By Authoress Tee

Chapter 51

?De Training Ground?

Raven shot her arrows, Kira trained with her gun and speed, while Luna and Blaze fought each other and Rex sat in a corner, busy with his laptop and his headset on.

“You have gotten quite good at this” Blaze to Luna.

“I’ve always been good,” Luna scoffed as she kept trying to pvnch him.


“Yeah, good enough not to b.eat me” he smirked and ki¢ked her leg roughly to make her fall.

Before she could fall, she used her leg and gave him a hard ki¢k in between his Iegs.

“Ahhh! Fk you!” He cvrsed angrily, putting his both hands there as he jumped.

“Have you been planning to get rid of my dk? Huh?”

“Stop being a jackass and get up” Luna said, rolling her eyes.

“Can’t you see that you have hurt my baby?” He glared and walked away.

“Hey, I want to make use of this spot” He said to Raven as he walked up to her.

“I believe a real target would make the shooting more thrilling” she replied, turning her arrow’s to his forehead.

“And klling a w!tch would be the best kll” he scoffed and sI.apped the arrow away from his head.

“Boss” Kira muttered before any one could say anything else.

“Boss!” Luna repeated.

“Does anyone care for a round with me?” He asked with a smirk but no one replied.

Of course, training with him is signing up for de.ath. Before you can even touch a hair on his head, you’re already dealt with.

“I’m really happy you’re back, boss” Luna said, smiling.

“And am not back alone this time” he said and they looked at him confusingly, except Raven.

He’s obviously the only one they’re seeing.

“Hey knuckleheads!” They heard a familiar voice at their back and they turned swiftly.

“Dylan?” They all gasped with a shocking look. Luna’s weapon fell from her as she staggered.

Everyone froze on their spot, it all seemed like a dream to them.

The shock of seeing someone from the d.ead is what they’re passing through.

Dylan is a vampire and a super strong one. He’s second after Draco in terms of strength.

Whenever Draco went for tough battles, he was always beside him.

He was klled two years ago when they fought a heated battle with a strong va.mpire clan.

They won that very day, but to them something much greater was lost.

“Glad to see you all again” he smiled warmly and Luna started slowly towards him.

“Dylan ” Luna muttered, feeling a lump in her throat. She increased her pace and ran into his arms.

“Easy there baby fox” he chuckled, hugging her tightly.

“Why did you leave me like that? Why didn’t you come back to me?” she asked, crying out on his shoulder like a baby.

“I didn’t leave you baby, I was truly almost gone. It’s all thanks to boss who brought me back”.

“We really missed you handsome” Kira said, smiling as they walked to him.

“Missed you all too baby” he responded with a smile.

“Huh? Baby?” Luna sniffed, breaking the hug with a pout.

“Even in tears you’re still jealous” Dylan chuckled, giving her nose a playful pinch.

“Glad to have my match back, tired of all these weaklings” Blaze said as they shook hands.

“Welcome back Dylan,” Raven said.

“Thanks Ravy” he smiled and she left.

“Don’t celebrate too much and forget your training” Draco said and they turned their gaze back to him.

“Thanks boss, you’re the best” they shouted and he nodded.

“Good to have you back again Dylan, he smiled shortly with his side view and disappeared.

“Finally, my game partner is back” Rex grinned.

“Been ages, Dylan replied, smiling cheerfully.

“Let’s go to your room, I made sure it remained the same” Luna said and he nodded.

“Later guys, I owe you a treat in the evening” he said to them and waved goodbye before leaving.

“The T£RRORS are complete again, Yay!!!”

“They should really fear our return now” Kira said, smiling deviously as she went back to her training.


“Not even the air here has changed,” Dylan said as he walked into his room with Luna.

“I told you so,” Luna giggled, holding his hand.

“Thanks” he smiled, turning his face to hers and she smiled back.

“After you were gone, I always came here to cry almost everyday.

Memories of us always reflected whenever I did so” she said, smiling sadly with a bitter tone.


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