Aaron threw his phone out of the window immediately he finished making the call, then he moved the car deeper into the streets.

He took a glance at sleeping Mary at the back of the car and smiled.

Since the first day she was brought into the empire, he has always had eyes for her though he’s not sure if it’s love or lust, but he gets attracted by every of her moves.

Even the slightest bite at her lip does crazy things to him, he has been trying hard to keep himself in check but he just couldn’t keep up anymore, and that’s why he gave her the proposal.

He was determined to have her, that led to forcing her through injection.

Not like she’s happy to be there anyways, he won’t let Rosario turn her to a sx slave, he’ll take her to a peaceful place where they can spend the rest of their lives together, and she’ll eventually fall for him.

He smiled again, and the car tyres screeched furiously as he turned to a sharp bend which led to a street of rogues, a rough ghetto.

It’s an hour drive from the empire, he has plans to lodge her there secretly, then get them to the nearest port tommorow morning where they’ll get on any ship that’s going out of campania.

Rosario won’t have any idea of where they are anyways, no source of tracking.

He looked at his bI.eeding chest scrunched up his face.

All member of the falcons circle actually have a chip of tracker inserted above their heart during initiation, and it can be used to track anytime a member goes missing without a reason.

He actually removed it with a knlfe earlier, and that’s why he’s bI.eeding massively from there.

“Sht” he spat, moving the car into another column in the ghetto.

The area only contains small houses like stalls, lined up with small spaces in-between, he had to drive carefully fast so he won’t get in trouble with the rogues.

He got to the deepest part of the ghetto and stopped the car, more bI.ood gushed out of his chest.

He held the bI.eeding part and a raindrop touched his arm.

Before he could look up, it started raining cats and dogs.

“Dude needs shelter?” An husky voice asked, and he looked ahead to see a huge bald man, standing in front of one of the stalls.

He’s really giant.

“Have a bed to spare?” Aaron asked.

“Maybe” he replied in same tone, and Aaron got Mary from the car.

He walked in the pouring rain till he entered the place.

A female figure wearing all black with a cloak over her head appeared in front of the stall.

She stopped moving and slowly slipped her cloak away from her head, revealing short strands of scattered multicolored hair on her head.

Her lipstick is multicolored too, same with her blush.

She has rings lined on her lower lip completely.

When lightening stuck, it shone on her face, giving out a flash of her naturally green eyes.

She looks freaking deadly

She looked at the stall and repeated the deadly smile.

“Shall we start the game?”


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