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Episode 11

Grace stared at April as they ate breakfast. She doesn’t want to doubt her sister but April is not helping, they are sisters they shouldn’t be keeping secrets from each other.

“ Grace, what was it you wanted to say?” Maria asked. She remembered her telling them in the kitchen earlier that she had an announcement.

“ Yeah, I got a job and I am leaving this afternoon” she announced.

“ Congratulations” Maria congratulated her and she muttered a thank you. Monica and April on the other hand kept mute.

“ Aren’t you guys going to say something?” Grace asked.

“ Congratulations” April said.

“ Can I see you off?” Monica asked with her face buried in her food.

“ I’m sorry but no” Grace said

“ Stop acting like a little kid, she will be back before you know it” Maria said trying to brighten her sister’s mood.

Monica nodded with a forced smile and silence took over.

“ April we have to talk” Grace said standing beside her. She was sitting on the couch folding some clothes.

“ I’m listening” she mumble.

“ I am leaving this afternoon” Grace said

“ I heard you when you said it” she said

“ I don’t know what type of job you do but I don’t want you neglecting the twins, they might act all grown up but they still need you” she said

“ I know” she muttered

“ I will send some money once I get the chance” she said

“ You don’t have to spend all your savings on us, I can take care of it” April said

“ I am doing this because of you guys so just let me” she said

“ Suit yourself then” April muttered as she stand up with her folded clothes in her arm.

“ I will take my leave now” she said grabbing her small bag.

“Grace” April called and she turned around. “Be careful and don’t hesitate to tell me if someone bully you” she said

Even though they fight and have a lot of things they disagree on, you can’t deny the love they share.

“ Thank you” Grace mutter as she walked back to hug her

“ Stop acting like Monica and get going” April said and Grace chuckle letting go of her.

“ I love you” she muttered. “ Me too” April said and Grace walked out of the house.


? Sunshine High school ?

The school was busy, even more busy because a few students just returned from Egypt. They went to a competition and won.

But all eyes was on a girl, a beautiful girl. Who is known as the queen of the school and who goes by the name….


“ Why is everyone shouting? ” Felix asked standing beside Monica

“ Those students” she pointed to about four students dressed in casual wear. “They just returned from Egypt on a competition and they won” she completed

“Why are they carrying that girl?” he pointed at a girl sitting on two kids shoulders.

“ That is Missy Malfoy” Monica answered

“ Why are they treating her differently?” he asked. “More like a queen” he added

“Because she is the queen of sunshine high, she’s brilliant, beautiful, wealthy. Many kids, both boys and girls worship her” Monica explained

“Does that include you?” He asked staring at her face

“No we are much like rivals, she hates me ever since I was elected as the class vice president, she wanted the position so bad but unfortunate for her I got it” she said with a smile at the end of her word

“Becsuse you deserve it” he said and she chuckle, the bell suddenly rang. “ we better get back to class” he said and Monica nodded before they walked away together.


?White House ?

Blair led Grace into the house, the maids and guards the met on the way bowed and Grace nodded in reply.

Blair chuckle as she watched her try to respond to their greetings, she knew it would not take long for her to get tired.

There are tons of maids and guards in the mansion, how will she respond to all their greetings.

“Blair” she called and Blair stopped with the maids and guards that were trailing behind her too.

“ Why are we walking none stop I am getting exhausted greeting all this girls” she said referring to the maids.

“ You should just ignore them” Blair said

“Huh? Won’t that be rude? ” she asked

“No, you are the first lady, the first woman in America, you can choose to greet or to ignore, no one is going to judge you” she said

“ Alright let’s go” she sighed and Blair countined walking.


After few minutes they were in the room. “Wow, this room is so huge and beautiful” Grace mutter as she stared around

“This is you and the president’s room” Blair said

“I… I will be sleeping in the same room with the president?” she asked and Blair nodded in confirmation

“No one told me that” she complained. “When the first lady told you that you will be doing everything she does, you will have access to everything she has access to, what do you think she was saying?”

“ Does that mean I will serve him in bed too? Like have… ” (she describe sx with her hand)

Blair could not help but laugh as she nodded. “Yes but you don’t have to worry, I doubt him asking for that, the president and first lady aren’t on good terms”. She said

“They aren’t? What happened?” Grace asked

“I don’t think that should be your concern right now, you should rest” Blair said

“If I will be pretending to be her I have to know everything” she said

“I don’t think you should, just be yourself around everyone and when you are asked questions you don’t have an answer to, just wave it off with a smile”. Blair said and bowed before leaving.

“This is harder than I thought but wait, I am really in the president’s palace not just that I am in his room and I will be sleeping on the same bed with him…. Geez this is amazing” she giggled as she jumped on the bed.

“ I should behave myself” she scolded sitting up. “But what am I going to be doing?” she asked no one as she stared around.

Her eyes suddenly landed on the brand new cell phone Blair brought for her on their way to the white house.

She took it and started surfing the internet for something to keep her busy until the president arrive or something.


? Hong Kong ?

Ariel smile as the wind blew her hair backward, it feels so good to be back home. She grew up in Hong Kong with her parents and they still live there.

But she is not here for them, she will drop by their mansion but she won’t stay with them or else her mom will send her back to America.

“ Ariel” her nanny called happily as she walked into the mansion

“Nanny” she called as she hugged her. “My dear” her nanny smile patting her back.

“Ariel? When did you get here?” Her mom who goes by the name Sharon said walking closer to her.

” Just now” she said as she hugged her.

“What brings you here? Is your husband with you?” Sharon asked

” No he’s in America I am alone” she answered

” Why are you here?” Sharon asked

“Let’s talk about that later, where’s dad?” She asked walking towards the couch

” Still at the office” Sharon answered

“I missed you mom, it feels good to be back home” she said collapsing on the couch

” This was once your home now have….”

She cut her mother short as she is aware of what she is about to say. “A new home which is yours husband’s house… I know Mom stop reminding me” she said

” I will go and set the table, dinner is almost ready” nanny said before dissappearing to the kitchen.

” How’s bussiness mom?” She asked sitting up

” Good” Sharon replied and they countined chatting until her father returned.

“Dad!” Ariel yelled as she rushed to hug him.

“What are you doing here?” Was the first question he asked not hugging her back.

That is how he is, sometimes she wondered if he ever loved her. Any father would have welcomed his daughter, it’s been years but her father is not that type.

“It nice to see you would have been great” she said letting go of him

” Why are you in Hong Kong?” He asked

“I guess you are not happy to see me” she said

“If you are not here for a reasonable reason leave…go back to your husband” he said walking past her

” Ever since I got married to Ethan I stopped being your daughter” she said with a sad smile and turned around to face her father who didn’t stop walking

“I will leave” she said and went for her bag that was on the couch

“Ariel” Sharon tried to stop her

“I will call you mom” she said and pecked her before leaving



Ariel walked into a mansion not that huge but good enough, she sighed as she sat on the couch.

” Hi love” she said to a blonde hair guy who walked out of the kitchen.

To be countined

Ariel had a boyfriend all along? Who knew?


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