh!” Kira blurted out as she covered her mouth.

‘W-we did it!’ She exclaimed inside as she stepped back.

She doesn’t feel regretful, but she doesn’t know how to face Tim.

They did it!

Though it’s not the first time that Tim saw her nkėdness, she still felt ashamed.

Kira bit her lip and tried to find a way to avoid Tim, but before she could think, she suddenly felt someone embraced her waist from behind and she felt Tim’s chin on her shoulder. Her body turned stiff!

“Good morning wife” Tim greeted her from behind.

Kira’s heart thumped so fast. Her hand and feet turned cold and she felt like there are buŧŧerflies in her stomach. She doesn’t know how to respond to Tim.

Kira wants to run away but her world suddenly spins around. She touched her head, she suddenly felt like throwing up.

Kira covered her mouth, she moved Tim’s arms around her and she runs to the toilet and started to throw up.

“Puke!” Kira kneels on the floor as she pukes on the toilet bowl.

“You should have not drunk too much last night.” Tim suddenly spoke from the outside of the bathroom.

‘It was your fault why I drunk too much last night!’ Kira secretly mumbled. She continued to puke, this time, Tim entered the bathroom and stroked her back.

“How can you go to work in that state?” Tim asked with a serious expression.

“I can still manage,” Kira replied when she calmed herself.

Tim pressed the push buŧŧon on the toilet to make it flush.

“I don’t want this to happen again, Kira. We should talk if there are misunderstandings between us because this is how we can make things work.” Tim said.

“I’m sorry…” It’s all Kira could say.

Tim crouched beside Kira, ” You don’t have to apologize, it’s my fault. I was the one who caused the misunderstanding between us.” Tim replied.

” But…” Tim paused for a moment and he looked at Kira.

“I almost klled someone because of jealousy,” He added.






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