The Congruence

Episode 13

Written by Lanre Olagbaju

I nodded in affirmation…it was obvious that Deola didn’t understand the depth of the connection that I felt with Captain so I kept some information to myself and served her scoops, the parts she was interested in, from my one-of-a-kind date.

From there on, somehow, it just became official. This meant that my weekends were completely booked and the only appointment was with Captain. He would come pick me up himself on Friday evenings and not drop me off till Sunday night.
He didn’t rush to sleep with me after our first encounter; it was as if he was marinating me in romance, friendship and affection…getting me ready for the D day.

We would stay up all night watching movies and talking. He would bounce his plans off of me just to see if I had a better idea.
The day Captain finally deflowered me; it happened out of nowhere…we had just returned from an all-night black tie event. I had stepped in the shower to freshen up and he had been asking a question repeatedly but I didn’t hear.So he came to the bathroom…I didn’t hear him come in, because of the running water. He stepped into the tub with me and that was the cue. I guess somewhere at the back of my mind, I was also ready for this. There were no hesitations, my inhibitions were completely lowered by his gentlemanliness and I surrendered all…like butter on a hot surface.

I had mixed feelings at the end of it, I felt a little guilty but I loved that it was Captain. He also made me feel better with the things he said and promised. The introduction of sex took the relationship to a whole new level…it was as if I couldn’t live without seeing Captain.

I couldn’t call him at work, he already begged me not to and I had gotten so used to his daily calls that if it was taking longer than usual, I would become restless and be looking at my phone every minute.
I tried my best to hide it and keep my cool on Campus but Captain spoilt me silly with gifts and cash that it wasn’t long before words started to go round that I had joined the “Sugar Daddy/Aristo Club”.
A loudmouth course mate of mine actually said it to my face in class, howbeit jokingly, a day after I had missed a test because I spent the weekend with Captain and had completely forgotten about the Monday morning test.

She called me “a sheep that mingled with a dog that now eats faeces”…I didn’t know how to respond but I felt guilt and anger at the same time. When Deola heard about this later in the day, she told me to ignore them as they were just jealous. She said she could deal with the person if I would tell her who it was. I didn’t want to do that because I had seen something similar happen in the past….so I told her not to worry about it.


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