By Naomi Cindy B.


Gucci let out a loud shrill laughter immediately she ship started burning in front of her, her golden teeth shinning dvilishly.

She quickly his under the shadow of the night when she heard approaching footsteps, and six people ran past her.

She immediately left her hiding place and ran into the darkness.


Romanio got to the seaside with the others, and all eyes widened when they saw the burning ship.

It must have been wet with gasoline cos despite the fact that it’s on water, it’s still burning.

They finished the rogues off in not less than two minutes actually, and that’s why they’re here.

“Rosa” Romanio muttered, the reflection of the burning ship appearing in his eyes.

In all his years as a mafia, he has never felt fear, not even for one day….but now, the fear in him can kll the frail.

“Rosario….no” Hellcat muttered, her eyes are still wide.

“Donna” Clyde whispered, staring with wide eyes too.

“Lord Rosario!!!!” Rapunzel and Pandora screamed at a time.

“He can’t be gone” Terrius said.

Romanio made to enter the water, but Hellcat held him.

“No, you can’t risk it”

“Get your fking hands off me!, Rosa is not dead!” He yelled, his chest rising and falling like tides.

He jumped into the sea immediately.

“Donna…” Clyde muttered again, and made to jump in too.

Rapunzel held his before Pandora could.

“Sea water is dangerous for your wounds, please” she said pleadingly.

“I need to save Donna” He snapped his hand from her and jumped into the sea without waiting.

Together with Romanio, he swam deep into the sea.

The water started penetrating into his wounds, stinging him like h’ll, but that’s minor right now.

“Madonna!!” He yelled as he swam.

“Rosa!!” Romanio yelled impatiently, swimming fast.




“Rosario!!!!!!” Romanio screamed, and the tears he was trying to fight finally came out of his eyes.

“Rosa you can’t, you can’t fking leave me….you can’t leave!!!!”

“Madonna… Please” Clyde cried too.

“Who the h’ll do you want me to fight with if you leave like this?, Let’s fight just come back please!!!” Romanio yelled again.

“Madonna … Please reappear” Clyde sobbed, looking at the river.

Romanio wiped his tears and started swimming towards the burning ship.

“Boss no!” Clyde swam to him and held him from the back.

“Get your hands off me!” He yelled.

“You’ll get hurt no!” Clyde held him tighter.

“It’s an order!, Let go of me!” He yelled again.

“You can kll me later!, But I ain’t letting you enter that ship!” Clyde shouted back, And Romanio relented.

His muscles fell back in place and he started batting his lids, ready to cry again.

“Is my brother…. really gone?”


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