THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 31 – 40

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 31 – 40


Kathleen was startled when her phone started ringing, and she picked it up expecting a call from her mother, but realized it was Pete “Yeah?” She asked cautiously, since she didn’t want her colleagues to know she was talking to the boss.

“I suppose you no longer want your lunch? Come over to my office.” Pete said before hanging up. Kathleen looked at her colleagues who were busy with work before standing up, and walking out of the office.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 31 – 40.

Pete’s secretary had a frown on her face when she saw Kathleen approaching. What did she want again today? This everyday visit to the boss’ office was beginning to irritate and annoy her, and she had no one to blame but herself for picking Kathleen. She eyed Kathleen’s outfit irritably, especially the slit which revealed her fresh lap. She had been following the office gossips about Kathleen sleeping with the boss and she didn’t want to believe it was true, else she would deal with Kathleen.

“Ehen? Where are you going to?” The secretary called very rudely when Kathleen greeted her and headed for the door without explaining her reason for coming over.

“I want to see the boss. He sent for me.” Kathleen said, looking at the secretary with a slightly annoyed expression. The secretary was beginning to make being polite very difficult.

“Why?” The secretary asked making Kathleen’s temper snap.

“What do you mean by ‘why?’? Am I supposed to give you details? Call him and tell him I’m here, I have work to do in my office.” Kathleen snapped at her, startling the secretary.

“Do you realize I’m the one who recommended you for the job? I can as well take it back. Look at the way this local girl I’m trying to help is shining eye for me!” The secretary exclaimed dramatically.

“Why don’t you take it back? I should lie down on the ground and allow you walk on my back because you recommended me for the job? Why didn’t you recommend yourself for it? Just call him and tell him I’m here before you annoy me any further.” Kathleen warned.

“Or what?”

“Why am I even having this conversation with you when I’m with my phone?” Kathleen asked with a hiss as she took out her phone and dialed Pete’s number, “Hello sir, I’m outside your office, but your secretary isn’t letting me in.” Kathleen said giving the secretary a pointed look. Since everyone wanted to be mad, she will just adjust and do the whole madness thing with them.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 31 – 40

Almost immediately the secretary’s telephone started ringing and she quickly took the call, “Yes sir. Right away sir.” The secretary said, without taking her menacing gaze away from Kathleen.

“You can go in. But just know that you have entered my trap today, and I will deal with you.” The secretary promised after dropping the phone.

“Whatever.” Kathleen said as she walked into Pete’s office.

Ken whistled the moment he saw Kathleen, “You look gorgeous.” He said with a grin, making Pete scowl at him.

“Thanks.” Kathleen said with a small smile, but Ken’s presence in the office was beginning to make her feel nervous. Was Pete going to fire her?

“Have your seat. You asked for the contract terms, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it, so I had Ken bring over the spare copy he made, if you don’t mind.” Pete said pushing the document towards her.

“Oh!” Kathleen said, unable to hide her relief as she took the document from him and read through it, while both Ken and Pete exchanged a look, hoping that she wouldn’t notice anything was out of place.

Pete hadn’t realized he was holding his breath until she finally looked up after over twenty minutes of reading every detail on the contract line by line.

Even though there was no way Kathleen would admit to them that she hadn’t read the first contract, she felt like this one seemed more bulky than the first one, “Maybe my memory is faulty, but I remember the night you came to my apartment, you mentioned that it was written in the contract that I can’t quit without giving you at least six months notice. I didn’t see anywhere that is written in here.” Kathleen said as she raised her head to meet Pete’s eyes.

Dmn it! He had completely forgotten about that. He should have told Ken to add it to the new contract. Pete thought as he exchanged a look with Ken who raised a questioning brow. Pete cleared his throat awkwardly, “It isn’t? But I was very sure I asked Ken to include it in the terms, you didn’t?” Pete asked, looking at Ken for help.

Ken cleared his throat, “Uhm, I’m sorry I omitted it. That was an error from my end.” Ken said with an apologetic smile to Kathleen, while giving Pete, a ‘You owe me for this’ smile.

“I suppose it doesn’t matter what you asked to be written here or whose fault it is that it isn’t written here. As long as it isn’t written in the contract terms I signed, I can quit if and when I want to.” Kathleen said with a triumphant smile.

“Yeah, but you would then have to look for your own apartment since you live in my boys quarter only because you’re my daughter’s caretaker. That means I don’t have to give you any notice before you leave my house. The moment you quit, you move out.” Pete said with a challenging smile of his own, and they both held each other’s gaze, while Ken watched them from the side with a grin. The sight in front of him was like watching two wrestling opponents before their fight.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 31 – 40

Kathleen knew she had lost this round. He was right. Had she not been living in his apartment then maybe she would easily have quit, but now she couldn’t. Especially not when her mother and Isioma were already on their way here, “Fine.” Kathleen said with a resigned sigh, as she gave up the eye battle.

Pete felt the corners of his lips tilt in a broad smile. Thank goodness this one was finally out of the way. He had won this round, and luckily she wouldn’t be raising up the issue of a contract anytime soon, “So how about we both sign the contracts again, and you keep your own copy this time?” Pete asked, holding out his pen for her.

“Yeah, I probably should sign this.” Kathleen said as she took the pen from him, but she hesitated when it occured to her that few things were clear from the contract, One, her job as his child’s caretaker had absolutely NOTHING to do with her job here in the company. Two, he needed her more than he was letting on, and even though she needed him too, he needed her enough to want to give her a comfortable house and car, that was because he cherished his daughter, so she could have him do her bidding if she made him see she could take good care of his daughter.

“Why are you hesitating?” Pete asked when he noticed the smile on her lips.

“I don’t want to sign this yet.” She said pushing the document towards him before leaning back in her seat to look into his face. At least she had the right to take advantage of this situation.

“You do remember that you would have to leave the house if you don’t agree to these terms, right?” Pete asked in a threatening tone.

“Yeah, maybe. But I want my own terms to be added there. It should be revised.” She said pointing to the documents, and making Ken raise a brow.

“I beg your pardon?” Pete asked, turning to look at Ken to be sure he was following the conversation.

“Well, I want it written down in plain words that my job here has nothing to do with my job in your house. This means that you can’t fire me from here because of something I do there or vice versa. And also…”

“I hope you realize you got this job only because you work here in the company? And it is because I have control over your job here that I’m able to ask you to leave the office earlier against office protocols? If both jobs had nothing to do with each other then don’t you think things would be difficult for you? How would you combine both jobs?” Pete asked, making Kathleen frown.

“What I mean is that you can’t just wake up and fire me. You have to give me some months notice before you fire me. I want it put down.” Kathleen said insistently.

“You want me to take the documents back to my office just to add this little detail?” Ken asked incredulously.

“No. You don’t have to do that. All he has to do is use his pen and write it down on both documents, and then sign beside it to prove he wrote it. Just like they do at the bank.” Kathleen suggested with a shrug.

“And what is this that I am supposed to write?” Pete asked, looking at her curiously.

“I, Mr Pete Kunle Howells, will not fire Miss Kathleen N Okorie, without giving her at least three months notice of her job termination.” Kathleen said making Pete look at Ken who shook his head.

“I can’t do that. What if you do something unpardonable?” Pete asked with a frown.

“It’s a two way thing, you know? You can also include that I can’t quit without giving you three months notice. It works for us both that way.” Kathleen suggested, and this time Ken nodded in agreement.

“Three months is just too much for me to notify you of your job termination. What am I supposed to be doing while waiting for the three months to run out?” Pete asked with a frown.

“Yet six months is not too much for me to notify you of my resignation? What am I supposed to be doing while waiting for the six months to run out?” Kathleen asked in the same tone, making Pete sigh. Okay maybe she was right.

“Fine. Let’s just make it a month then. Three months is too much.” Pete said.

“You live in Lagos. A month won’t be enough for me to find a suitable apartment.” Kathleen said with a shake of her head, “It has to be three months.”

“I hope you didn’t miss the clauses? This one here says I’m free to fire you on the spot if you so much as endanger my daughter’s life, and trust me there will be no three months notice on that. And this one also says you can’t take my daughter anywhere without first seeking my permission.” Pete said pointing to the section where the clauses were written on.

“I have my own copy, and I can read. Thanks.” Kathleen said with a stiff smile before opening another page, “That reminds me, it also says here that I am entitled to an official car.” Kathleen pointed out, making Ken grin at Pete when she wasn’t looking.

“Yes you are. But few hours ago you said you didn’t want…”

“Well, I’ve changed my mind. Since it is written here as my privilege, I want it. But I’ll also be needing a few hours during the weekends to myself. We don’t want an inexperienced driver carrying your precious daughter around, so I have to brush up my rusty driving skills, sir.” Kathleen said with a wide smile.

Ken chuckled lightly when he saw the excitement on her face. He had to admit that he liked the girl. She was definitely not your average Nigerian employee. This was no man’s butt licker, and he could tell Pete was feeling pretty frustrated right now.

“And who is to look after her while you do that? Me?” Pete asked with a slightly raised brow.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 31 – 40

Kathleen thought about it for a second, and smiled when she remembered that Isioma was coming over. Although she was sick, but she could watch Amanda for a couple of hours, and Amanda could definitely watch over Isioma too. It didn’t matter who watched over who, the most important thing was that there was going to be a watching of someone between them, “Don’t worry, I’ll make appropriate arrangements for that.” She assured him confidently as she scribbled her signature on the contract.

“As long as you don’t endanger my daughter.” Pete warned before taking the documents. He wrote down the new agreements on them and signed beside them before handing it over to Kathleen so she would sign on it too, and then Ken signed on the documents as a witness.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 31 – 40


“You’re not going home with me?” Prisca asked in surprise when Kimberly told her she was leaving first.

“No. I’ll meet you at home so you can leave with the car.” Kimberly said distractedly as she checked her make-up using her compact mirror.

“Why? Where are you going to? You don’t have any more business meetings to attend until tomorrow.” Prisca said as she opened the journal where she usually writes down Kimberly’s appointments and schedules.

“It’s not a business meeting. It’s personal.” Kimberly said, not wanting to let Prisca know she was going to meet with Eric. It was beginning to seem like Prisca knew everything about her, and her life revolved around Prisca, and maybe it was time to take a little step back.

“Personal? No way I’m letting you go anywhere by yourself! We can’t afford for you to get on the news again. That would really piss your father off. And we don’t want Eric finding out about your nefarious lifestyle…”

“Nefarious?” Kimberly asked trying not to get pissed off.

“Would you prefer I say immoral?” Prisca fired back stubbornly. If Kimberly wasn’t going to help herself, then she owed it to her as a good friend to help her.

“I’d appreciate it if you don’t talk about me in that manner!” Kimberly warned in a tight voice.

“I’d appreciate it if you cut down on your… your careless way of living! You’re not going anywhere, and that’s period! If you so much as leave against my advise I’ll quit working for you and I’ll move out of your house!” Prisca threatened making Kimberly raise a brow.

“Really? Then feel free to do so.” Kimberly said as she picked up her bag and brushed past her angrily, walking out of the office.

“Kim I’m not joking!” Prisca said running after her.

“And neither am I. You want to leave? Feel free to fking do so and stop bringing it up every fking time we have an argument.” Kimberly snapped at her as she continued walking while opening her bolt app to book a ride. She copied the address Eric had sent her earlier and entered it in the app.

Hearing her use the word ‘fk’, Prisca realized she must have really pissed Kimberly off. Kimberly always used the word ‘fk’ carelessly whenever she was mad, “Fine. I’m sorry. I was just trying to look out for you…” Prisca pleaded, rushing to block Kimberly’s path.

Other people around who were leaving the company building at that same time turned to give them curious glances, “You’re causing a scene, get out of my way.” Kimberly told her quietly as she pushed her out of the way and headed for the parking lot.

“Kim please.” Prisca pleaded making Kimberly spin around to look at her irritably.

“What the fk are you begging me for? I can’t go out on my own anymore? So because I fuck a couple of random guys in my spare time, Every fking time I say I’m going out for something personal you have to assume I’m going out to fk around? Give me a break will you? You’re perfect, yeah, so leave me the fk alone!” Kimberly yelled angrily, making more people turn to look at them.

“You’re yelling.” Prisca said in embarassment, more for Kimberly than herself.

“Yeah, so fking what? Don’t y’all have sx? What the fk are you all looking at me like that for?” Kimberly asked, glaring at everyone who had stopped what they were doing to stare at her, before heading for the bolt car which just drove in. She checked the plate number and got in without saying another word to Prisca who stood there staring at her helplessly.

Kimberly didn’t bother saying a word to the driver as he drove. She rested her head by the window and closed her eyes. It wasn’t like she didn’t understand Prisca’s ‘overprotectiveness’ of her. She actually did and would probably had done the same had the situation been reversed. But she really didn’t like being called nefarious, immoral or whatever name like that.

It wasn’t like it was her fault that she grew up that way after all. Her biological mother had died when she was about seven years old and things hadn’t been very good then since her father had just gone into politics then with nothing to show for it. After her mother’s death she had to live with her aunty, her father’s immediate elder sister while waiting for her father to get settled and come back to get her. She sighed as memories of her childhood came back to her.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 31 – 40

*Nineteen Years Ago.*

“Aunty Ego I need to tell you something.” Eight years old Kimberly said to her aunty who was dressing up to leave for a revival program at church.

“Kim not now please, I’m late for church already, you can just tell me whatever it is you have to say later, meanwhile you will go over to sister Betty’s house and stay with her until I get back.” Her aunty had said impatiently as she tied her scarf around her head, before picking up her big Bible and tambourine. She led Kimberly out of the house and locked the door before heading for her next door neighbor’s house.

She knocked gently on the door, “Betty are you in?” She had called and then the door opened to reveal the very beautiful young lady who was dressed in just her pant and bra. Kimberly took a step back since she understood what that meant, but her aunty didn’t, so she smiled at Betty, “Please I’m going for revival and might return late. Help me look after Kim as usual. That reminds me, my son, Jeff is coming back from school today, so he might get here before I return.” Aunty Ego had added as she handed the key to Betty, before looking down at Kimberly, “Be a good girl, okay? Whatever sister Betty asks you to do, do it.” She told her with a kind smile before rushing off.

Kimberly had watched sadly as her aunty hurried away. She had been trying for weeks to tell aunty about everything going on with her but her aunty always seemed too busy with one thing or the other. She wanted to tell her aunty that she didn’t want to go to sister Betty’s house. She wanted to tell her that each time she went there sister Betty made her do things she didn’t understand. She wanted to ask her aunty if the things sister Betty always asked her to do were right.

Was it right for her to suck sister Betty’s brea$t or to allow sister Betty touch her private part? Her late mom had told her not to allow any man touch her but what about a woman? Now that her aunty had asked her to do whatever sister Betty asked her to do, she guessed she had to obey her. Kimberly thought as she looked into sister Betty’s smiling face.

“Oh my pretty Kimkim. I bought you lots of chocolates.” Betty cooed, her eyes shining brightly with mischief as she held the door open for Kimberly to get in.

“We are here!” The driver called in a pod voice bringing Kimberly’s attention back to the present. She blinked at him, and looked around her before nodding her head, “You’re sure this is the right place?” She asked him curiously.

“Yeah. That’s the address.” He said pointing at a very ugly looking building.

“Okay then. Thanks.” Kimberly said as she got out of the car and slowly made her way in the direction of the building the driver had pointed. She ignored the whistles and hoots of some touts seated at one corner of the street who were smoking and gisting.

Just as she got to the front of the building a young not-so-handsome dark skinned guy approached her with a smile on his face, “Hey! You came to find me?” He asked with a grin making her frown as she looked at him.

“Why would I come to find you? Do I know you?” She asked looking around her uncomfortably. She could tell he had been seated with the guys who were smoking a while ago since he was reeking of marijuana, and she could see the guys were all looking in their direction. What kind of area was this? How could Eric have invited her to such a rough neighborhood?

“Come on! How won’t you know me? You’re pulling my leg right?” He asked looking at her with a grin as he moved even closer to her.

“Don’t come any closer or I’ll scream! I don’t know you. I’ve not seen you before in my life!” She snapped at him, and took a step back as she quickly dipped her hand in her bag and took out her phone to give Eric a call.

The young man felt very embarassed and he could tell his friends had heard her since he could hear their snickers, “I understand that you fuck different guys, but shouldn’t you at least have the decency to remember the faces of the guys you fuck?” The guy yelled at her angrily, loud enough for his friends to hear, and unfortunately loud enough for Eric who had just received Kimberly’s call to hear too.

THE MIRACLE I NEED : Episode 31 – 40

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