STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 31 – 40

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 31 – 40


By Naomi Cindy B

Everyone gasped and held their breaths at the shocking scene in front of them, princess Suzy just got st.abbed

Rachel and Cal stood in shock too, unable to get what really happened

Sera ran down the lawn to where Suzy is standing, she’s going down already and she fell before Sera could get to her

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 31 – 40.

“Suzy!” Sera screamed again, going on her knees and tilting her up, taking her face in her palms..

“Suzy hold on, you’ll be fine ok?” She said slowly and Suzy smiled hurtfully, her smile shows how much pain she’s in

“M…mo… mother” she stuttered, holding Sera’s hand to her face, her hand is shaking badly.

“Daughter you’ll be ok, trust me and just hold on a little bit” Sera said

” It hurts a lot….a whole lot…” She said, releasing tears from her eyes before losing consciousness

Her wound is bIeeding heavily already…

A bed carriage was brought and she was placed on it then taken in straight

The sound of sword was suddenly heard and Sera looked back to see Cal with a sword, he beh.eaded the exe¢utor already..

“Take Cory back to the prison” he ordered and Cory was taken away

Sera walked up to Cal and glared hard at him

“If anything happens to my Suzy trust me you’re dead!” She said, raising a finger to his face

Cal kept quiet as Sera walked up to Rachel too

“You’ve gotten what you wanted sure?” She said

“It was a mistake so stop trying to pile the blames on me” Rachel replied

” It won’t be funny if anything happens to my daughter… Rachel, your dirty secret will be out!” She said and stormed out of the place

Rachel held the tip of her robe tightly. “She’s…. she’s aware?” She muttered fearfully.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 31 – 40


King’s chamber**

” Are you planning to take over the governing of Miryang from me already?” King Jung said to Rachel who’s bowing in front of him

He has heard of the matter already

“I’m sorry your majesty, I just couldn’t stand seeing a guard touch my daughter” she replied

” I heard it was the other way round!, It was Royalty who did it!” King Jung yelled

” Your majesty…” Rachel said slowly

” The life of an innocent human is nothing but a passing wind to you right?, Only those who wound the rules are entitled to death, not innocent people” he said

” I’m sorry your majesty” Rachel replied, still bowing

” The King’s festival, it was you with me in the palanquin right?” King Jung said and she quickly looked up

“Huh… what…what are you… talking about your highness” she stuttered

” Father…” Cal said from the door of the chamber

” Come in!” King Jung said sharply and Cal came in

” You really don’t know anything but following your mother’s footprints right?”

” Father I was just..

“Cal….if at all you want to emulate, Royalty or Jimin are available” King Jung interrupted

” Your highness it’s really unfair, I’m always the victim but at the same time I get treated like the villain” Rachel said

” Leave” King Jung said and Rachel stood, without saying anything she left the place

“You’re dying soon anyways, do your last nonsense” she thought as she walked away

” Did you release the guard already?” King Jung asked Cal

” Yes father, I did” he replied slowly

“Tell him to come here” king Jung replied and Cal bowed before taking his leave

” Your majesty” Cory said as he entered the chamber some minutes later

He’s changed into his normal clothes already and he has washed up, just the fresh untreated bruises on his face and his body

He bowed in respect, waiting for what king Jung has to say

“Brace up, don’t be weak” he said

“Yes your majesty” Cory replied

“Follow queen Rachel secretly, report her daily routine to me” King Jung said

” Your highness I have to guard….

” I know, just do what I asked alongside with guarding Jimin” king Jung interrupted

“Yes your highness” he replied and stood

He left the chamber and walked slowly through the hallway that led back to his room

Someone suddenly pulled him into a corner, he made to attack but relented when he saw it’s Royalty

She has a guilty and sorry look on her face

“I’m so sorry that had to happen, I couldn’t do anything because I was locked up I’m sorry Cory, I’m really very sorry” she pleaded and tried to touch him but Cory quickly step back from her. “Can you keep your distance?” He said without an ounce of emotion in his tone


“Are you really asking why?, I narrowly escaped getting killed and here you are asking me why, stay away please” he replied

” I understand… But can we still talk sometimes at least?, Please” she said

” There’s nothing to talk about your highness, I’m off” he replied and left immediately

Royal bent down and cried hurtfully.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 31 – 40

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