SECRET CRUSH : Episode 21 – The End

?SECRET CRUSH? BY QUEEN ELLA ?EPISODE 21? Mariel POV “I love this one” I pouted like a child to my mom and she smiled. After i forgave her yesterday, she never stopped treating me like a baby. She slept in my room lastnight and cuddled me like a baby and she sang lullaby to me. … Read more

SECRET CRUSH : Episode 11 – 20

?SECRET CRUSH? By Queen Ella ?EPISODE 11? Mariel’s POV I and Tricia stood at the front of Mr James’ table, Mrs Ashok was also there and was staring at us. We had both explained our sides of the story. Tricia tried to deny but Vanessa was quick to shut her and her colleague, and defend … Read more

SECRET CRUSH : Episode 1 to 10

?SECRET CRUSH? By Queen Ella ?EPISODE 1? Mariel’s POV I walked along the narrow lane in joy, i’ve never been to a school as big as this in my entire life. Westbrook high was one of the biggest school in New York, I wasn’t the type that attended classic schools because of the huge money … Read more