MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 1 – 10

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 1 - 10.

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 1 – 10 By Authoress Rhema PROLOGUE** Tags: college, romance, drama, betrayal, jealousy, magic, supernatural, love triangle, comedy, mind fictions M(minds) magical college What comes to your mind when you hear about this?? A college like humans college Good facilities Nice hostel But .. For supernaturals only This school is known as … Read more


😂SHE’S C®AZY BUT SHE’S MINE 😂 Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia SYNOPSIS… 😘😘 Alberto would never have dreamt of ending up with a total clown! 😂 He would have dreamt being tied down with a clown at twenty eight!😂 Alberto wanted to live to the fullest and enjoy the admirations from girls. Not being tied down … Read more

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