THE WEDDING : Episode 21 – The End

[THE WEDDING (Can I love you?) Written by Sherry Episode 21 …………………… Rose: Dad what are you doing here? Fred: (walks inside the apartment) You’ve got a nice place daughter. Rose: I asked you a question, what are you doing here? Fred: Relax darling. I don’t bite, I just came to say hi to my … Read more

THE WEDDING : Episode 11 – 20

THE WEDDING {Can I love you} By Sherry . Episode 11 …………………….. Rose quickly got up and took someone’s bicycle following the car in a high speed. She didn’t think about herself, she just wanted to take her baby back. Nigel saw her coming and asked the driver to increase his speed too, but he … Read more

THE WEDDING : Episode 1 – 10

THE WEDDING {Can I love you?} By Sherry Episode 1 The church is crowded with a lot of people, friends and families. Important people, all gathered for the Holy matrimony of Nigel Owens and Rose Gonzales who will soon become Mrs Owens. The groom is dressed handsomely and expensive waiting for his bride at the … Read more