STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 61 – The End

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 61 – The End


By Naomi Cindy B

Ginelle can hear her world chattering to bits right in front of her

Brayden is still staring with disbelief, like she’s another Ginelle and not his own Ginelle

“How did this happen?, What…. Are you doing here?” He asked with a shaky voice

” Isn’t it obvious?, Ask anyone around and they’ll tell you that Ginelle Chang is the most popular slut here, she serves men every night, different men, I don’t have many customers like her, all men want her” Demi said, coming into the room.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 61 – The End.

” No….. No it’s not true, I don’t believe anything” Brayden said, standing up

Ginelle sat in the ground and her eyes released tears immediately

“Ask her, she’s right in front of you” Demi said with a mocking smile

” Ginelle…” Brayden said slowly, facing her

She slowly stood, holding her robe to her chest

“I’m sorry” she said slowly, crying more than before

” Darn it! ” Brayden yelled, breathing heavily in anger

“I was just too ashamed to tell you Brayden, this is who I really am, I’m so sorry” she said

Brayden came closer and grabbed her shoulders

” Why did you decide to stab me in the heart?, Why!* He shouted

She can see tears threatening to fall from his eyes

“Brayden I’m sorry, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you, I love you so much and I thought… You were going to leave me if you get to know since you hate sluts so much, Brayden I love you so much” she said tearfully

Brayden’s tears fell but he quickly wiped it and stepped away from her

She tried to touch him but he stepped more farther

“Don’t touch me … You disgust me” he said and stormed out of the place

“My world!” Ginelle cried, falling back on the ground

Demi laughed loudly, revealing the hatred she has for her In her laughter

“Got caught huh?” She laughed, going closer to her

“I vowed to make you cry and right now you’re crying, aren’t I great? ” She said and resumed her laughter

” We’re sIuts, and you dare try to get yourself a lover whereas I don’t even have someone to call mine, and you expect me to sit and just watch?, No Ginelle, Demi will never do that” Demi said and left the room

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 61 – The End


Another room in the br©thel**

Queen Rachel just finished dressing up after having fun with Morris who’s still sitting on the bed

“Aren’t you leaving?, Why are you sitting there staring at me” she said, wearing her earrings

” It’s been long since we did this so right now, I feel like getting down with you again, you’re so delicious” he said, smiling cunningly

” Stop dreaming and dress up” Rachel replied after she finished dressing up

“When is the next letter getting to Myung Woo?” Morris asked, standing up to get dressed

” It’ll get to him tommorow night, then some days to come,war will happen and those who are meant to die will die” she replied seriously

” I can’t wait for that to happen, I’ll have you all to myself then” Morris replied, touching her face

” My only concern is having our son inherit the throne” she replied

” So…you don’t want to have me back?, Can Mal ever make you feel the way I make you feel?” He said, bending over to peck her neck

” I had a secret affair with you back then cos I thought you’ll be the one king Jung Shik will choose as the crown prince” she replied

” So when Mal was chosen, that’s why you switched to him with my child in your belly cos he has eyes for you too”

” You’re still a little bit wise” she replied and Morris smiled

” You’ll get punished for that once our son takes the throne, I’ll marry you and five other women on the same day, you must feel jealous just like I felt” he said

” Let that period come first…” She said meanly and left the room

Morris smiled devilishly. “Wench” he muttered and wore his outer robe before getting out of the room too

Cory came out of his hiding place and sighed

He actually trailed Rachel here since he’s still working on the king’s orders to follow her secretly around

He had to pay one of the br©thel servants hugely and he was allowed to hide in the room they were going to use …

He held his sword more tightly, still shocked at what he just heard

He used his mask and left the room

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 61 – The End


Morris Jung’s house**

Brayden entered the house with a jug of alcohol in his hand, it’s obvious he’s heavily drunk cos of the way he’s staggering like someone being pushed and how he’s toppling on his toes

“Brayden” Janis said shockingly, standing up and rushing to him, he held him and prevented him from falling, he’s reeking of alcohol

“Brayden what did you do to yourself” Janis said, looking at his drunk face

Besides hating sluts, alcohol is the second thing he hates and now he’s utterly drunk, that only means something bad happened

“Handsome Janis….gosh!, You’re so cute!” He said, smiling like a child and trying to leave Janis

” Brayden!” Janis shouted and he looked at Janis for a moment

” I love you” he said and laughed again, breaking free from Janis, he crashed on the table and hit away everything on top of it, he slept there, curling up himself like a new born baby

“What happened to you” Janis said, kneeling beside him

” I love her, but she disappointed me, isn’t that cruel?, She stabbed my heart….with a poisonous sword, I’m dying” Brayden muttered drowsily

” You’re in a relationship?” Janis said

“She broke my heart!, She’s a sIut!, A sIut I fell in love with, she tore my heart to pieces!” Brayden shouted with his eyes closed

” A…sIut?” Janis said

” I love her a lot…I mean a whole lot…very much…sooo veryy muuuch!” Brayden said and slept off

” Heartbreak, why are we both unlucky in love?” Janis mumbled

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 61 – The End



Queen Rachel sneaked back in unnoticed and when she’s just a step away from her chamber, she breathed in relief

“Shamelessness should have limits” Sera’s voice said, making her stop in her tracks

She slowly turned back to see Sera behind her, looking at her hatefully

“What again?, It’s now a sin to walk In the palace?” She said defensively

Sera came closer and stood in front of her

“Morris Jung is the real father of Cal, isn’t it?” Sera said and Rachel’s heart skipped beats

” What. What do you… mean” she stuttered awkwardly

” When I call you a whore, I’m not mistaken, don’t wonder how I know, I’m a woman of means” Sera said

” I don’t know what you’re talking about so just get off my face!” Rachel spat and started leaving, walking briskly to her chamber

“It’s just a little bit before it’ll spill….I mean your secret” Sera said and left

Rachel walked into her room and threw down her cloak, she stood in front of the mirror and took her fan, she almost started the summoning when she remembered she’s not in good terms with Lioness

She dropped the fan and walked around the room, her heart still pounding in her chest, somehow, Sera’s looks anytime she’s talking always instills fear in her, she always looks colder than her while talking to her and only God knows how she always manage to do that

“When I send the letter tomorrow, I’ll tell King Myung Woo to speed up the invasion, I need to act fast before Sera spoils everything…..but how did that witch find out” she wondered.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 61 – The End

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