SECRET CRUSH : Episode 21 – The End




Mariel POV

“I love this one” I pouted like a child to my mom and she smiled.

After i forgave her yesterday, she never stopped treating me like a baby.

She slept in my room lastnight and cuddled me like a baby and she sang lullaby to me.

Today was weekend so no school and work.

My mom took me to a shopping mall and told me to pick whatever i like.

We were both arguing on a gown.

She wanted me to pick the blue colour but i loved the pink one and we both argued on it.

“Pink suits me better”i said.

“But i think the blue will fit you better since you’re skinny” she said.

“Hmm.. are you trying to say I’m thin” i asked faking an angry face.

“No baby, you’re fat. That’s why I’m going to take you to a big restaurant and stuff all the food into you” she said sarcastically.

“Mummy..” i said.

“I’m just joking baby, but you really have to gain some weight” she said.

“Hmmph.. I’m not skinny okay?” I said.

“Fine baby”

“So can i have the pink gown now?” I asked.

“We’ll just buy the two, dear” she said.

“But I’m never gonna wear the blue one, got that” i said.

“We’ll see about that” she said.

I picked more outfit and i picked some form my Aunt too.

My mom has spent so much on my already and i really enjoyed her company and love.

How good it feel to have a mother that loves you a lot.


I sat on my bed, operating my phone, my aunt and mom were in the living room discussing about some women boring stuff.

My phone beeped, it was Adrian and I wondered why he was calling but i was happy all the same.

I picked the call.

“Hi” i said into the phone.

“Umm… hello Mariel.. i was wondering if we could meet today, in the afternoon.. that’s if you’re free” he said at once.

Meet… us.. did he just say that..

Seems good luck is visiting me today.

“Sure… I’m not busy at all.. where should we meet?” I ask.

“At the shopping mall in wall street” he said.

“Yeah… I’ll come…” i said.

“Okay… I’d expect you… bye” he said and i hanged up.


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