Episode 41

By Faith Lucky

“Octavia” Khalid called after a little while and just with his voice alone, she felt nervous.

“Y… yes, Master” she stuttered.

There was a certain cold she always felt each time she was beside this guy, and it was a cold she couldn’t understand.

“I actually called you here for a different reason” he continued.
“Do you remember the day I was shot at a party and you helped me with an antidote?”

Of course, she could remember.

“Y…Yes Master”. She nodded once.

“You told me it was given to you by a friend, right? I need you to take me to wherever it was you’d gotten it. I need something from this friend”.


Octavia felt her bladder becoming heavy instantly. All the intestines in her belly was beginning to rumble and scream. Why was he asking her that??? He wanted to meet with Michael?? But for what?? What could he possibly need from him?

“Octavia!” Khalid called when she didn’t say anything for a while. He could notice how worked up she was getting.

“Um… I… I don’t know, Master” she stuttered and Khalid scoffed.

“You don’t know what?” He adjusted so he could look at her.
Even a blind man could notice how nervous she was already.

“Sorry to ask… but what do you need from him?” Sbe asked wryly.
If it had been someone else, Khalid would’ve had such a person punished.

“That shouldn’t be your concern, Octavia. Why can’t you take me to him?” He asked and this time around, Octavia sat up, the duvet still covering her chest.

“It isn’t like … I don’t wanna take you there. But Michael would never agree to help you” she said.
Khalid stared at her keenly, his eyes needing answers. And she went on:

“He…he has some kind of hatred for the X-family and would never want to help any of us”.

“But he helped you” Khalid chipped in. “He had given you the antidote”.

“It wasn’t easy!” Octavia didn’t realize when the words left her mouth and it was too late by the time she noticed.
She gasped lightly and stared down at the bed.

“And what did you do before getting the antiode from him?” He asked, also sitting up.
The topic was getting too intriguing for him.

“I … I didn’t do anything. I mean…I had to beg him” she stuttered nervously.
She couldn’t tell him the truth.

“You begged a guy who you’re so scared of taking me to?” He scoffed.
“Look at me, Octavia”. He told her, but he.ll! She couldn’t. He’d definitely set the lies in her eyes.


“I’m sorry,I can’t…”

He gripped her hand and turned her forcefully to face him.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll force you to take me to him”. He stated as-a-matter-of-factly and Octavia knew Khalid was never a man to bluff. Never.

Her eyes were almost teary as she lowered them from his face and recalled the terrible memories.

“He….He had asked for my body in return” her voice was almost a whisper.

Khalid let go of her hands immediately as he went into silence. Octavia could tell he was still staring at her face and the fact that he wasn’t saying a word was eating her up

Suddenly, he left the bed.

“Get dressed, Octavia” he said.
“You’re taking me to him”.

Octava’s eyes widened in shock. Whaat?? She didn’t hear him correctly did she?

Oh God!

Khalid pulled out a tro.user and wore it on. Then he turned back to look at her and his eyes glinted when he found her still on the bed.

“Octavia?” He called, his voice alone echoing a lot of questions.

She lowered her gaze to the floor immediately.

“I… I thought you wouldn’t want me to take you to him once I tell you that truth?” She asked timidly.

“Well, now I really want to see him. So, get dressed and don’t make me repeat myself”. He said strictly and turned back to the wardrobe.

As he spoke rashly to her, Octavia could see the cruel Master Khalid, and not the Master the Master that broke rules for her sake. She’ could see the cruel Master Khalid that was dreaded by everyone and something in her guts told her he might indeed hurt her if she doesn’t do as he says.

So, she stood up from the bed to get dressed.

But she really didn’t want to see Michael as she never thought they’d have to meet for any reason again.

The thought of getting to see Michael tore her heart; the memories of how he had bru.tally used her replayed in her head and she felt she might not be able to stand his sight anymore. Oh! Why was Khalid forcing this on her?

She put on her clothes slowly and just then, a strong urge to puke hit at her. She covered her mouth with her palm and tried to control it.

“Master… Can I…use your toilet, please?” She managed to ask, but Khalid just stared at her without replying.

She couldn’t hold it any longer as she ran into the toilet and threw up in the sink.

“Urgh!” She groaned, holding her chest.

Khalid followed her but stopped at the door and just stared at her.

She emptied everything into the sink and felt a little relieved when she was done, then she flushed it and stood up to wash her mouth. That was when she found Khalid standing at the door and somehow, sbe felt a little shy because her lips were messy.

She hurried to the washbasin and rinsed her mouth and looking through the mirror, she discovered Khalid was gone.

Hold on; he didn’t even say a word or asked if she was fine. Was he mad at her?

She left the toilet when she was done and they left the room together – headed for his car.

Octavia walked timidly behind him, so many thoughts running through her mind. Thank goodness the area was kind of quiet else, she wouldn’t know what to do if they’ had been seen by a lot people. But didn’t Khalid care at all? No matter what, she didn’t want to do anything that’d affect his status in the elections.

Despite the fact that winning the elections might keep him away from her, she still wanted the best for him and wouldn’t want to be the cause of his badluck.


They entered into the car, drove towards the gate and as soon as the guards noticed it was Khalid, they let them through without any questionings. And as soon as they hit the road, Khalid increased his speed and scorched off.

Octavia was feeling a little sick and the speed at which he was driving wasn’t something that was good for her. But she couldn’t tell him about it. Why was he acting so cold all of a sudden, huh? Was it due to what she told him?

But…he doesn’t care about anyone’s Dignity, right? So, why was he angry she had slept with someone in order to get something that’d save him?

Khalid, on the other hand, couldn’t understand his feelings.

If he could remember correctly, the time the whole poisoned arrow incidence had happened was when he was still very cruel to her. So, why would she do something like that just to save him?

And he knows her, she hated being touched by others. Even when her life was involved, she still didn’t break or allowed anyone have sx with her. So, why did she take such decision?

Suddenly, he screeched the car to a halt, Octavia had to bounce back due to the force he’d used. Huh?

“Why did you do it, Octavia?” He asked without looking at her.
“Why did you make the sacrifice for me?”

Octavia – as usual – was staring below.

“I…I had to” her voice was almost too low to be heard.

Khalid was silent for a while, then he looked at her

“Tell me, Octavia” he stated more calmly. “What were your reasons?”

She hesitated, then looked at him and said:
“I… just didn’t want you to die”.

She didn’t know where the courage came from but she continued staring into his dark eyes. And finally, Khalid pulled her close and crashed his lips on hers.



Becca had been standing in front of the window, watching Octavia and Khalid as they walked into the car.
All she felt was anger; nothing but anger.

Her hands unconsciously fisted beside her as they started the car and took off.

“Where could they be going?” Pamela asked from behind.

“Where else? If not to get her some fruits or toys?” Becca scoffed.

Her heart was becoming too heavy for her chest to contain.

She heard everything – their mo.ans and cries, but she couldn’t stay to the end and had to run away.

That bch! She’s bitten more than she can chew already. They’ve both bitten more than they can chew.

“I’m so sorry, Becca” Pamela mumbled and Becca turned away from the window, marching towards the door.

“Ho…Hold on, where are you going?” Pamela stuttered and she turned to look at her.

“I’m reporting Khalid” she stated bluntly and Pamela’s eyes dimmed.


“Be… Becca, you’re joking, right?” She scoffed.

“Well, if this looks like a joke to you, then fine!”


“Becca, come on! You can’t be serious about this. You might get Khalid disqualified…”

“Well, I don’t care, Pamela. At least, he’d come back to his senses and realize he’s been making a grave mistake all along. In addition, that snake – Octavia would also get puni$hed!”

“Becca,come on. Khalid would be so mad at you”.

“Well, I don’t think I care anymore.
And with that, she left the room.


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