Episode 21

By Faith Lucky

Khalid’s brows knitted in surprise. Did he just hear her correctly? She needed some apples? In the middle of such conversation?

He scoffed.

“Are you trying to order me around, Octavia?” He asked and Octavia’s eyes widened in shock.

“What?? N…no! God forbid that,Master. I can never do such a thing” she answered quickly and lowered her gaze.

“I just… I’ve been craving for it right from Master Klaus’ clan. Please,forgive me” she added and stood up immediately.

“Sit down” Khalid’s icy voice came again and she couldn’t comprehend the force she’d used in sitting back on the bed.


Her hands were on her thighs as she stared at the floor.

Khalid sighed and moved away from her, going to the table.

“Santa?” He called, but Moscow was the one who opened up.

“He isn’t at the doorpost, Master” He replied.

He shot Octavia a glare as she sat on the bed, and Octavia on the other hand, tried not to look at him.

“I need some apples. See if you can get some” Khalid said without looking at him and surprise gripped Moscow.

Some apples? What the heck??

Khalid didn’t eat apples, and he actually didn’t want to think they were for Octavia. No, definitely not.

“As you wish, Master” he answered, anyway and left.

“T… Thank you” Octavia looked up at Khalid and said, but he didn’t respond.

After a while, Khalid left the room, instructing Octavia to stay there until he’s back. And of course, she did.

Shw went deeper into the bed and huddled her arms and legs together, acting like she was catching a cold.

She felt her tummy, still finding it hard to believe she was keeping the baby.

In a short time from now, she was going to become a mother. She’d actually hold her child.

For the first time since she got to learn she was pregnant,she actually felt relieved and happy.

Yes, happy about the baby because she had been so scared she was going to kill her little thing.

Finally, she could be sure it wasn’t gonna die – at least, not by her hands. .


After a while,the door opened and Moscow returned, holding a nylon of apples. He looked around the room, but there was no sign of Khalid..

“Where’s the Master?” He asked spitefully at Octavia.

“He um…he isn’t in. But you can give me the apple. They’re for me” she answered and stretched out her hand and Moscow scoffed.

“Have you gone nuts? I should give you what apples? So, you actually think I’d run an errand for you?” He asked angrily, but Octavia gave no reply.

Moscow had actually heard about the baby and really couldn’t believe it. The bch!
Well, it was one thing to carry a child, and it’s another to be able to deliver it safely – he concluded.

“Since he isn’t here, I’ll just take the apples with me” he added and turned around.

“You can take the apples if you want, but when he’s back, he’s still gonna call you to give it to me. So, it’s your choice to go through the double stress” she answered plainly and Moscow fisted his hands.
The br@t!! How dare she!!

He shot her a deadly stare and marched angrily to the table to drop the apples. And after that, he shot her another glare and finally left the room.

As soon as he was gone, Octavia jumped out of the bed and ran to the table. She opened the nylon and brought out an apples and without hesitation, took a heavy munch from it.

“Hmm” she closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy.

Goodness! It was more like…that was her first time eating in years. She felt so relieved.

She munched more on it and in no time, was done consuming it completely. She took another one and continued eating until she had just one left in the nylon.

God! It seems the apples were making her really hungry because the more she consumed them,the hungrier she felt.

She continued eating in ecstasy until the door opened and Khalid walked in.

As soon as Octavia noticed him, she flinched and moved away from the table. Oh! She really couldn’t understand why tgos guy always made her so nervous.

She brought her hand down with the half apple in it and stared at the floor and Khalid walking in, went over to the table where she was.

He saw the nylon on the table and discovered it was just one apple in it, and Octavia had half with her.
Hold on…

“Moscow?” He called and Moscow came rushing in immediately.

“Yes Master?”


“Why did you get just two apples?” He asked and Moscow’s brows furrowed in surprise.

He moved closer to the table and confirmed it was just one apple left in the nylon while Octavia had half in her hand.

“I gott 6 apples, Master, not 2” he notted and Khalid looked at Octavia immediately.

Octavia took her hands to the back and had her head bent like a child who was being chastened.

Oh-oh! Did she do something wrong? She was really hungry for apples.


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