THE WEDDING : Episode 1 – 10

{Can I love you?}

By Sherry

Episode 1

The church is crowded with a lot of people, friends and families.
Important people, all gathered for the Holy matrimony of Nigel Owens and Rose Gonzales who will soon become Mrs Owens.
The groom is dressed handsomely and expensive waiting for his bride at the alter.
Soon the pianist started playing as the bride’s father walked in with the bride in her beautiful expensive wedding dress.
A veil is covering her face but everyone is sure of how she looks, Rose is an untold beauty.
Every man’s dream girl, she possesses all a man needs in a woman.
Her father Fred Gonzales hands her to Nigel and steps back for the priest to do his work.

{Few weeks ago}
“No mother! I can’t accept this! How can you do this to me?” Rose yelled standing up from the couch as her parents stared at her in awe.
“Please calm down my dear” her mother Theresa begged.
“Mom you’re asking me to get married to a man I don’t even know and you think it’s okay! I have a boyfriend mom, do I just dump him for some stupid billionaire?!” She yelled again.
“Listen Rose, we’re not really asking you to marry him” Fred said.
She calmed down and sat down.
“So what do you want me to do?”
Theresa sighed, “it’s simple darling, get married to him, get him to trust you. Enough to give you all he has then get rid of him”
Her eyes widened, “No mom! I might be a bitch but that is too cruel. I can’t kill him!”
“No Rose, his properties is what is important, we don’t need his life. You could divorce him and go away with the properties”.
“I don’t want his properties, I will only serve as a carrier because I want nothing to do with him” she said.
“That’s my girl” Theresa smiled.
“But why do you want to ruin him?” Rose asked unsure of why her parents are doing this.
“Because it’s our right, the Owens owe us a lot” Fred said.
Rose nodded, “That’s justifiable, hope I won’t be in any danger?”
“Trust us darling, we’ve got your back. Nothing will happen to you” Fred replied.
“Well let’s get married then”

At the Owens Mansion

Nigel just returned from a business trip, he found out his parents got him a wife.
He doesn’t really have time to find the right woman due to his busy schedule so he tasks his parents with finding one for him.
And they looked well, she’s an angel.
So adorable, s*xy, beautiful and charming.
“What do you think Nigel” His mother Anna asked.
“She’s beautiful mother, I love her already. Who is she?” he asked.
“Rose Gonzales, daughter of a business friend of mine. You’re gonna marry her?” his father Sammy asked.
“Of course he will, he likes her already. Such shiny black hair and long curly lashes, Who wouldn’t say yes” his younger sister Jean cuts in.
“I don’t mind meeting her dad”
“She will come over soon, be at your best behavior” Anna said.
“I will mom, can’t wait to meet you angel” he said staring at the picture.
?End of Flashback?

They exchanged their marriage vows and shared a k!ss, the crowd cheered and reporters took pictures.
They walked out of the church premises happily, the bride threw the bouquet and someone caught it.
They went to the reception where they did some boring wedding stuff according to Rose and danced together.
They took a few pictures and left for the airport, they boarded Nigel’s private jet from Las Vegas to London.
They lodged in one of his hotels, Rose is impressed by the level of his riches.
Rose decided to give him a good time during the honeymoon but will resume her worse behavior after.
They k!ssed and made love all night, Rose couldn’t deny he was so good.
After series of love making, she walked to the bathroom pretending to have a bath.
She took her pills with her and swallowed it in the bathroom.
“I don’t plan on carrying your baby, I just wanna fulfil my mission and leave. Enjoy it while it lasts cos this will be your last…” she thought smiling to herself.
She took her bath and joined him in bed, Nigel is really happy.
He hugged her tightly and falls asleep.
“If only you knew what I have in store for you… ”

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