THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 9 – 13

The Longest Night

Episode 9

Before 5am, I was up, I had to vent my anger or get busy. I chose the later. I mopped every nook and cranny of the house. By 7am, Uzor and Ada were awake.
“Good morning sweetheart”. He said lovingly as he walked toward me. I motioned him to stop.
“Good morning mummy”. Ada said.
“Good morning Sunshine” . I replied.
“I have some orders to meet up today by 3pm, so I have to leave now. I would be back for Ada after I make my deliveries by 6pm”. With my bag on my shoulder and fully dressed. I made my way to the door.
“What is going on? Sinach hold on”. He ran after me but I was already at the door of my car.
“What is happening, this wasn’t your countenance last night”.
The tears rolled down slowly. I didn’t say a word to him but just drove off. I had no order to prepare for, I couldn’t just stand to stare at him. Once I entered my house, I curled into a ball and cried my eyes out. I immediately put my phone on silent, as I knew he would try to contact me. It was just s*x with the ex, I thought to myself but the hope it brought while it happened broke my heart. Uzor had taken everything; my strength, love, youth and even the ability to start again.

It was 5pm when I finally picked up my phone. I had drifted off during my pity party of one and soon the thought hit me like a tsunami and the water works resumed
. It was a continuous activity till evening. The churning of my stomach reminded me that I had stayed all day without food.
Glancing at my phone, I saw 25 missed calls and 5 messages. Uzor gave 10missed calls, 5 from Dera and others from Yemi, and some clients.
“Please Sinach, what’s wrong?… please take your calls”. The first message from Uzor read.
“Does this attitude have anything to do with the messages on my phone ? Let’s talk about it please”. The second message read.
“Still not taking my calls, please let’s talk Sinach”. The third message read.
The last two were from my service provider.

I returned Dera and Yemi calls after which I made my way to the kitchen to lessen the rumblings in my tummy. I diced the water melon and pineapple I had left in the fridge and I sat down to eat like someone who was sick.
It was 7pm when I drove into Uzor’s premises to pick up Ada. I had on a light makeup and a short dress. My eyes were swollen from the marathon of crying but I tried to cover up with makeup. Immediately I rang the door bell, Uzor was at the door.
“Hello Sinach. What’s wrong? Is it because of that message you saw on my phone? It meant nothing, please allow me explain”. He held my hand.
I shrugged from his grip and asked him where Ada was as I was ready to leave the house.
“I’m trying to talk to you Sinach, what’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing is wrong with me, please get my daughter”. I replied subtly. We spoke quietly. I made my way to walk into Ada’s room when Uzor sent me staggering after he tried to pull me back.
“I’m talking to you. Why are you angry? And who sent you on a wild goose chase to check my phone? What gave you that effrontery?”. He said, this time his voice was firm, a bit higher than before, not screaming but loud enough to make me know he was now angry. His voice was laced with sarcasm and disgust.
“Uzor you are hurting me” was all I could say as he held unto my arm. He finally let go when he heard Ada approaching the sitting room. I turned away from her glance to wipe away my tears .
“Mummy” she said as she hugged me.
“Where have you been?”
“Mummy had alot to do today, sorry I left you. I’m sure Daddy took care of you?” I asked
“Oh yes he did, though he left me after some time to work”. She said as she turned to her father smiling. He smiled back.
If only my daughter knew her father was a wolf in sheep clothing, she wouldn’t smile so much or even look at him.
We left the house with Uzor’s eyes on me. The look of admiration was gone and replaced with fury and hate. It was like his body was possessed by another being.
Reaching my house and trying to settle in, Yemi called and asked if we could meet up for dinner, I declined and gave an excuse.
It was a new week and I was partially ready for it, as part of me was drowning the other part was calling and screaming for help but no one could hear me. My only source of encouragement was Ada. She was my strength.

On Monday morning after school runs, I was all alone in the house when I heard my door bell. I ran out of my room and looked through the pinhole and saw Yemi, as soon as I open the door, I was in his arms and his lips effortlessly nested on mine.


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