Romanio and Lucifer rolled each other in the mud, going down the Riverside till Romanio was on top.

He pvnched Lucifer immediately, and his already wounded jaw expanded as another wound appeared.

Romanio has sharp knuckles, so a pvnch is fire.

He threw him four consecutive pvnches before Lucifer was able to roll him away, then he got on top.

“Where the h’ll did you get Miele from!” Romanio sneered, the bI.oodiness of his teeth showcasing as he gritted it together.

“I’mma grip your life!, It’s tonight Romanio Gambino!” Lucifer spat and stuck a knlfe in his arm, drilling it in.

Romanio smiled, not feeling any pain at all… only a drop of bI.ood escaped the wound.

“I’m a metal!, An id!ot like you won’t blend!” He shouted, htting his forehead on Lucifer’s.

Lucifer rolled to the ground and Romanio removed the knlfe from his arm, he $tuck it in Lucifer’s right eye.

“Fkkkkkk!!!” Lucifer let out a p..ainful yell.

“Injecting my twin was over the board, bI.oody fker!. And the shipment is ours!, BIood stole more, so take this as the payback, and it’s not over yet!” Romanio yelled, removing the knlfe from the eye.

Lucifer’s eyeball accompanied it out.

He made to sh.ove it into the second eye, but a bvllet rammed into his right arm, stopping him.

A thin bI.ood traced down his arm as he stood from Lucifer.

The bvllet was actually from the gvn of an Imperium.

Romanio got karambit from his pocket and threw it at that particular one.

It got his mouth, and he fell down

He faced Lucifer again, but Lucifer was already jumping into the river.

Romanio smirked and made to jump in with him but Hellcat held him back, and he faced her.

“Till another day” she said.

“And where the fk is Rosa!” He glared when he saw no sign of him.

Rapunzel and Pandora threw the body of an Imperium into the air, then they got their swords and before he could land, they ch.opped him like vegetables.

They faced another angle and did the same to another.

Virus and Bullet were sh.ooting skvlls around, bI.owing brains out.

Already wounded Nightingale was struggling with two imperium at a time, and they’re already at the peak of getting rid of her.

Her arm got sh.ot, so she’s having difficulties in moving it .

One was about to pvnch her throat when Terrius appeared, g.rabbing his

He twisted it, $trangling him on the spot.

“Get to the car, you’re wounded” he said to Nightingale, and she smiled, biting her lip

She fell for him immediately.

“Get to the car!” He repeated.

“Sure, sxy” she winked and made her way to the nearest car.


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