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Chapter Twenty One

Ava wanted to follow him in then she heard her phone ring.

“Arghh, who is that fool calling?” She murmured and took the phone. She saw it was her boss calling her.

“Hello sir” she said and secretly rolled her eyes.
She just referred to her boss as a fool.

“Where are you? Get to work immediately!” He yelled.

“On my way!” She replied and disconnected the call. She looked back at the house, wishing to go back.
She shook her head and ran away.

THE MAN IN MY DREAMS : CHAPTER 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo


Erica was in the kitchen when she heard the doorbell.
“Coming!” She yelled and started washing her left hand. She dried it and stepped out of the kitchen.

She saw a man in the sitting room, he was looking round.

“Who are you?” She asked.

He turned and stared at her.
Erica furrowed her eyebrows and rolled her eyes.

“I just came by to say hi”

“I see. Please have a seat” she said.

“No need for you to act formal. I’ll be leaving now. Like I said, I came to say hi!”

“So, say it” Erica said and folded her arms, waiting for him.

“Say what?” He asked with confusion written on his face.

“Hi?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, hi!” He said and turned to leave.

“You can’t come all the way here just to say hi… That’s unbelievable. Just admit that you missed me” she said jokingly and walked to the kitchen.

Kelvin stopped. He recalled her last words and turned but saw her walking into the kitchen.
“Why did she say that?” He murmured and followed her into the kitchen.

“Why did you say that?” He asked loudly.

Erica just brought out a jug of milk from the fridge and poured it into her cereals. She grabbed a spoon and started eating.

“Say what?” She asked, mimicking him.

“You said I should admit that I miss you, what do you mean?”

Erica gasped.
“Never mind, just forget it. Besides you are not my type of man” she said.

Kelvin secretly shot him mouth wide open. He didn’t want to talk about this any further.

“You are right. I’m not your type and you are not my type. Let’s just stay even”

“Deal!” She said and continued eating her cereals.

Kelvin watched her till she took the last spoon.
She kept the plate in the sink and saw Kelvin by the door.

“You should have left long time ago, why are you still here?” She asked.

“It’s ¢razy to see how you eat cereal. You eat like a little girl” he said, smirking.

“Did you just smirk?” Erica asked and move closer to him.

Kelvin quickly went back to his expressionless face.
He stared at his wristwatch.
“I should get going!” He said and turned.

“Wait… Before you leave can you help me turn on the gas” she said and showed him her wounded palm.

He glared at her and walked towards the gas. He quickly switched it on and collected a pot from her.

“What are you doing with the fire?”

“I want to heat up some water to take my drugs” she said, showing a baby face.

Kelvin couldn’t believe he would spend so much time here. He helped her warm the water and poured it into a cup.
“Argh… It’s so bitter” Erica said, showing a face of disgust as she took her second drug.

“The last one!” He said and gave it to her.

She took it, but couldn’t swallow it.

“I may puke when I take this. So kindly step away” she said.

Kelvin moved back away from her. He watched as she swallowed the last drug.

They both waited for some seconds. Luckily, she didn’t puke.

“Great… Good bye for real!” He turned to leave.

Suddenly, he heard a loud splash. He didn’t want to turn to see what it was but he had to.

He turned and saw Erica vomiting already.

“Oh sht!!!” He yelled.
“You just stained my shoes!!” He added.

Erica rinsed her mouth in the sink and stared at his shoe.
It was just a little stain.

“I’m sorry. You can clean up in my room. Second by the left. I’ll clean this up” she said and grabbed the mop.

Kelvin angrily stormed out of the kitchen and went to clean up in the room.


Josh walked into the interrogation room with a file on his hand.

“Okay Winnie. I’m here to confirm some information with you”

“I didn’t kll my sister and her husband!!!” She yelled again.

Josh shot her a hard glare. It made her keep shut at once.
“Good! Mr Bruno, 54 years, married, 5,4 ft tall, working as a personal assistant to the CEO of… Greg company?” Josh couldn’t believe that last word.

“Yes, that’s where he worked. He was on his way to his dmn boss’s wedding anniversary when he died” she explained.

“This is complicated!” He murmured and left the room.

“Detective!! Can I get some ¢igarettes?!” Winnie yelled as Josh left the room.


Calvin was in his office, ready to leave when he got a call from Josh.

“Hello sir, I would love it if we meet up!”

“Right now?” Calvin asked.

“Yes!” Josh said.

“Fine. Where are you?” Calvin asked.

“Outside your company” he replied.
Calvin rolled his eyes and disconnected the call.
He left his office and went to his brother’s office but it was empty.

“Strange?” He said and left the floor.
“What’s the case?” Calvin asked Josh as he wore his sunglasses.
The wind was really strong and the sun was so hot.

“Erica’s late father, Mr Bruno was your father’s personal assistant”

Calvin was forced to take off his glasses.
“What? My father?” He asked and Josh nodded.
“Is there any problem with that?”

“We would love to ask him some questions. It would be kind of you to ask him to fly into the country”

Calvin wore his sunglasses and looked away. He sighed.

“My dad’s on his honeymoon” Calvin said softly.

“When would it be over?”

“I have no idea. But I’ll try give him a call about what’s happening”

Josh’s lips curved into a smile.
“But I have something else to say”

Calvin gave him an answering look, telling him to go on.

“I don’t think Winnie killed Erica and George’s parent” he said in a whisper.

“What makes you think so?” He asked.

“I found no clue that she did it. According to the story, she was with the kids when they left”

“Are you saying the real culprit is still out there?” He asked.

“Yes, yes he is” Josh replied.

“We’ll see about that. But for the meantime, I want some men at the fore corners of their house, guarding them” he said.

“Yes sir!” Josh said and left in his car.

Calvin didn’t see the car around.
He had to call the driver.
He didn’t even bother to know where his brother went to.


Kelvin was done cleaning up. He looked round Erica’s room and saw how neat it was.

“How I wish Barbie’s room was as neat as this” he murmured and adjusted his tie. As he stepped out of the room, his eyes sighted a photograph on her reading table.

He walked towards it and stared at it. There were four people in the photo.
George, little Erica and their parents.

His eyes was fixed on her father’s photo.

“Are you done?”
He heard Erica’s voice from behind.

“Where is your father?” He asked.

Erica just stared at him and walked towards him.
“He’s dead” she said and collected the photo from him.

Kelvin’s face wore a sad expression.
“He was a good man” he said.

“You know my Father?”

“Yeah, I did. I met him when my father sent him to pick us up at the airport”

“What a coincidence!” She said.

Then they heard the doorbell. They left the room and went downstairs.

“Welcome sir!” She said to Calvin.

“Oh, my brother is here!” He said.

Erica wore a mockery smile on her face.
She remembered when he said he was just going to spend a little time but end up spending three hours.

“I was about leaving” Kelvin said, walking towards the door.

“Oh no, not now!”

George appeared into the house with Ava.
“Oh, hello!” He said and bowed a little.

“Hello boys!” Ava said, twirling her index finger round her hair.

“Cut it out Ava!” Erica quickly said.

“Why don’t you all wait for dinner?” Erica said.

“Uh, sure we can. Right Kelvin?”

Kelvin sighed.
“Sure. But we leave before she takes her drugs”

Erica knew that he was mocking her. She just went into the kitchen with Ava. They both prepared some meal for everyone.

“Why did the cold one come to see you?” Ava asked as they were setting up the dinner table.

“Cold one? What’s that?” She asked.

“You know, Calvin’s twin brother”

She diverted her gaze away from Ava.
“I have no idea”

“Are you hiding anything from me?”

“Why would I?”

“Then tell me, which of them do you like?” She asked.

Erica secretly blushed.
“I think Calvin is okay. He’s caring and nice but…I can’t date my boss. Tomorrow night is the club night, I can’t miss it for anything” Erica said with a smile on her face.


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