THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 9 – 13

Episode 12

I sat in my car for what seem like an eternity. I cried my eyes out and then I began to question everything. Was life playing tricks on me or was I was a bundle of ridicule. I wiped my tears and went back to Uzor’s room praying what I saw some minutes ago was just an illusion.

I opened the door to find him in his wheel chair. The banner stared right back at me.
“I was just coming to look for you” . He said as he saw me.
“I had to process some things. I’m sorry I ran out”. I replied. I bent down to clean up the food that spilled on the floor.
He rolled his chair close to me and lifted my face.
“What is wrong darling”. He asked in a subtle tone.
“Nothing is wrong Uzor”. I replied crying.
I packed up the food and stood up to leave.
“I would be back with some food”. I said and walked out of the room.

I could feel his gaze burning through my back, he wanted answers but I had none.
I pulled out my phone and dialled Dera’s number immediately to ask if she was done with the hospital appointment.
“He is so selfish, now he wants you back. Most times I wish I could drive my nails through his neck.
How can a human subject another human to a rollercoaster of emotions, not minding if their actions hurt the other. He is selfish, callous and inhumane”. Dera ranted after I told her about the preceding events.

My thoughts occupied me as Dera ranted on. I had no idea what to do or what to say. I was focused on driving to the house and making food for Uzor.
“I sincerely hope you are not giving thought to what he said, because I won’t support foolishness…..
My phone rang
“I won’t support…., your phone is ringing and it’s better person Yemi. This is the person you should be considering and not that unstable, unbalanced human being”. She said as she handed me the phone. I pressed the volume button to silent the ringing. I had no intention of talking with Yemi.
“You won’t answer his call? But if it were Uzor, you would go running to him”.
Dera has always been the outspoken one since childhood, only if she knew there were moments to talk and keep mute.

Alex who has been sleeping starts to cry, probably woken up by the ranting, as Dera tends to her daughter. I looked up to the skies thanking God for such an impeccable timing.
I got to the house and immediately I pulled into my driveway, the security man ran up to me and delivered a box and some flowers. I searched for a card and it read
‘I’m forever yours’ .
It was signed by Yemi. Dera ran up to see what I held in my hands and she continued ranting
“There is nothing to contemplating here, see the outpour of love. No emotional torture or ridicule of any kind”.


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