THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 18 – 21



Written by Lanre Olagbaju

I started to feel panicky and breathless…I could see Captain running helter-skelter, he was so confused.
The next time I opened my eyes, I was on a hospital bed with all sorts of things passed through my body. I tried to get up but felt light-headed. There was a nurse standing on my right hand side, I could hear her calling for a doctor.

When I finally came round, I realized Deola was in the room as well…she said Captain called her. I asked where he was but was told he had left not too long ago but promised to be back shortly.
I kept asking the doctor when I could leave. It was Saturday evening and I had an exam to write on Monday…I wasn’t going to miss that…that would result in an extra year.

The doctor told me to rest some more and he would talk to me when Captain returned.
Deola was curious to know what happened which suggested that Captain didn’t tell her much. Why hide from someone that would wash your corpse…so I told her everything.
“This one pass me o
I would advise treading with caution…especially since the wife knows about you. It’s just a matter of time before she knows who you are and you don’t want her coming at you with all that she has.
Just get better and we’ll think of what to do once you are out of here”
Deola stayed with me until Captain returned…he came with the maid and they brought me a homemade meal. He stood by my bed and was running his fingers through my hair while holding my right hand. I couldn’t look at him…the fear of his wife was stronger than the love I felt for him.

Deola left shortly after…When the doctor finally talked to me, he said I had somehow put the pregnancy through a lot of stress and my blood pressure was off the charts when I was rushed in.
They had to do a Dilation and Evacuation to save me because I was bleeding like no man’s business. He said he was sorry about the baby but glad that I pulled through.


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