Written By Authoress Buky

Genres: love, betrayal, love triangle, college, heartbreak, revenge, Hatred.


name: Javier Smith

Age: 26


Eye color: dark black eyes

Hair color: dark jet black hair.

Height & body structure: 6ft5, Huge and broad shouldered, sharp jaw.

Siblings: unknown

Parents: unknown

Spouse: unkown

STRANGER FROM THE WOODS : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo


Name: Alice Wentons

Age: 24

Nationality: Korean

Eye color: Blue eyes

Hair color: Blonde

Height & body structure: 5ft4, Long legs, round petite average bbs, rounded wide hips.

Parents: Houston Wentons, Gloria Wentons.

Sibling’s: None.

Other characters will be introduced as we start the story.

Ever been in a condition when you found out that people you love and knew as family are after your life? Because of inheritance?

Ever been in a situation when you had to pretend to be d.ead just to know your next plan of actions? Where you had to pretend that you lost your memories? Who does this go to? No other person than Javier Smith, tall well built, handsome and hot.

Gratefully he was saved by Wendy Alice best friend and room mate, she took him in and there he met Alice.

Alice is the definition of a cold and arrogant lady, Javier had to deal with her in anyways, what happens when Alice found herself falling for a stranger she hates so much and never knew?

What happens when Wendy falls along? Causing coarse between them.

What happens when Javier decided to fight back his enemies and goes back to where he belongs?

Find out in this intriguing story.



Episode 1

Written by Authoress Buky

Somewhere in Bijarim forest

“Get him!”

“He mustn’t run away get him!” Voices of men yelled as they chased after Javier into the woods.

“He mustn’t escape!”

Javier kept running and running until he felt himself growing so tired, he turned back and saw the countless men still running after him with gvns, he can’t d!e, not now.

Suddenly he didn’t notice the wood in front of him and he tripped falling hard on the floor h!tting his face.

He groaned slowly turning.

“He is here, we have gotten him!” A man yelled and they rushed towards Javier pulling him up.

Javier struggled but someone kcked his stomach and he groaned throwing his head backwards.

“What do you want from me?” Javier questioned staring at the scary eyes, the leader who had kcked him laughed and pointed his gvn at Javier.

“I don’t actually want anything, all I want to do is kll you and end everything once and for all”

“What are you talking about? I don’t even know you!” Javier snapped and the man cocked his gvn.

“Boss don’t kll him too easily, here use these” One of the boys said stretching a wood to the leader and Javier eyes widened.


“Shut up! Go to h’ll!” With that the leader Lifted the wood and h!t it on Javier’s h.ead and his eyes became blurry, they continue htting the wood all over his body and he felt himself slumping slowly to the floor.

His eyes covering slightly soon the htting stopped, bI.ood poured out of Javier’s mouth and nose.

“I think he is d.ead Boss” Javier heard the voice like it was far.

“Let’s go, his brother and uncle would be happy to hear about these” and that was it , he let darkness take over him.




“Arrrghh!” Alice yelled jumping up and h!t her old alarm with anger.

“What the heck!” she yelled and rubbed her long lengthy full hair.

“Alice temper justice with mercy on that poor Alarm!” She heard Wendy yelled from out side and she rolled her eyes coming down from the bed nked.

Well that was her ideal, always sleeping nked, she believed she can’t get sleep on clothes.

She checked her perfect rounded body and scoffed.

“That is why I keep having men lurking around me” she murmured and went to the bathroom to bath.


Alice walked out of her room with her bag in her hands, it is time for her part time job.

“Oh no don’t tell me you are wearing that to work?” Wendy asked as she set the dinning

Alice was putting on a big polo and large jean trousers.

“Do I look bad?” Alice asked sitting.

“Of course you look terrible”

“Then I better look terrible than having some worthless men staring at my body”

Wendy smiled and served her.

“I am jealous of you seriously, if I had the type of your body I would have made all men bowed” Wendy winked.

“Maybe in your next generation”

“Ouch! That was harsh!” Wendy pouted.

“Just eat okay, I can’t afford to loose my job because of your talks”

“Our jobs, we are actually working at the same place”

“Whatever” Alice muttered as she started eating.

“Hey can you give excuse for me from madam Cassy? The cold is much and the woods are finished for the furnace” Wendy asked and Alice sighed taking her eyes to where the Furnace was and saw The woods weren’t their enough.


“Awwn! Thanks Bestie!” Wendy giggled showing her a hearty finger.

Alice smiled shaking her head, well they have been both leaving together starting from when they started college, and they decided to stay away from home.

Their both parents stays at Jeju and they are presently at Seoul.



Alice came down from the cab after paying the driver, she made her away into the restaurant with a blank look.

“Good morning guys” Alice muttered at the other waitress, though she had a lot of enemy among them, people like nosy Blair, and fishy Tina.

“Hi Alice!” Pete greeted, though he was also cold just Like Alice and most of the female attendance had a Crush on him because of his looks and charismatic attitude

“Morning Pete, what up” she winked at him, though she is also a little bit friendly with him because they are neighbors.

“Am good”

“I’ll be back” she said picking her uniform and went to the dressing room to Change.

She sighed when she stared at her revealing shape.

“i can’t believe myself” she groaned and went out of the room to come face in face with Nosy Blair and fishy Tina.

“Hey bitch!” Blair said glaring at Alice.

“Hi Nosy Blair” Alice snorted.

“I can’t believe these, do you think you are beautiful? You are ugly and irritating!” Tina fired and Alice fanned her face dramatically.

“Well I was expecting these to come from a shapely lady not someone who looked just like a fish, and Is that a drool am seeing on your face? Oh gross” Alice twisted her face in disgust and walked past them leaving them in shock.

“What the..” Blair whispered , Tina brought out her mirror immediately to check her face.

“Blair are you seeing anything on My face?” Tina asked almost in tears, Blair scoffed touching the right side of her mouth.

“Did you even bath?” Blair asked and Tina rolled her eyes rushing to the restroom.

“I can’t let Pete see me in these way” Tina mumbled.


“Good morning madam Cassy” Alice greeted as she walked into Cassy’s office.

“morning Alice, What do you need?” Cassy asked and Alice smiled touching her hair.

“uum, actually Wendy will be taking a leave today she is not feeling too well” Alice said her lies smoothly hoping madam Cassy would buy her lies.

“Hmm, okay, she shouldn’t miss tomorrow” Cassy said and Alice smiled bowing .

“thanks madam Cassy” Alice said and with that she walked out of the office, she touched her chest in relieve .

“you lied again huh” Pete said coming behind her , he was also dressed.

“She went to the woods” Alice said.

“Ooh, customers are waiting” Pete winked and walked away.

Alice smiled and went to take a menu book and made her way towards a table which has a man sitting alone, he sure looks old.

“Good morning sir, what can i get for you?” She asked and the man stared at her body in lust.

Alice bite her lips not wanting history of beating up a man for looking at her that way bring itself.

“Wow, I think I suddenly want to eat you” the man said and she scoffed.

“Sir, what do you want?” Alice asked again but impatiently these time.


“Don’t worry I will attend to him” Pete said taking the menu from her and faced the man who glared at him.

Alice balled her fist and walked away from them.

“make your order” Pete said placing the menu on the table ignoring the man’s dangerous look.

“Bstard” Pete muttered and the man looked up.

“What did you just say?”

“nothing sir, I just said I feel like taking custard” Pete smiled and the man stared at him again before staring at the menu…


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