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Episode 11

Written By Authoress Buky?



Alice walked down the stairs slowly already dressed in her running outfits, she was putting on a track trousers and a thick hoodie.

She perceived food aroma as she got down the stairs, maybe Wendy is down already, she decided to walk out of the house.

“Alice!” She heard Wendy called and she paused and turned.

“Hey” Alice whispered and Wendy walked towards her with a bottle water putting on a smile.

STRANGER FROM THE WOODS : EPISODE 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“You should need these right” Wendy said passing the water to her , Alice stared at the bottle water and stared back at Wendy.

“Common I can’t po!son you okay just have it, this is for yelling at you yesterday, I was not just in my right senses last night” Wendy said smiling and Alice cleared her throats before smiling back.

“But you weren’t supposed to yell at me in that manner, I was scared that i did something wrong” Alice said taking the bottle water from her.

*of course you should be scared, you have done more than something wrong* Wendy said with in glaring at Alice.

“Hey are you there?” Alice asked waving her hands at Wendy’s face.

“Ooh yea! Just thinking, do not be long before you get back” Wendy faked a smile and patted Alice parked pony tail hair.

Alice nodded.

“Hey guys!” Javier said rushing downstairs.

The two girls stared at him with their mouth opened and he frowned staring at the two of them.

“What?” He asked and Alice cleared her throats first before looking away from him nervously.

“Umm Morning Javier, are you also running?” Wendy asked rushing to him with another bottle water.

“Yes I am, it is just like my life, thanks for the water” Javier smiled taking the water from her and she blushed, she touched his cheeks and hugged him.

*why does she keeps doing these* Javier thoughts .

Alice stared at the scene and turned to leave the house .

“hey Alice I thought you are also running, wait let us go together, please get off me” He whispered uncomfortably and slightly pushed her aside rushing after Alice who who ran out already.

“Why her?” Wendy muttered, she suddenly touched her pounding heart and smiled, Javier is hers and hers alone.


Alice ran out of the house quickly with the bottle water in her hands, she bent down breathing loudly and holding her chest.

“Gosh, why am I so nervous of him, arrgghh!” she almost yelled , she breathed heavily and stood staring back at the house.

“Hey Alice!” She heard Javier called and watched as he ran out of the house,

“Am dead” Alice almost cried and started running.

She missed her steps and almost fell but a hand held her tightly.

“Be careful” She heard Pete voice said and she breathed out in relief he was the one and not Javier.

“Ooh Thanks, hi” She said nervously standing on her feet.

Pete smiled at her, soon Javier joined them and Pete stared at him in confusion.

“What is he doing here?” Pete asked Alice and she glared at Javier.

“I don’t know”

“Seriously? Why are you running Away from me?” Javier asked Staring at her , his eyes suddenly fell on the hands Pete was still holding and his eyes twinkled.

“Me? Run away from you? You must be crazy” Alice scoffed.

“Let’s run together” Javier said and Pete glared at him .

“No you can’t” Pete suddenly said, Javier frowned and fixed his gaze on him.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes you can’t, Alice we should leave” Pete said and grabbed Alice hands more tightly and wanted to run with her but Javier held her right more tightly and Alice was now in their middle with the two men glaring at each other seriously.

“Let go of her, you are not Alice” Javier said coldly, Alice was so confused and didn’t even know what to do at that moment.

“She doesn’t want to” Pete said seriously.

“You don’t speak for her , she speaks for herself”

“Hey..hey guys just stop it!” Alice yelled and took her hands off their holds.

“What is wrong with you two?” She snapped, Javier looked away from Pete and faced Alice.

“He started it” Pete accused.

“are you seriously putting the blame on me?” Javier pointed and Alice sighed rubbing her forehead.

“Am off, you guys can do what ever you like, I don’t care” she said and started jogging.

Javier made to jog after her but Pete held him arm stopping him and Javier glared at Pete hands on his.

“Let go of my arm” Javier said .

“do you like her?” Pete asked , Javier laughed slapping Pete hands away.

“In your dreams” Javier snorted and rushed off

Pete sighed and started running after them.

Javier frowned remembering Pete questions, he must be ¢razy to ask him such question, he look forward and saw Alice running at a safe distance, he sighed and kept running.

They ran past The bus station and he paused immediately he sighted a telephone booth and he smirked, great, all he had to do is finding a was of contacting Landon, but he can’t do it when Pete and Alice are here, he will come check It tomorrow.

Javier looked away from the booth and kept running.


Hours later

“Am tired!” Pete groaned sitting on the floor, they were back to the house.

Javier rolled his eyes and walked inside Alice apartment,

“I knew you never had the strength to run, I just wonder why you would want to run” Alice muttered and he smiled staring at her sweaty face.

“I just want to try it with you, that’s all”

“Dull” She scoffed opening her water bottle and drank the last gulp.

“Am in” she said and turned to walk in.

“Alice?” Pete called and she stopped walking to face him.


“The dinner I ask of you?”

“Hmm, I haven’t made up my mind, but something in me is telling Me to tell you no” Alice winked and he stood immediately.

“you can’t do that!” Pete groaned and she shrugged.

“See ya” Alice said and ran in.

“Now she is unbelievable” Pete said sadly and also walk into his own apartment.




Many crying voices can be heard as The coffin of Javier Smith was been laid into 6 feet’s, Rosie screams were heard and Matt tried his best to hold his wife so tightly.

“last word for him” the priest said, shareholders from the companies, Friends, workers were dressed in black as they threw different flowers into the grave.

Matt couldn’t hold on to his wife again when he felt his own tears coming out slowly, Drake slowly walked to Rosie and hugged her tightly.

“It’s okay mom” Drake whispered staring at the Grave, he led Rosie to the Grave , Rosie fell on her knees and wept uncontrollably.

“My son! Come back please, come back!” She cried, Drake became angered and bittered, He knew no one would care if he were to be in these position.

He dropped his flowers

*I wish you good luck in Hell brother!* Drake thought

Rosie also dropped her flowers and Drake led her back to the group.

Matt walked to the Grave also and dropped his flowers , though with heavy heart, he smiled sadly and turned away from the Grave.

Carl Watched as everything went on with a smirk, finally it is done.

Landon wasn’t moved at all because he knew that body wasn’t his Boss and best friend body, he knows Javier too well that if he sees his pieced body he will know he is the one.

“Boss I have information” Nick One of the bodyguard said behind Landon and he turned immediately.

“Follow me” Landon whispered looking around before walking away from the crowd, Nick quietly walked after him to avoid suspicions.

“What did you find?” Landon asked Immediately they got to a lonely side.

“I think Uncle Carl and Drake are responsible for The Boss Disappearance, that body there isn’t his” Nick said and Landon balled his fist his eyes turning red.

“What else?”

“That body is one of their boys, they think the Boss is dead”

“Nick, these information should just be between us for now, no one must find out about these! And keep on watching their movements, I will help in searching for the boss also, okay!” Landon said sternly.

“Yes ” Nick said with a nod.

“you can leave first” Landon said and Nick bowed before walking away.

Landon sighed and shut his eyes, how can they be these wicked, he thought and also left the scene.


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