DEEP SECRETS : Episode 21 – 30



A knock on the door hushed Steve and Lizzy. They were not expecting anyone. Steve picked his gun and moved towards the door. This time he was determined to use it. A female voice, saying, “Room service!” from outside, calmed him a bit. He tip-toed back to Lizzy and asked,

“Did you ask to be brought anything?”

Lizzy shook her head signaling ‘no’.

She was too afraid to utter a word. Meanwhile the female voice outside the door continued to knock gently on the door, almost singing

“Room Service!” by now.

Steve peered at her through the hole on the door and asked with a stern voice,

“Who are you?!” and quickly moved away from the door to avoid gunshots.

“I am a hotel maid, I have a delivery for your wife sir,” the maid at the door said.

Steve was done being hunted, he yanked the door open and surprised the maid. The gun in his hand scared the maid and she almost jumped out of her skin.

“My wife did not make any order! What is it you want?” Steve barked.

“This is for your wife,” the maid said, stretching a parcel toward him.

Steve looked at the parcel suspiciously wondering what it was.

“Open it!” he demanded.

Fidgeting, the maid began to open the parcel.

“Let me have it,” Lizzy said from behind Steve.

The maid was eager to deliver the parcel and disappear. She threw the parcel at Lizzy and ran from the door. Lizzy was curious to find out what the parcel contained and so tore it hurriedly. A neatly packaged DVD plate was all she found inside. While Steve shut the door, she made her way toward the home theater in the room and slotted it in. The picture which came on the screen was one of the most s*xually graphic motion pictures she had ever seen. Steve was on a teenage girl, holding her by the neck and thrusting himself into her like a beast of the wild. The teenager’s cry rent Lizzy’s heart. In the background were faces she knew very well, doing the same thing to other girls, and some ladies submitting their bodies to young men she had not seen before. Without thinking about it, she turned off the television and looked at Steve in utter disbelief.
Steve had been caught, there was no lying about his secret life now. Lizzy managed to stifle her sob with both hands as hot tears matched down her cheek.

“That girl is not yet sixteen years, is she?” she asked.

Steve opened his mouth to talk but no word came out. He sat on the bed knowing his marriage had just gone with the wind over the video his wife had just watched. Steve’s forlorn look spiked her curiosity and so she took a sit and began to watch the full length video. It was horrifying. The video was a medley of many of the 0rgies Steve and his friends had together and with so many others Lizzy did not know. Streams of tears ran down her cheek as she watched the video. She had to stop it when she saw a clip where a girl Steve injected with pendulum died in his hands during very vi0lent s*xual interc0urse. After Lizzy had stopped the video. She ejected it from the player put it back in its case and dropped it into her purse. She dressed up quickly and left the room. Steve sat on the bed, looking spaced out. About a minute later, Lizzy came back into the room and asked,

“Where are our children?”

“They are in Ghana with Emmalyn,” Steve replied.

Lizzy said no other word and left.


12:15 am, The Helmsman’s holding house.
When Chucks and all the people who were abducted along with him were brought to the Helmsman’s house, they were carefully searched. Their guns, phones, cameras and recorders were taken from them. Eve and Stanley were buzzing with their first success at cracking up the case. They were convinced that Chucks was working with those who shot them or made the videos. However, few minutes into quizzing Chucks, they began to realize just how little they knew about the case.

“I am innocent. I have overwhelming evidence to prove I know nothing about you and Eve being shot,” Chucks said, his eyes flaming with zeal to prove his innocence.

The look on the faces of Eve and Stanley gave the impression they were ready to spill blood that night.

“That man over there is a police officer, his name is Martin Sekibo. What he knows about the videos and your being shot will leave the hairs on your skin standing. He has been part of the scheme to make the videos and to shoot the two of you long before it all began. I have a recording of his confessions. You will find them in the recorder you took from me. Try to play it and listen to what he has said so far!” Chucks shouted.

Eve dashed into the room where they kept all they had taken from Chucks and his men and returned in a jiffy with the tape recorder. Chucks wasn’t done pleading his innocence. He knew the facts and pieces of evidence he had gathered were in his favour. So he was willing to use them to the uttermost.

“This other man is my detective. I have been investigating the case with him for about a month now. He too has quite some information about the videos and the shooting. These men are his colleagues. The two ladies over there are also working with us. They helped us nab Martin Sekibo. I can bring the man who shot you and Eve right here if you want me to. I know you want his head on a dish, but you should listen to him first. His alias is Leroy. I don’t know his real name.”

That bit of information got Eve, Stanley and Helmsman excited.

“Are you serious? Can you really bring him here?” Stanley said looking astonished.

“Yes I can. Only a phone call from Martin Sekibo is all you need to bring him down here. Already Emilia has asked Martin to kill him…”

“Why do they want to kill Leroy? Do they know Stanley and I are investigating the case?” Eve asked.

“I doubt very much they do. A man was killed in a nightclub weeks ago. Leroy was sent to kill the man and take some information from him. When he got to the nightclub, the man was already dead with seven bullet holes in his head. Someone reached him before Leroy could. Those who hired Leroy think he was the one who killed the man and sold the information he had to others. The dead man was said to have reached some people in the videos, claiming he knew who made the videos and the reasons they were made and some foreign buyer bidding to buy the videos. Check Martin’s phone, you will see a text from Emilia asking him to kill Leroy. Emilia and those who hired Leroy want him dead because he has found out he was set up at the nightclub. Stanley you need to speak with this guy,” Chucks explained.

“I have transferred all you have on the tape recorder to a laptop, who is the other voice talking to you? Is that Leroy?” the Helmsman asked.

“Yes, that voice is Leroy. Please listen to what he has to say,” Chucks replied.

While Chucks and his team were being quizzed, Annabel called the helmsman to give him information about Maxwell’s death. The helmsman who had been on the road with Eve and Stanley for days, chasing Chucks and Leroy, was shocked to hear about Maxwell’s death. He excused Eve and Stanley and went upstairs to continue the telephone conversation with Annabel.

“What do I do with Eve and Stanley since Maxwell is dead?” the Helmsman asked.

“They are innocent. I want them set free. However, if they want to help me crack the case they are welcome. I will give them all that they need to make it happen. Already I am working on the case with my team. I think I know who killed my father.”

“There are somethings you need to know. We have picked up a certain police officer by the name Martin Sekibo. He knows too much. Chucks, one of Stanley’s friends made it happen. He can also help us get the man who shot Eve and Stanley. In fact, I think you should get down here to read and listen to the information we already have. There is too much to tell you over the phone. However, you must know that one name is recurrent in all we have dug up. That name is Emilia.”

“That is the same over here. Emilia knows more than she is willing to let out. I want us to shift focus to her and sniff out as much information as we can. I am already in my killing mood. Some people have got to die this week. I will be with you in a few minutes.”

The helmsman dropped the call and rand down to rejoin Eve and Stanley.
All that night, Eve, Stanley and the helmsman went through the evidence Chucks and his men had gathered. Every piece of information they gleaned was a shocker to them. The part where they heard that Steve may have killed the man at the nightclub, sent a chill down their spine. About 1:40 am, Annabel joined them. At a certain stage, Chucks and his private investigators were un-cuffed and asked to join the slowly morphing team that would go headlong with those who made the videos and sought to kill Eve and Stanley. About 3 am in the morning, Eve and Stanley found themselves in a big fix. They all had listened to Leroy and Martin Sekibo claim in the recordings that someone mailed the videos to Eve and Stanley. Annabel, who earlier had thought that they were innocent, had a quick change of mind and immediately demanded that they tell her where the videos where. They would have ended up shooting each other if Chucks and his private detectives had not waded into the matter to restore some sanity in the house. After much persuasion, Annabel grudgingly accepted that perhaps the claim by Leroy and Martin were hoax. Eve and Stanley were shocked to hear someone mailed the videos to them. They found it hard to believe that they were shot because someone was convinced that they had the videos and wanted them killed because they did not want the videos found. With the much they had learnt that night, Eve and Stanley decided that it was safe not to tell anyone that the man who was shot in a nightclub was actually Maxwell’s half-brother and Annabel’s uncle.


The detective working for Clara and Stella had pictures spread out on the dining table. Stella and Clara held their breath in amazement as they studied the pictures.

“We felt Chucks was up to something big and so we assigned some men to follow him. These images are the things they uncovered in the process.”

Pictures of Eve and Stanley in a Peugeot 306 were strewn all over the table.

“Your friends are back and they are obviously looking into why they were shot. I hope the two of you have your hands clean. We are expecting Eve and Stanley to take down a lot of people in the coming weeks. That is how this works. We don’t know Chucks’ role in all of this, but we feel he will be a useful asset to Eve and Stanley,” the detective volunteered.

“When were these pictures taken?” Clara asked.

“Just yesterday.”

“Do you have a clue where they are now?” Stella asked.

“We lost track of Chucks last night. He was following a police officer. We are still trying to figure out why. Right now all we can tell you is that both he and the police officer are missing. Our guess is that Eve and Stanley know something about their sudden disappearance.”

A gentle knock on the door hushed them. The detective stood up to get the door.

“Who is that?” His question was answered with a heavy thud on the door.

The door flew open and slammed into his face and he crashed to the floor. Eve, Stanley and three armed men entered the living room. Clara and Stella looked at them like those from the land of the dead.

“I hope we didn’t spoil your party. We need you all to follow us,” Stanley said, giving the impression he hardly knew who Clara and Stella were.

The message was clear. Clara and Stella read it and made no fuss about following their former friends out of the house. The detective was carefully secured and led out with his men.


“I did all you saw in the videos and worse. I will never deny them. I am gone past salvation. I can’t change. I love s*x the way you saw it in the videos. I have slept with those you can’t imagine and like you already know, none of our children is yours. However, one thing I will never do is hurt you. If it would take eternity to apologize to you for what I did to you and to our marriage, I would be happy to apologize for that long. I am very sorry Femi. Please call off your assassins. I know you killed Maxwell and sent your men after me and Mayo,” Bimpe pleaded passionately.

Mayo was sitting in an arm chair watching Bimpe and her husband. Linda, Mr. Femi’s mistress, was on the bed with a pillow over her face.

“I want Mayo and Linda out of this room,” Mr. Femi said.

Bimpe waved at Mayo, he stood up, walked over to the bed and tapped on Linda to follow him out of the room. While Mayo headed for the door, Bimpe almost tripped him. Mayo staggered and regain his balance. Bimpe apologized profusely before Mayo left the room. That was a secret communication exchanged between the two of them. Mr. Femi and his mistress did not get it. They thought it was all accidental.
By that act, Bimpe told Mayo to hang by the door incase her husband decided to attack her and he understood it. As soon as Mayo and Linda stepped out of the room, Mr. Femi dashed toward the door and locked it. Before Bimpe could shout, he grabbed her by the neck and began to choke her. Bimpe kicked and dug her nails into his hands, but Femi was undeterred. He wanted to finish Bimpe off before Mayo could return. As Bimpe grew limp, and succumbed to death, gunshots were heard from outside the door. The door shattered and the door flew open with a massive force. Mayo dashed into the room and pointed a gun at Femi. Femi released Bimpe and raised his hands in the air. Bimpe went down to the floor almost lifeless.

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