SECRET CRUSH : Episode 11 – 20


By Queen Ella


Mariel’s POV

I and Tricia stood at the front of Mr James’ table, Mrs Ashok was also there and was staring at us.
We had both explained our sides of the story. Tricia tried to deny but Vanessa was quick to shut her and her colleague, and defend me. I was grateful and happy that she was there for me.

Atleast i now have a friend in Westbrook high.
“Miss Dylan, can you explain why you insulted her family after destroying her lunch” Mr James asked Tricia.
“Sir i was only telling her the truth, her family are cursed” she eyed me and i dashed towards her ready to give her another round of beating but Nessa held me back and i glared at her.

“Miss Cornwell, we know you’re one of our best students here but you’ve got quite a temper, and you Tricia don’t you have anything else to do rather than causing troubles around”

“Your father just called to ask why you got an ‘F’ again in the physics test, you ought to mingle with people like Mariel so you can try getting good grade this section. But no, its just one trouble to another.” Mr James said to Tricia who shrugged.

“Well you can go now Tricia, i just hope this doesn’t repeat itself again. Cos if it does be ready to face some punishment” Mrs Ashok saïd.
“You can go to the clinic now” Mr James said and Tricia left after eyeing me and giving me a *this is not over* look.
Mr James faced me and Mariel after Tricia left.

“You both will be offering a speech at the mini party we’ll be having in 2 weeks time, you both are part of the best students in this school and i hope you won’t disappoint me, right guys?” He asked and we both nodded.

“You’ll both follow Mrs Ashok to get your speech, and make sure you both look your best on that day” Mr James said.
“Yes you both will wear a champagne dress, fitted one and designers shoes and your make up must be superb” Mrs Ashok saïd.
“Do you get it?” Mr James asked and Vanessa nodded but i stared at them.

How will i get money to buy a champagne gown and designers, even my salary for 6 months can never get it.
My Aunt can’t even afford such.

“Mariel, i just asked if you’re okay with it” Mr James said.
“Sir, the dress is really expe….
“Yes sir we both get it, we’ll start préparation for the outfit immeadiately” Vanessa cut me off but Mr James still stared at me.
Vanessa gave me an eye sign and i quickly nodded.
“I… i … get.. i.. it s…ssirr” i stammered.

“Good then, you can both go with Mrs Ashok now” Mr James said and we both nodded and left his office to Mrs Ashok’s.

***Fast forward***

It was closing time and i walked to my bicycle slowly.
I really need to find where to work again.
I will really work hard and get enough money and show them that i’m not poor.

You can do it Mariel, yes i can.
I was about climbing my bicycle when i heard my name, i faced the direction.

It was Vanessa and she was heading towards me with her backpack.
“Hey Mariel” she said panting.
“Hi Nessa” i responded.
“I was wondering if we could both go for shopping together” she said.
“Umm.. Nessa i’m really bu…..
“Please don’t say no Mariel, i really don’t wanna shop alone. It’s really boring” she pleaded.

“Umm.. okay but i have to inform my Aunt I’ll be back late today i don’t wanna get her worried” i said.
She handed me her phone to call my Aunt, she’s really understanding, Thank goodness she didn’t ask me of my phone.

I dialed my Aunt’s number and went aside to explain to her.
She told me to take care of myself and shouldn’t come back late. She was also told I had a new friend.

I didn’t tell her about the fight cos she’ll get mad at me.
Nessa took my bicycle to the boot side of her car and opened the door for me to enter.

I sat beside her and she drove the car to the shopping mall.
We both gisted, joked and played all through the ride.
I was happy i now had a friend i could talk to.

She brought some chocolates sweets, ice cream and so delicious looking cookies.
I tried rejecting them by lieing that i wasn’t hungry but my hungry stomach failed me as it grumbled loudly.
Nessa looked at me and smile.

“Guess your hungry stomach can’t reject these tasty foods” she said and smiled.
I smiled as i collected the snacks from her and we both ate to our satisfaction.

We got to the boutique in time.
It was a very big and beautiful boutique and I’m sure just one hairpin there will cost a fortune.

Vanessa held my hand and we entered the restaurant. The inside of it was really beautiful and spacious, it was really beautiful.
It seems Vanessa was a regular customer there ‘cos i could see the way they were all greeting and chatting with her.

After the greetings and chit chats, we both entered another room with a placade at the top of the wall that states ‘V.i.p specials’ the room was filled with so many designers and dresses.

There were different gowns, skirt, short, and shoes. All women wears.
Vanessa started picking dresses and shoes and i assisted her as well.
We selected so many clothes which include 5 champagne short and long dresses, lots of shorts, skirts and designers shoes.
We both went to the cashier to pay.

When i saw the amount i almost passed out.
It was enough to build a beautiful bungalow and also buy a little bicycle.

While going i saw a placade on the wall that states ” A CASHIER WANTED”.
I stared at the placade for a while wondering if i should go for it. I told Vanessa about it and she helped me apply for the job and i was accepted with the help of Vanessa.

I was given a uniform and told to start work in 2 days.
We both thanked the woman as Vanessa drove us back.
We stopped at another shopping mall, where phones was sold.

We both came down as Vanessa walked into the shop alone and came back with a package in her hand.
She drove home as i directed her to my house and she surprised me by handing the whole clothes and package to me

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