THE DIAMONDS SEASON 2-By Faith Lucky: Episode 1-10

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine?)

Episode 4

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
“Do you need something?” I asked him since he was standing on my way and he just smiled.

“You’re Cali, right?” He asked but I didn’t reply.

Then, I tried to see if I could read his thoughts which were kinda hard, but just then, someone distracted me.

“Cali!!” I heard my name and turned to see Nina and Diane running towards me.

Ah! Perfect.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, miss. I actually wanted to ask you a question, but don’t bother. I’ll just find my way” he said and left in a hurry before Nina and Diane could arrive.

“Hey, Wat’s up?” They asked when they got to where I was.

“Who was that?” Diane asked, staring at the direction the boy had taken.

“Uh…I have no idea. He just bumped into me and asked some silly questions” I replied with a shrug and for a moment, we were silent.

“So, you really slept in Miquel’s room?” Diane asked, her right hand on her waist.

G0sh! Not again.

“Well..yes” I rolled my eyes.

“What the hell happened, Cali? How’re you suddenly close to Miquel? Come on, tell us about it”.

“Not now, okay? We have classes to attend” I replied and tried walking away, but she pulled me back.

“H*ell, no! We’re going nowhere until you tell us the truth” she persisted and Nina chuckled.

“Okay; fine! Fine! He asked me to stay with him, okay? He just needs some company” I rolled my eyes and folded my hands.

Well, Miquel was one special person and I knew it might be awkward telling someone he likes me.

“He asked you to stay with him?” Nina asked in her tiny voice.

“What did you do to him, Cali? I mean….why would Miquel want you to stay with him? Miquel of all people? Do you even know what you’re talking about?” Diane inquired.

G0sh! How then would she react if she gets to know he kssed and touched me last night??

“Well…let’s just say we grew fond of each other and became friends. After all, miracles happens” I shrugged and started walking away and thankfully, they didn’t stop me this time around.

They followed me behind and we got to the lecture hall after a long walk.

“You still have a lot to tell us,,Cali” Diane whispered to me as we took our seats and I just rolled my eyes.


Everyone settled in class and soon, the lecturer walked in.

“Good morning, Diãmônds” he greeted in the usual language.

“Good morning, sir” few of them mumbled a reply.

Well, I was among the lot.

“So, before we commence today’s classes, I’d like to pass an important announcement, just like every other lecturer would do to their students as well.

“There’s an important mission on ground – and it’s actually going to be the biggest mission we’ve had in years.

“We’ll be facing our enemies – The Black Diãmônds – and there’ll be a physical combat. As we speak, they’re also making preparations as well.

“Before the end of the day, a list will be out – a list of the people required for the mission. The gifts we’ll needing will be listed out and if you know you possess any of the gifts, you’re to present yourself to the directors immediately so you can commence your training tomorrow.

“We hope for the best and if we work together, we’re definitely going to win. Are there any questions?” He concluded, but the class remained silent.

“Okay. If there are no questions, we can proceed…..”

Hm. So, we’ll be going for another mission??

And with the way he sounds, it seems to be a really big mission.

What could it be all about?
After the strenuous classes, Diane, Nina and I decided to have lunch in the cafe.

“I wish I get chosen for the next mission” Diane said as we settled down with our meals.

“Huh? You wish to be chosen for something dangerous?” I recoiled.

“Well,,yes. I actually love tasks – especially dangerous ones. I love making use of my powers” she said happily and clapped her hands.


Nina didn’t say a word and we all began eating.

After a while, I became pressed and excused myself to the restroom.
I exhaled deeply as I sat on the toilet seat and released the liquid content from my h0ney p0t.

I placed my hand on my chin and suddenly thought of Miquel.

At some extent, I felt lucky being close to him – really lucky.

I recall how everyone feared him. How he’s being respected and worshipped like a god.

And I couldn’t believe that was the same guy that kssed me last night.

At some point, I felt it’d be an honor giving him my……..

G0sh! Cali! What is wrong with you?

I slapped my head and laughed.

But to be sincere, I really enjoyed how he’d touched me last night.
It was so…….
I couldn’t explain it.

After a while, I stood up, fixed my dress and came out of the room to make use of the washbasin.

As I stood in front of the mirror, washing my hands under the running water, I suddenly saw an image behind me.


I flinched and turned to discover it was the boy from earlier – the one with a tattooed *Derek* on his hand.

“You??” I called out.
What’s he doing here??? In the female restroom??

And thinking of it, I don’t think there was anyone else around.

“What’re you doing here?” I asked, surprised and he started coming towards me.

Okay….I don’t think this is normal.

“I don’t wanna hurt you” he said huskily.
“So, just comply and give me your hand and in a few seconds, we’ll be out of here”.


He stretched out his palm to me.

“Wh…What’re you talking about? Why should I go with you?” I asked with an alarmed look.

“When we get there, you’ll know. But for now, we need to leave” he insisted and stretched out the hand the more.

I stared at him for a while without saying a word.

“I’m not interested” I stated bluntly and tried walking away,,but just like I’d expected, he gripped my hand.
And using my survival instincts, I kicked him hard in the leg as soon as I turned.

Haaaa! He didn’t even move or freak.

The kick didn’t have any effect on him.

My eyes widened in shock as it occurred to me and I tried screaming at him immediately, but he slapped me hard on the cheek, making me roll on the floor.


I gasped and crawled backwards when I regained myself.

“Stay away from me!!!” I yelled out.

But my voice was a little weak and he just moved back a bit and was up on his feet again within a few seconds.

He was in the direction of the door and I knew there was no way I’d be able to run out.

I felt so scared. Who was he? And why was he so bent on taking me away?

I tried screaming again, but he noticed and kicked me across the face.

Oh my God!!!

I spat out blood.


I felt a sharp pain on my cheek as tears filled my eyes.

What’s going on?

“Don’t let us do this the hard way,,Cali” he said as he brought out a kn!fe from his pocket.

Oh my God!!!

“You’ve already chosen the hard way” I suddenly heard a cold voice – a voice which was different from his.

It didn’t come from him;
It came from someone else – someone I’d never forget the sound of his voice!

Where’s he?!?

He showed up at the door immediately and my heart skipped.


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